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SCHIP Off the Old Block

From The Seattle Times:

Insuring children was considered the easiest part of the health-overhaul challenge because they are cheaper to cover and support for doing so is high.

But the debate bogged down on two key questions also at the heart of broader changes to cover the 47 million uninsured: costs and the role of government in helping middle-class families, not just the poor.

President Bush earlier this month vetoed a measure expanding a program that provides health insurance for children of the working poor. As expected, Thursday’s attempt to override his veto failed.

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The Stark Truth

From C-SPAN via The Raw Story:

During today’s House debates over legislation to expand the SCHIP program, vetoed by President Bush, California Democratic Rep. Pete Stark lodges an indictment against the Bush Administration, and his colleagues in the opposition, sharing his perception that there is a higher priority given to money to wage war and “blow things up” than that given to health care for American children in need.

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(See the video of the speech at the link above)
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Family Dissemblance

From BBC News:

They may be polar opposites politically but US Vice-President Dick Cheney and Democratic candidate Barack Obama are related, Mr Cheney’s wife says.

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Missing in Inaction

From The Carpetbagger Report:

Woody Allen once said, “90 percent of life is just showing up.” For Fred Thompson, that appears to be too much to ask.

Mitt Romney was in Michigan, Colorado, Arizona and Nevada and then went back to Michigan. Rudy Giuliani visited Florida, Michigan, South Carolina, Alabama, Washington and New Hampshire. John McCain went from Michigan to Iowa to New Hampshire.

But where was Fred, as in Fred Thompson?

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Crappy Daze

From The Guardian:

This sense of optimism has been in retreat in almost every sense over the past few years. According to Rasmussen polls, just 21% of Americans believe the country is on the right track, a figure that has fallen by more than a half since the presidential election of 2004. Meanwhile only a third think the country’s best days are yet to come, as opposed to 43% who believe they have come and gone – again a steep decline on three years ago. These are not one-offs. In the past 18 months almost every poll that has asked Americans about their country’s direction has produced among the most pessimistic responses on record – a more extended period than anyone can remember since Watergate.

America, in short, is in a deep funk.

Hey!! Not everybody!!

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(Note: I am never sure if Michael Chertoff is actually happy, or if he just has gas. You know, trouble in his gut.)
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Son of a Beach

From Newsday:

CHARLESTON, S.C. – Rudy Giuliani on Friday offered his strongest defense yet of Bernard Kerik, his former close associate and top New York City cop now targeted in a federal criminal probe, calling him an “excellent police commissioner” and praising him for being courageous on Sept. 11, 2001.

Kerik is facing possible bribery and obstruction of justice charges as soon as next month. Giuliani rejected the idea those charges would harm his campaign and said on balance Kerik had done a good job.

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From the Peanut Gallery

From Faiz Shakir at AlterNet:

On Fox and Friends this morning, co-host Steve Doocy wasted no time in attacking the announcement that Al Gore has been named a co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. “Here’s something extraordinary,” Doocy sarcastically said. “What do Al Gore, Yasser Arafat, and that crazy Jimmy Carter have in common?” Co-host Gretchen Carlson responded, “They all won the Nobel Peace Prize?”

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