Mac is Back, Mitt is Shit

(CNN) — Sen. John McCain’s victory in New Hampshire’s Republican primary Tuesday came with the help of critics of a war he supports and independents who gave him the edge eight years ago, exit polls found.

The result highlights a remarkable rebound for McCain, whose campaign was largely left for dead over the summer.

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McCain won Tuesday thanks in part to independents, late deciders and voters who put the war in Iraq at the top of their agenda, exit polls suggest.

“He is the one who ardently supports President Bush’s troop buildup in Iraq,” said CNN senior political analyst Bill Schneider.

“Most Republicans support President Bush’s Iraq policy, including New Hampshire Republicans, and that was the top issue for McCain voters.”

McCain also scored high among people for whom personal qualities played a more important role than issues: 47 percent of those votes went to the senator from Arizona compared to 30 percent for closest rival Mitt Romney.


He attracted 38 percent of the independent vote, compared to 16 percent of independents who went to Romney.

Independent voters make up about 40 percent of New Hampshire’s electorate. Registered party members can vote only in their own party’s primaries, but independents can vote in either.

McCain also benefited from people who made up their minds late in the game.

About 48 percent of Republican voters in the New Hampshire primary decided who to vote for within the last week and McCain overwhelmingly bested Mitt Romney among this group, CNN polling shows — an indication Romney’s second-place showing in Iowa may have had a significant effect on New Hampshire voters.


Meanwhile, Romney lost in New Hampshire despite spending more than $8 million on campaign advertising in the state — more than double McCain’s total, according to the Campaign Media Analysis Group, a CNN consultant.

He spent another $7 million-plus in Iowa, only to finish second in both places.

The loss in New Hampshire is even more significant for Romney because he was governor of neighboring Massachusetts.

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47 responses to “Mac is Back, Mitt is Shit

  1. Got a Grip

    Cindy should be careful standing so close to McLeibercain. I hear that Joe gets jealous, he might reach out and slap her away…..

  2. nonnie9999

    if i was mean, i would say that maybe cindy doesn’t care what johnny does with joey, as she stole some vocadin from a charity and is quite mellow, just like when her husband was smeared in the keating 5 banking scandal. but i’m not mean, so i won’t say it.

  3. nightowl724

    nonnie, I am so proud of you for holding your tongue and not saying that Cindy is a drug addict who stole from her own charity. Good girl!

    Of course, I might be tempted to use drugs, too, if I were married to McCain…

    Nice work, cookie!

  4. Andy N

    McCain is back? 3rd in Iowa. 3rd in Wyoming. Even if he wins the party he’d find a way to place 3rd in the Presidential Election. Hey there’s a great slogan,

    Help Clinton Place 1st and Nader Place 2nd…
    Vote McCain!

  5. Got a Grip

    Cindy does look a little “mellow” around the eyes. I saw her on cspan the other day riding a bus with their daughter and Johnny’s mom. Cindy and Mommy look remarkably alike, the daughter looks like Johnny, poor thing. I wonder if Rush will be calling her ugly the same way he does Chelsea Clinton?

    If I were Cindy, I bypass the vicodin and ask for a morphine drip……

  6. sauer kraut

    Romney lost in new hampster because half that state are massholes who moved from across the border to escape Romney. People from away just don’t understand the special relationship between the massholes and the hampsters.

  7. nonnie9999

    thank you. i try to be nice all the time. i am grateful that you took note of my niceness. i think you are nice, too. 🙂

  8. nonnie9999

    i only used mac is back, because that is what his wife, joe lieberman, said the other day and what his supporters were yelling. Besides, i am nice (see previous comments), so i would never say the old codger is back, like a chronic disease or anything like that. 🙂 (see! i am nice. i ended with a smiley face!)

  9. nonnie9999

    i don’t think i have ever seen mccain’s kids. cindy is very pretty, but she has that stepford air about her. maybe she has one of those morphone pumps so she doesn’t have to be connected to the iv.

  10. nonnie9999

    sauer kraut,
    i think that mittsie lost, because people see him as the ken doll that he is. all plastic, no soul, and no…..well, you know those ken dolls! g.i. joes they ain’t!

  11. nightowl724

    nonnie, thank you for noticing my niceness, too! 🙂 Why, we’re so damn nice, it’s nauseating! 😉

  12. nonnie9999

    if you can’t take niceness to the nauseating stage, then there’s not much sense in being nice.
    😀 🙂 😀 🙂 😀 🙂 😀 🙂 😀

  13. Got a Grip

    Damn it!! I want to place the nice game, too, but we all know it’s just not in me. I may have to create a sock puppet to play this game. Something with a name like “Sweet ‘n’ Low” or “Glucose” or something….

  14. nightowl724

    Why, gotta, whatever can you mean? You’re as nice as pie! And, you are sickeningly sweet already, so much so that you make my teeth and stomach hurt. You don’t need any saccharine. Welcome to the game.

    Now, where IS fotc?

    I forgot to tell you! During my little nappie-poo this afternoon, I had a dream about Fresno ’08. I was so happy to meet everyone, but there was a rule that everyone had to arrive dressed like **SCAdians. Even though I might make a terribly cute (and exceedingly plump) medieval raisin, I’m telling you right now – no costumes of ANY sort or I won’t be there!


    BYW, I belonged to the SCA for two years because my son is fascinated by that period in history. The things that mothers do for their kids…

  15. nightowl724

    Oh. I see I “blew my links again.” Sigh.

  16. Got a Grip

    Why of course I’m sweet as sweet can be. I would never say that McLiebercain is a flipflopping idiot or that Grandpa Fred needs to up that Geritol IV drip. You didn’t hear it from me. Because I’m too nice.

    And I would never say that it looks like Cindy’s taken magic mushrooms and then been propped in a corner while Joe and Mack feel each other up. No, that kind of thing would never come from someone as kind and sweet as I. Perish the thought…

    Your loving friend,


  17. nightowl724

    Oh, gotta, you would never say any of those meanie-mean things! I knew that! 🙂

  18. nonnie9999

    but i am already an anachronism, nightowl. i was born before my time.

  19. nonnie9999

    gottacose, you are very nice. it would be very nasty to say all of those things, and you didn’t say them, so you are as nice as nightowl and i am. just don’t forget to end your posts with smiley faces so the world knows how nice you are.
    😀 😀 😀 😀

  20. Got a Grip

    Damn, I forgot the smilies. Here, I’ll add them now to show just how very very very very sweet I truly am…. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  21. Got a Grip

    Well, that didn’t work out quite like I’d hoped, but you get the idea….. 🙂

  22. nightowl724

    Last? 😀

  23. Sanuk

    About their kids: I just saw their daughter for the first time, she’s actually cute. She’s also white! I didn’t know that, go figure…

  24. nonnie9999

    they have another daughter, bridget, who was adopted in africa before it was fashionable(chew on that, madonna and angelina!!). here’s a pic:

  25. TRM

    Leave Fred alone Gotta Grip…..

    Let’s all be honest for a sec here…. all of the candidates on both sides have some dirty laundry… but we must focus on the total package and direction they would like to take the country…
    substance over fluff…

    For the record, I am nicer than you all…

  26. donkeyhotey

    Hi nonnie,

    Joe LieForHIM must be feeling so powerful and independent after New Hampshire. He got to stick his finger in the eye of his constituents, thumb his nose at his old party and bath in the glory of victory. It is past time to toss this baby on the curb.

  27. nonnie9999

    omg! 😯 i agree with trm!!! of course they all have dirty laundry. anyone here eligible to cast out the first stone?
    p.s. i am the nicest of all, so screw you, trm. 😀

  28. nonnie9999

    hi donkeyhotey!!
    get the name right–it’s joe mcliebercain. they wanted to combine their last names after the wedding. i am sure joe is kvelling like crazy. the old stupid bastard thinks he still matters.

  29. TRM

    such language from a lady…. you need your mouth washed out and 6 Sundays of church, Huckabee style 🙂

  30. nonnie9999

    go to church? i will have to convert first. will i have to be baptized or can i be like john mccain?
    😀 <—–indication of niceness

  31. Got a Grip

    TRM, I never said a thing about Grandpa Fred being too old to do without Depends. I’m way too nice for that. And of course you’re nicer than the rest of us. Who among us would say otherwise? We’re all too nice for that.

    Your loving friend,


  32. Got a Grip

    Oh, I forgot the niceness indicator. 🙂

  33. TRM

    Nah don’t convert, but instead of 6 Sundays of church you are sentenced to 8 Friday nights of Coffee Klatch with the knitting club….

  34. nonnie9999

    but i don’t drink coffee. and the only thing i knit is my brow. but i am still very, very nice. 😀

  35. Friend of the court

    I’m the nicest. I’m so nice that I have to act mean just to balance it out. It’s a great burden.

  36. Friend of the court


  37. Got a Grip

    It is a great burden we’ve put on your shoulders, fotc. You manage it admirably. It’s so hard to be mean when you’re the nicest one around. I’ll be glad to share the burden with you if it gets to much to bear for your sweet shoulders…..


  38. Friend of the court

    Thanks Gotta! You are a friend and a fine human being.

  39. TRM

    Go Fred Go!!!!

    sorry nonnie for the shameless plug, I guess I am feeling a little “troll” like today 🙂
    still friends?

  40. nonnie9999

    see? we are still friends, trm. 😀 and i am still nice, as evidenced by the smiley face. i am so nice, that i even shortened your url so that it fits nicely into the comment box instead of sloppily overflowing into the border.

  41. TRM

    How do you do that “shrinky thingy?”

  42. nonnie9999

    trm! you are asking a liberal how to do something!! 😯 call the papers!! hold the front page!!
    go to, and there is a space into which you copy a long url. click on the button that says make tiny url and it will magically transform the long url into a tiny one. here’s the express link to get you to exactly the right place without reading everything on the homepage:


  43. TRM

    How did I not know you would turn this into a chance to bloviate…

  44. nonnie9999

    oh, trm 😀
    i think it was adorable that a man finally asked how to make something smaller for a change.

  45. TRM

    I always say I was only an inch shy of that career in porn I always wanted… 😦

  46. nonnie9999

    you were an inch too short to see through the camera lens?

  47. TRM

    uuuuuhhhhh yeah!