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How Do You Say “Oops” in Español

Fred Thompson, the Great White Hope yet undeclared presidential hopeful, put his big fat foot in his big fat mouth accidentally said what he really thinks said in a speech in South Carolina on Wednesday (from Media Matters):

We’re catching, over a period of years, thousands of illegal immigrants coming from southern borders that are non-fence-able. Many of them come from terrorist-related states. We were just talking earlier, and I remember the figure that stuck out to me — in the year 2005, we apprehended over 1,000 folks that originally has come from Cuba. If they’re coming from Cuba, where else are they coming from? And I don’t imagine they’re coming here to bring greetings from Castro. We’re living in the era of the suitcase bomb.

Geesh. Not only does he insult an entire group of people, but he uses really crappy grammar in doing so. “Folks that originally has come?” Fred’s taking grammar lessons from Chimpy! No Rethuglican Left Behind program perhaps?

fredhead jughead
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I Wish I Knew How to Quiet You

Oy. Seems that delusional presidential hopeful, Sam Brownback (R-KS), has colored in written a book. In it, he talks about how, in the mid-1990’s, he almost divorced his meal ticket wife, Mary, heiress to a newspaper fortune, and he had surgery. He also harbored a “hatred” of Bill and Hillary Clinton. What’s a boy to do?

“One night I got down on my knees and said ‘OK, Lord, that’s it. I give up. It’s all Yours,'” Brownback writes.

Well, seems now that everything is just hunky-dory, and Old Sammy even apologized to Hillary at a prayer breakfast (I would have been praying for him to shut up). You can read all about it at the International Herald Tribune.
What’s that annoying drone? It’s just…
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Just for the Halibut

Chris Matthews, host of MSNBC’s Slimeball Spitball Hardball, gave right-wing harridan, Ann Coulter, the entire hour to spew her venomous hate speech. Here’s a short synopsis from Media Matters:

Summary: Chris Matthews asked pundit Ann Coulter, “How do you know that Bill Clinton is gay?” — referring to her comment the night before on CNBC’s The Big Idea that Clinton “show[s] some level of latent homosexuality.” Coulter responded, “I don’t know if he’s gay. But Al Gore — total fag.” In concluding the interview, Matthews said of Coulter, “We’d love to have her back.”

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F%#k/Off Abram/Off and All Your Buddies!

From U.S News & World Report:

In ordering the Interior Department’s former No. 2 man to serve time behind bars, a federal judge sent a message yesterday that public officials must be held accountable for their misdeeds. “Sir, you held a position of trust,” District Judge Ellen Huvelle told J. Steven Griles as she sentenced him to 10 months in prison. “And I will hold you to a higher standard.”
Griles, Interior’s deputy secretary from 2001 to 2004, pleaded guilty in March for lying to Senate investigators about the nature and extent of his relationship with convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

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Just a little side note–isn’t U.S. & World Report a little redundant? Last time I checked, the U.S. was a part of the world, despite Chimpy & Co.’s best efforts.

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George and Dick Pooh-Pooh the Surge!!!

😛 No! Not that George and Dick, silly!! This George and Dick!!
George Voinovich and Dick Lugar!
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Behind the Scenes at the White House

From the Washington Post:

Just past the Oval Office, in the private dining room overlooking the South Lawn, Vice President Cheney joined President Bush at a round parquet table they shared once a week. Cheney brought a four-page text, written in strict secrecy by his lawyer.

Original comic strip.
I can’t wait until they release the made-for-TV movie about this!

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Heaven Help Us and Keep Us….

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The Washington Post gives us a glimpse into the flaccid, dark, dysfunctional heart and mind of Dick Cheney. The article begins with Dick Cheney giving idiot Chimpy his orders meeting with George W. Bush in 2001. Here are some snippets:
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