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Yay Team!

From SFGate:

Hillary Clinton’s New Hampshire primary victory over Barack Obama seemed to stun no one more than reporters and pundits who covered it, raising questions about an overreliance on polls in setting a campaign narrative.

Obama’s victory — and a big one at that — was such a presumption that there was a CNN discussion before the polls closed about how much a relatively narrow win would hurt him.

Instead, Clinton led from the time first results came in until the end. She had 39 percent of the vote to Obama’s 36 percent.

“Over the last 20 years overall the media has fallen into poll myopia,” said David Bohrman, executive producer of CNN’s political coverage. “Sometimes we as a profession lose track of, no matter what the polls say a month ahead or a year ahead, the American citizen has to go out and actually vote. I like that part of the process.”

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