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WTF, Huck and Chuck?

Hey, kids!! I bet you all watched with rapt fascination the goings-on in Iowa yesterday. I know that I couldn’t tear myself away from the tv set! No, really, I couldn’t. Damn Superglue! Last time I ever try repairing a knickknack and changing the channels at the same time. Anyhoo, did you catch the Scabby McHuckleberry acceptance speech? Dont’cha just love it when the candidate surrounds himself with the people who love him the most and whom he most loves? There was Scabby making his speech, and just like Nancy looked lovingly at Ronnie, the love of Scabby’s life beamed at him in his moment of glory….
No, not Janet!
Though didn’t she did look lovely on camera with her lovely suit straight off the haute coutere rack at Walmart?
This is who I’m talkin’ about!
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