The Final Countdown

January 20, 2008 marks the first day of the last year of the preznitcy of George W. Bush. What will the last year hold for the United States of Merika? Well, damned if I know, but I think there is no doubt that as long as Chimpy is in office, it will be….

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What do some of the newsguys think? Let’s check in with a few.
From The Economist:

Mr Bush has little going for him in 2008. Only one in three Americans thinks that he is doing a good job. Almost all of his closest political advisers have decamped. Congress is determined to get its revenge and block anything that he sends it.


And, with his power ebbing, he faces a mountain of problems at home and abroad. The economy is softening. A wave of foreclosures is damping consumer spending and spreading anger. The fires of populism are burning ever more brightly. There are widespread calls for a stimulus package to revive the economy.

Mr Bush has no choice but to pursue a modest domestic agenda. The man who once mocked his predecessor for playing “small ball” is doing just that. The White House talks about focusing on “kitchen table” issues such as tweaking the health-care system. Mr Bush even recently travelled to Chesapeake Bay to announce federal protection for two species of fish, the striped bass and the red drum.

But there are nevertheless a couple of matters that qualify as a bit more than “small ball”. Mr Bush will do his best to defend the two most important domestic achievements of his first term—the No Child Left Behind Act (which aims to raise standards in schools and which needs to be reauthorised) and his tax cuts (which are due to expire in 2010).


Mr Bush is also determined to push through what is left of his trade agenda, including pacts with Colombia and South Korea.


Mr Bush’s last year will be dominated by foreign policy. This is partly inevitable—he is fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as a more general “war on terror”.

From The New York Times:

WASHINGTON, Nov. 23 — As President Bush looks toward his final year in office, with Democrats controlling Congress and his major domestic initiatives dead on Capitol Hill, he is shifting his agenda to what aides call “kitchen table issues” — small ideas that affect ordinary people’s lives and do not take an act of Congress to put in place.

Over the past few months, Mr. Bush has sounded more like the national Mr. Fix-It than the man who began his second term with a sweeping domestic policy agenda of overhauling Social Security, remaking the tax code and revamping immigration law. Now, with little political capital left, Mr. Bush, like President Bill Clinton before him, is using his executive powers — and his presidential platform — to make little plans sound big.


Yet some of Mr. Bush’s new initiatives have had little practical effect. Fishing for red drum and striped bass, for instance, is already prohibited in federal waters; Mr. Bush’s action will take effect only if the existing ban is lifted. And the Federal Aviation Administration can already open military airspace on its own, without presidential action.

Democrats, like Senator Byron L. Dorgan of North Dakota, who runs the Senate’s Democratic Policy Committee, dismiss the actions as window dressing. “It’s more words than substance,” said Mr. Dorgan said, adding he was surprised to see a president who has often seemed averse to federal regulation using his regulatory authority.

“He’s kind of a late bloomer,” Mr. Dorgan said.

From the Los Angeles Times:

WASHINGTON — Eight years ago, George W. Bush’s stay-at-home proclivities, seen by some as evidence of a lack of interest in the world beyond U.S. borders, became a troublesome issue as he ran for the White House.

As the president approaches his final year in office, his agenda is so heavily booked that he is already scheduled to touch down on every continent except Australia and Antarctica.

His itinerary will take him to the heart of the disputed lands of the Middle East for the first time as president, to Asia twice within roughly four weeks, and to sub-Saharan Africa for the second time as president.

It adds up to at least 70,000 miles and a final year heavily focused on foreign policy, practiced amid an emerging generation of foreign leaders likely to be on the world stage long after Bush leaves office.

The extensive travel raises a key question: Can a lame-duck president achieve lasting foreign-policy goals during his dwindling months in office? The record of past presidents suggests that it is difficult, if not impossible.

However, for an unpopular president in his final year, with Congress in the hands of the other party, it may be the smartest move.

“It’s a lot easier and more comfortable to go to Moscow, Russia, than Moscow, Idaho,” said Kenneth M. Duberstein, who was President Reagan’s final White House chief of staff. “It’s easier to do foreign affairs than to grapple with problems here at home when the presidential campaign has passed you by.”

Well, kids, while I am neither an economist nor a political pundit, I do have an opinion as to what Chimpy will be doing during his last year in office. I think he will be very busy.


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19 responses to “The Final Countdown

  1. Friend of the court

    Can a lame duck do a swan song? What fresh embarassment awaits on foreign shores? This is going to be a very long year. We could do the world and ourselves a big favor by impeaching him, so that he would have to hang around DC for the trial.

  2. nonnie9999

    hey, kids!
    this diary was an assignment from in2thefray. it is an exercise in seeing the different outlooks on the last year of chimpy’s reign throughout the WordPress Political Blogger Alliance (started by the wonderful chen zhen). the raisin is on greenwich time, so i was earlier than everyone else, but, if you click on the tag tomorrow, you will see who else had something to say about the year before the end of the error. at least, i think that’s how it is going to work. if i’m wrong, i am sure in2thefray will be along to correct me.

  3. in2thefray

    Or I could just come along and say well done. Thanx

  4. Got a Grip

    I say let’s avoid the Christmas rush and boot him out now, and his little minions, too. Cheney should head straight to the Hague on the next available plane, do not pass go, do not collect two hundred bizillion dollars.

    Impeach, I say!! And don’t let the door hit them in the ass!!

  5. nightowl724

    “I” have an idea, similar to everyone else’s.

    Impeach. Indict. Imprison. Immediately.

    (They don’t call me four-I’s because of my glasses.)

    nonnie, I noticed that Cheney hasn’t forgotten his Halliburton roots in your terrific poster. And – oh, that expression on Bush’s face as he is trying to shred away his sins!

    It will be a “year of living dangerously.” I won’t let the right-wing MSM fool me into thinking that Bush is some benign lame duck, especially with that vulture Cheney pulling his strings. The MSM just wants to steer us from what is morally and Constitutionally right and what should have been done years ago.

    Impeach. Indict. Imprison. Immediately.

    Even though the popularity of those two put together is less than the IQ of a rock, they have managed to all but destroy this country. I think there’s a lot of evil left in them, waiting to jump out if we are lulled into a false sense of harmlessness.

    Impeach. Indict. Imprison. Immediately.

  6. nonnie9999

    don’t know if a lame duck can do a swan song, but a chickenhawk can undoubtedly lay an egg (anyone notice the chickenhawk i made for the tree?)

    thanks i2tf,
    what do i get for completing my homework assignment early? 😀

    i think you went a little overboard. who gives a shit if the door hits them on any body part?

    i wonder if cheney has a sense of invulnerability and will go for broke with one of his diabolical schemes, or will he not push his luck and just do smaller illegal things under the radar?

  7. nightowl724

    Why shouldn’t Cheney feel invulnerable? He has gotten away with EVERYTHING. He will continue to do the dirty in small ways, yes. But, he won’t stop there. He’s after a very special kind of legacy. And, if we’re not careful, he’s gonna get it.

    Oh, I forgot to mention about the chicken hawk. I was the first thing I noticed, actually. I guess I was too caught up in pissedoffness when I was commenting…

  8. he can sure fuck up a lot in one year
    i did a one year video to our dear leader

  9. in2thefray

    I want to say the poster and the thinking it avails itself to is exactly why I hoped you’d participate. The selection of quotes are good also. I’d like to add I enjoy the consistency of the comments also as they are additive. As for as what you get Non I guess you have my sincere thanks,a tip of my hat and of course an official In2thefray free pass. This is redeemable for your irrevocable right to continue your work and an open invite to link ,ping,or comment at my blog.It also allows you to invoke the leave me alone you Rightie clause on me.Thx again

  10. nonnie9999

    the only legacy cheney is worried about is his checking account. he cares about money, money, and more money. everything else is just a means to that end.

    i hope everyone goes over to watch your video:

    thank you for the kind words. i know that we come from different sides of the political fence, but you have never been disrespectful to me or anyone here. that is greatly appreciated. i think we all really have more in common than people might believe if they only read our blogs.
    i will accept my reward gratefully. everyone is welcome here, and i would never tell you or any other righties to leave (though we do have to smack trm around a little bit once in a while 🙂 ).
    thanks for including me in the great wpba countdown of 2008! 😉

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  12. nightowl724

    I hope we do not face a different meaning, a dark and deadly meaning to “The Final Countdown.”

    nonnie, I agree that money is one prime motivator for the Puppet Master. The legacy I fear Cheney is hoping for is far more sinister.

    I think that power – raw power – is equally important to him. If he had more of the first, I doubt if he’d be concerned about using the second to start WWIII, even if it killed him. “He who dies with the most toys wins.”

    And, the egotistical Puppet in Chief is more than happy to let himself be manipulated both by Cheney’s megalomania and the Evangelicals lust for the Rapture.

    Think again about Jesus Camp. Bush’s young “worshipers” prayed for him as if he were their savior, laying hands upon his cardboard representation, and even falling before him! That particular camp is supposedly gone, but there are others…

    nonnie, your INCREDIBLE post from 2006 Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah! (A Letter from Jesus Camp) had some of these links, but they bear repeating.

    Jesus Camp at Wiki

    Added to the Wiki article since your post?
    The DVD, released in January 2007, includes several deleted scenes. In one of them, Levi’s father and mother suggest that the next president may well have been at Kids on Fire. In another scene, Tory’s dad goes off for a tour of duty in Iraq; he sees it as a missionary trip. In another scene, a woman takes Tory and several other kids to a pro-life women’s clinic located next door to a Planned Parenthood clinic. The same woman had led them on a prayer walk through downtown Lee’s Summit before Tory’s dad went to Iraq (in which she declared that everything they walked through was theirs). In an interview, the clinic’s director says that she was very pleased to see children so passionate about ending abortion.

    Becky Fischer at Wiki

    Fischer’s ministry

    IMDB quotes from Jesus Camp
    Becky Fischer: I can go into a playground of kids that don’t know anything about Christianity, lead them to the Lord in a matter of, just no time at all, and just moments later they can be seeing visions and hearing the voice of God, because they’re so open. They are so usable in Christianity.

    This one was published after your post:
    Kindergarten of Christ

    Here are some snippets from the 14-page don’t miss article:
    On stage, a teenage Christian rock band called Signs and Wonders …

    For 13 years she (Fischer) managed her own sign company, called – inevitably – Signs and Wonders.”

    Central to the evangelical movement is a literal belief in the prophecies of the Book of Revelation pertaining to the apocalypse, or ‘End Time’, and the Second Coming of Christ. This, it is believed, will be heralded by chaos and warfare, but also by a proliferation of signs and wonders and the emergence of a new generation of prophets and apostles, heralding a great Christian revival.

    It is estimated that there are up to 70 million evangelical Christians in America…

    Children, Fischer told me, are ‘part of God’s End Time army’, as capable as adults of operating in the ‘gifts of the Spirit’, including preaching the Gospel, laying hands on the sick, raising the dead and speaking in tongues.

    “When people start hearing that children are prophesying and preaching they get goosebumps. But this is happening across the face of the earth.”

    To her congregation at least, she remained defiant. ‘We’ve got the liberals quite stirred up,’ she announced one morning, to loud cheers. ‘Some people think I’m a nut and dangerous. Well, they ain’t seen nothing yet.’

    The children began to stamp their feet, flinging themselves up and down, screaming to the heavens in a frenzied intoxication of the senses, until there was just the drums, the screaming and sobbing, and Fischer’s voice, shouting like a woman possessed. ‘Sound the alarm! Sound the alarm!’

  13. nightowl724

    In2thefray, thanks for the link! I can’t wait to dig in!

  14. nonnie9999

    thanks for linking to my jesus camp diary. i loved working on that one. i really think that chimpy has brain damage from all the drugs and alcohol he consumed over the years (or maybe he has some neurological problem), and he buys the fundie crap hook, line, and sinker. either that or he is just a dry drunk who has substituted the drug of religion for his previous addictions. i’m not a psychologist, but i think that he was never the favorite child, and he is enamored with anyone who views him as something other than the shithead he really is.
    as for cheney, money is power, power is money. he spends his time out of the public eye with a bunch of rich people. the more money you have, the more power you garner. the more power you have, the more money you get. that is cheney’s agenda. if you scratch the surface, you will get more of the same. there is nothing else there.

  15. nightowl724

    The low self-esteem might have made Bush a drunk, but I’m thinking it’s Dry Drunk Syndrome now:

    As for Cheney… Money is but one form of power and I still believe Dick is after more than just money. I hope I’m wrong.

  16. nonnie9999

    i think it’s dry drunk syndrome, but i think that something else is going on with him lately. his words are more slurred than ever. his eyes look funnier than they used to. i wonder if he is drinking again.
    cheney wants to be ever powerful. money insures power in this society. he doesn’t have a religious agenda. religion is just a tool to get more power and more money.

  17. nightowl724

    Mmmm… I’m not thinking religion re Cheney. I’m thinking more along the lines of a desire to go down in history as the most powerful, most corrupt, most secretive, most twisted emperor of all time.

  18. nonnie9999

    i don’t think he gives a damn about his legacy. that’s why you rarely see him in person. he is behind the scenes, doing his dirty deeds.

  19. nightowl724

    Hmmm… I hadn’t thought of it that way.