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The Killing Spiels

From The Washington Post (9/6/2007):
Nuking Iran: The Republican Agenda?

At the Republican debate last night, almost all the candidates said that they would not rule out a nuclear attack on Iran as a means to prevent it from getting its own nuclear weapons. Only one of these knuckleheads would say that attacking Iran — indeed even threatening to nuke Iran — is not the right strategy.

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The Surge, in General

From Joe Conason Salon:

When Gen. David Petraeus testifies Monday on the effects of the American troop escalation in Iraq, don’t expect him to dwell on the strategic irrelevance of the “surge,” which was supposed to revive chances for political reconciliation among that country’s warring ethnic and religious factions. Were the surge to be judged by that original metric — a reduction in violence sufficient to encourage real cooperation among the warring sides — then it has certainly failed so far.

The commanding general can be expected to sidestep such unpleasant topics and to focus attention instead on Anbar province, which President Bush himself has declared an exemplary “success” — and on the Pentagon’s hotly disputed casualty and incident statistics, which supposedly prove the value of the surge.

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Blood Money

Robert Draper has a new book out called Dead Certain based on six hour-long interviews with Chimpy George W. Bush, as well as interviews with 200 hundred other sources.

From The New York Times:

This is a president who says he cries easily and often about dead and wounded soldiers…
So what does the current President Bush plan to do after leaving office?
Mr. Bush, who has a net worth estimated at $8 million to $21 million, also said he would like to make some money — “replenish the ol’ coffers,” as he put it.

He said he could make “ridiculous” money out on the lecture circuit: “I don’t know what my dad gets. But it’s more than fifty, seventy-five” thousand dollars a speech.

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Ida-holy crap! Now what?

We thought we had heard the last of Senator Larry Craig (R-IMNOTGAY), but not so fast, kids. Like a bad case of eczema, he keeps coming back.

From The New York Times:

WASHINGTON, Sept. 4 — Senator Larry E. Craig of Idaho opened the door Tuesday to returning to the Senate, creating another twist in his unfolding political drama and raising the possibility of an ugly showdown with national Republican leaders.
Mr. Craig has been encouraged by Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, the senior Republican on the Judiciary Committee who is a former prosecutor, to contest the charges.

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Hell on Wheels

It’s the 5oth anniversary of the Ford Edsel!
From the Washington Post:

Forget New Coke or the Susan B. Anthony dollar or the over-hyped Segway scooter or those pathetic dotcoms that went belly up in the late ’90s. The Edsel was the most colossal, stupendous and legendary blunder in the history of American marketing.

Hey, Washington Post! I think you forgot the Iraq War! On a happier note, kids, I think we found the official automobile of the Chimpy maladministration!!!

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You simply must read the article! Change Edsel to the Iraq War, and Ford to the Chimpy Administration. A perfect metaphor!
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Lonesome Chickenhawk

(….as opposed to Lonesome Dove)
Donald Rumsfeld, Karl Rove, Harriet Miers, Andrew Card, Alberto Gonzales, and now Tony Snow. They have all left or are leaving. Poor Chimpy!
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To the tune of Hey There, Lonely Girl written originally by Written by Earl Shuman & Leon Carr as Hey There, Lonely Boy, performed by Eddie Holman:

I’m a lonely guy, lonely guy,
I am so unhappy, I feel sick,
Barney won’t play ball, null
Condi’s at the mall, null
And I’m scared as hell of Uncle Dick. null

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Bathroom Break!

We tear you away from the drama of restroom dating to turn once again to the saga of Alberto Gonzales.
From U.S. News & World Report:

The Mess He Left Behind
Gonzales’s successor will face daunting challenges at a scandal-plagued agency

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