Carolina on My Mind

From the Kansas City Star:

In South Carolina, which holds its Republican primary Saturday, former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson will be in the elimination position.

Having bypassed New Hampshire and Michigan, Thompson is looking to establish himself, at Huckabee’s expense, as the most appealing candidate to social conservatives in the South. “Our campaign is `all in’ in the Palmetto State,” said Thompson’s spokesman, Todd Harris.

Original DVD cover.

From The Dallas Morning News:

The actor and former senator has staked his ambitions on the Palmetto State. He wrote off Iowa and New Hampshire. He gave up on Michigan. If he can just be heard, South Carolina could jumpstart his candidacy, or at least keep it alive.

“It’s gone start here in South Carolina,” he proclaimed.

Gone: rhymes with moan. Just as gumint is that thing up in Washington that keeps raising taxes. “It’s good to be around folks who don’t think I talk funny,” he said.

Oy vey! Just what we need, another reject from HeeHaw as preznit.

A top South Carolina aide in a rival campaign noted the other day that, for all the fanfare that went into announcing Mr. Thompson’s 11-day bus tour across the state, he’s only holding two public events per day – a laconic pace for a would-be president that, even so, seems to be taking some toll.


Mr. Thompson paid an ill-worded tribute to the men and women of the military, noting that “we have some with us here today who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.” But no one seemed to notice, and voters like Ross Cooke from nearby Fort Mill called him “very impressive.”


Mr. Thompson didn’t have Rock Hill to himself Tuesday.

Across town, Mr. Huckabee packed 400 or so into a country club ballroom a couple of hours later, matching crowds for the Southern rivals. But Mr. Huckabee’s got an Iowa win in his pocket, providing momentum pundits say will keep him alive for weeks. Not so Mr. Thompson.

“If he expects to stay in the race, this is a really extremely important state for him,” said Scott Huffman, a political scientist and pollster at Winthrop University in Rock Hill.

I usually don’t do this, but I am going to make a prediction. I predict that Fred will come in first in South Carolina. Alphabetically!


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16 responses to “Carolina on My Mind

  1. Friend of the court

    Go Fred, go! Fred may be near enough to the “other side”(cue harp music), that he feels the presence of those who have made the “ultimate sacrifice”. Unfortunately, he may find that their support will not result in many votes. If that’s what some folks mean by “Republican vision”, I’ll pass. I don’t “see dead people”. However, listening to some of the candidates, one might think that Reagan’s Ghost is running.

  2. TRM

    Fred has nothing to fear, I will carry him all the way to the White House on my back if I must…

  3. Got a Grip

    Well if you’re going to carry him, TRM, don’t forget the portable oxygen or the defibrillator. ….

  4. nightowl724

    Oy vey! Just what we need, another reject from HeeHaw as preznit.

    If that’s what some folks mean by “Republican vision”, I’ll pass.


    Maybe Fred needs a Segway for those intensive two-store, 15-minute downtown tours he’s been taking. Then, he might not be so exhausted at the town hall meetings! Scratch that. He’s probably just get dizzy and fall off like Bush did!

  5. nonnie9999

    fotc, don’t yell go fred go in grampa fred’s direction. he’s had metamucil, remember.

    trm, if you carry grampa fred, be sure he is wearing depends or rubber pants. i refer you to what i just said to fotc.

    gotta, how compassionate and nice of you to think of grampa fred’s health. 😀

    nightowl, no worries about fred getting dizzy. he will land on trm.

  6. Got a Grip

    But of course. I am nothing if not compassionate and nice. — — —> 🙂

  7. nonnie9999

    i know, i can tell from the smiley face. 😀

  8. Got a Grip

    I have a vision of TRM running northward through the forests of South Carolina with Grandpa Fred thrown over his shoulder ala Forrest Gump…..

  9. nonnie9999

    run, trm, run!!!!

  10. TRM

    LMAO, you guys suck 🙂


  11. in2thefray

    1 st SC is part of civilization contrary to stereotypes. 2nd. 95 runs from SC to DC. 3rd Fred isn’t going anywhere but home. 4th Forrest Gump rocks. 5th. Non the 20th are you still in ? I hope so. HAGWE

  12. nonnie9999

    i am still in, but remind me what it is i have to do.
    (and what does HAGWE mean? sorry, addle-brained today—and i2tf and trm, no remarks about my being addle-brained every day! 😛 )

  13. in2thefray

    essentially whatever you want. The subject is Bush Last year in office. What does that mean ? What did the previous seven mean ? What will Jan 20 09 look like. the 21 st. So the parameters are fairly loose and I thought your creative knack would add to the whole. Post it on the 20th anytime and use the feed line. HAGWE is have a good weekend. Text ? I don’t know CAD dispatch talk fer sure. As for your brain i think your ok

  14. nonnie9999

    i remembered that part, i2tf. i already know the poster i am going to use. howevah, i don’t remember where the link (or feed line, like i know what any of these words mean! 😛 ) is. don’t tell me now, as i will forget where it is by the 20th. then again, i can save it in my email if you tell me now.
    still think my brain is okay?
    one more thing. i usually post at 7 p.m.. the raisin is on greenwich time, and the date rolls over at 7. so, should i post on the evening of the 19th and leave it up for 24 hours or post it at 7 on the 20th and leave it up until the next day?
    you hagwe, too, i2tf! (never would have guessed what that stood for in a million years). 😀

  15. dcup

    Okay, the Joe pin on McCain’s windbreaker? Pure comedy. You kill me. In a good way!

  16. nonnie9999

    a man cannot travel without his heart. just ask scabby mchuckleberry and chuck norris. chuckleberry is one, as is joe mcliebercain. it’s a love story, i tell ya!