The Republicans Party

Original artwork

Just one more year, kids. ~sigh~
And, by the way….


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13 responses to “The Republicans Party

  1. Friend of the court


    I sure hope none of the folks from Huckleberry’s church see him with that beer.

  2. nonnie9999

    mmmwwaahhhh!!! to fotc!
    i am out the door. have to go to my sister’s. back later!

  3. Friend of the court

    My best wishes to Fast Helen and the family! May Health and Peace be yours’, throughout the year.

  4. TRM

    Happy New Year all you confused lefties!!!

    Thanks Nonnie for at least making my man Fred the alley president, Hank Hill.

    Question; with your obvious Photoshop skills and creativity, why no custom header?

  5. TRM

    uuuhhhh,,, why is Keyes in the tree?

  6. nightowl724


    This parody is a hoot! And, I’m a nightowl, so I ought to know. I almost didn’t recognize Rudy. He must be using a different hairdresser these days. Is Paul sporting Batman’s cape because he might save the party or bat wings because he is batshit crazy?

    One small suggestion, nons. Didn’t you mean “End of an Err’r?”

  7. nonnie9999

    i will pass on your good wishes to fast helen. she didn’t go to the party tonight. it is way past her bedtime. health and peace to you and yours, too, fotc. and smoochies and hugs, too!

  8. nonnie9999

    happy new year, trm!
    the place wouldn’t be the same without you! hugs and a new year’s kiss from your buddy from the left.
    i will ask mighty mikk0mouse about the header when he gets back. i don’t know about stuff like that. why is the keyes’ sign in the tree? because there was no other place where you would be able to see it! 🙂

  9. nonnie9999

    happy new year to you and the boys, nightowl! 😀
    i love doing parodies with cartoons. that isn’t a batman cape. it is just a t-shirt. here’s the original:

  10. nightowl724

    Thanks, nonnie and happy new year to you and yours, too!

    Ooooh, a T-shirt. You can tell that I don’t watch much TV!

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