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Chimpy and Nicky Sittin’ In a Tree….

From Time:

Certain things appear identical on both sides of the Atlantic these days: France and America seem to be friends again; warm relations and mutual esteem have replaced nearly five years of diplomatic disdain; and presidents George Bush and Nicolas Sarkozy may start having regular sleep-overs if they become any better friends.

Ooh, la la!
Original DVD cover.
To the tune of Rosie (from Bye, Bye Birdie), lyrics by Lee Adams, and music by Charles Strouse.
(Sing along with Chimpy and Nic with a little help from youtube!)

Now my life is rosy,
Since I met Sarkozy,
With my sweet Sarkozy,
How could I be blue?
Hand in hand we’ll mosey,
Me and Nic Sarkozy,
We are now so cozy,
So we’ll tell Mahmoud, “Fuck you!”

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Forget the Toys, Recall Nancy Nord

In the grand tradition of most of Chimpy’s crony appointments, former Director of Federal Affairs for the Eastman Kodak Company and present commissioner of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Nancy Nord, does not recall. Well, in Nancy’s case, she doesn’t recall toys on a timely basis.
Spacey the Lead Elf explains it in this video from the Sierra Club.

Original album cover.
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Opposites Attract

From The New York Times:

WASHINGTON, Nov. 7 — They could compete for strangest bedfellows of 2008.

I am from New York, and I speak New Yorkese, so please allow me to translate: These hypocrites have to be fucking kidding us!
Original DVD cover.
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Finally! A Contest Chimpy Won Honestly!

From Editor & Publisher:

NEW YORK For almost two years, President Bush has been threatening to unseat Richard M. Nixon as the most unpopular president in the history of the Gallup poll, and it finally happened this week.

Original DVD cover.
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From The Times Online:

Pervez Musharraf made his first sensible move for three days in suggesting that parliamentary elections might go ahead as planned in January.

That may be a sign that he is listening to the appalled reaction, at home and abroad, to his state of emergency. But Britain and the US, the countries best placed to make that case, have very few levers to pull, officials quietly acknowledge, unless they want to ditch Musharraf as President – and at this point, they don’t.

Original DVD cover.
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Up In Smoke

If you saw yesterday’s diary, then you know that I was more than willing to give Grandpa Fred Thompson the benefit of the doubt when it came to his long-time friend, supporter, contributor and fundraiser Philip J. Martin. However, after digging up a rather incriminating photo, I am not so sure how innocent it all was.

Original DVD cover.
Anyway, though Grandpa Fred defended the crap out of his buddy on Meet the Press yesterday, old Phil has resigned.
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Fakes on a Plane

From the Washington Post:

Republican presidential candidate Fred D. Thompson has been crisscrossing the country since early this summer on a private jet lent to him by a businessman and close adviser who has a criminal record for drug dealing.

Thompson selected the businessman, Philip Martin, to raise seed money for his White House bid. Martin is one of four campaign co-chairmen and the head of a group called the “first day founders.” Campaign aides jokingly began to refer to Martin, who has been friends with Thompson since the early 1990s, as the head of “Thompson’s Airforce.”

Thompson’s frequent flights aboard Martin’s twin-engine Cessna 560 Citation have saved him more than $100,000, because until the law changed in September, campaign-finance rules allowed presidential candidates to reimburse private jet owners for just a fraction of the true cost of flights.

(emphasis mine)
Well, kids, if you are looking for seed money, is there a better place to go than a guy who sells pot? In addition, was there any way that Fred might have figured out that that is how Mr. Martin made his money?

Now, kids, before you start screaming about the hypocrisy of it all, consider this–what if Fred really was fully aware of Mr. Martin’s ummmmm….career path, but it figures in with his new campaign strategy to attract older voters?

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