Debate and Switch

The Florida water shortage was brought to an end when MSNBC anchor, Chris Matthews, spittled his way through an evening of presidential hopefuls bashing Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, in a Republican debate on the campus of Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton. Ooooh, Chris, smell that English Leather and Old Spice? Such manly men! The fragrance of testosterone wafting through the air! Okay, that was from Janet Huckabee, but still….
From MTV (yeah, I said MTV!!):

Unlike the Democrats at Monday’s contentious presidential debate, the Republican candidates spent more time piling on Senator Hillary Clinton than each other at Thursday night’s debate.

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From the economy to the war in Iraq, the candidates found plenty of opportunity to attack Hillary Clinton. Front-runners Romney and McCain agreed that the war was justified but mismanaged, and Romney lashed out at what he said were claims by Clinton and other Democrats that the recent drop in violence in Iraq was tied to calls from Democrats to withdraw U.S. troops. “The success over there is due to the blood and the courage of our servicemen and women, and to General Petraeus and to President Bush — not to General Hillary Clinton,” Romney said pointedly.

From The Boston Globe:

The debate at Florida Atlantic University hosted a five-man field that appeared to have taken a mutual vow to stay civil and even complimentary of one another. While the Romney and McCain campaigns released TV ads last night attacking each other, on stage, the men kept their remarks conciliatory.

Instead, the candidates saved their attacks for Hillary Clinton, saying the Democratic New York senator would weaken American security by pulling the United States out of Iraq prematurely. No GOP candidate mentioned either of the other two Democratic contenders, Senator Barack Obama of Illinois and former North Carolina senator John Edwards.

Asked how he would run against Hillary and Bill Clinton, who has been aggressively campaigning for his wife, Romney cocked an eyebrow.

“I frankly can’t wait, because the idea of Bill Clinton back in the White House with nothing to do is something I just can’t imagine. I can’t imagine the American people can’t imagine,” Romney said, declining to elaborate.

From Newsday:

Asked about Iraq and national security, McCain defended his staunch support of the surge and accused Clinton of “waving a white flag.” And Romney ridiculed her as “Gen. Clinton.”

From Times Online:

Rudy Giuliani, who has seen his formerly frontrunning campaign falter – even in Florida which he had counted on to deliver a much-needed win – also criticised Mrs Clinton for changing her mind on Iraq. “She used to be in favour of the war,” he said, “now she’s against it.”

Last night almost the Republican fire was directed towards Mrs Clinton, rather than at each other.

Aside from the Hillary bashing, there was another important subject discussed (transcript of the debate from WPTV):

[Brian] WILLIAMS: We have another question from Paul Tash in the audience.

TASH: Governor Huckabee, this questions comes from David Haney (ph) in Spring Hill, Florida.

Chuck Norris, one of your most vocal supporters, recently said that at 72 Senator McCain would be too old to withstand the rigors of the presidency. Do you agree or disagree?

MCCAIN: Did you get my response?

HUCKABEE: I did hear what Chuck said. I was standing with him. And I didn’t disagree with him at the time, because I was standing next to him.


It’s as simple as that. This is a guy who can put this foot on that side of my face, and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Now, I have said publicly — in fact, I think it was the debate we had, gosh, back in New Hampshire. And I publicly said — and I have said it many times — I don’t think that Senator McCain lacks the rigor and the capacity to be president.

And I said, if you look at his mother and see her strength at 95, of all the things we can pick on Senator McCain for, that ain’t one of them. There may be some other things I can pick on Senator McCain about, but not that.

And, frankly, I think he’s demonstrated in the campaign that he’s got the capacity to run. He and I would have different approaches to be president, but I promise you that is not an issue for me. It might be from Chuck, but I’m far enough away from him that I feel comfortable in saying that now.

WILLIAMS: Governor, thank you.

Senator McCain, because it’s your mother, 15 seconds.

MCCAIN: Well, now that Sylvester Stallone has endorsed me, I’m sending him over to take care of Chuck Norris right away.


I’m going to get him.

So there you have the new Republican strategy–rely on washed-up moronic Hollywood has-beens. Well, it did work with Reagan! 😀


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10 responses to “Debate and Switch

  1. Friend of the court

    The Republicans have to be nice to each other because nobody else can stand them.

    OT, I decided that I will spend the tax rebate to buy a new computer, so that I can bitch about the government faster.

  2. nonnie9999

    are they nice to each other for that reason, or is it because they are afraid of the dirt that the other ones might have dug up? maybe they are simply afraid of the other ones. ❓
    i don’t get a rebate. 😦 i didn’t get one the last time either. however, i am glad that you are getting one, and i think it is a great idea for you to get a new computer so you can make me laugh quicker!

  3. Friend of the court

    I think that the only people who got one last time were parents of kids under 18, so I didn’t get one either. My boss got one and bought a new set of golf clubs. I’ll bet the kids enjoyed the heck out of that.

  4. nonnie9999

    if someone can afford to piss money away on golf clubs, then he doesn’t need a tax rebate.

  5. nightowl724

    I’ll just zip my lip on HTC. It’s better that way… No offense to you, nonnie. Perfect, as always.

    I don’t think I would qualify for a rebate. I wonder if they will come complete with cents-off (sense off?) coupons and shopping tips to keep the Axis of Evil from winning the GWOT?

    Here’s how I think it will be for most people, though:

    Check —> Bank —> Gas tank –> Bu$h cronie$

    —– OR —–

    Check —> Bank —> Heating fuel –> Bu$h cronie$

    My propane budget payment just went from $114 to $252. A mere 11 years ago, it was $60. I’m keeping my home cooler every year and our winters have generally been getting warmer. ‘Nuff said.

  6. nonnie9999

    it’s not about hrc, it’s about the rethugs not having an original thought. no new ideas–just cut taxes, more war, and bash the clintons. they can’t even find a fresh action star. they have to rely on chuck norris and sly stallone. d’oh! forgive me, they do have a young up-and-comer—wilford brimley! maybe he’s in charge of making the oatmeal to keep john mcliebercain’s cholesterol levels down.

  7. these debates are extended press conferences — they are useless and non-informative. and they ask the most ridiculous questions — and matthews —- dont get me started on him ..

    he could care less what anyone has to say other than the theatre of the whole thing —–

    tho watching him drool, while disgusting is something of a guilty pleasure


  8. nonnie9999

    why should there be real debates when there is no real campaign? it is just a series of gotcha moments. it’s not about the huge issues that are facing this country. instead, it is all about taking a sentence and parsing it so that there can be a negative spin attached to it, and the 24-hour “news” channels will have some bullshit to bandy about for hours on end. we now live in an american idol society. it is not longer about substance. it is only about what is on the surface.
    p.s. if you were not looking at the screen while chris matthews was on, you would have wondered why daffy duck was talking about politics! 😆

  9. nightowl724

    dcAp – the debates are as phony as “studio wrestling.”

  10. nonnie9999

    it’s worse than studio wrestling, because the media makes believe that it is all real. they are players in the whole drama, and they perpetuate the myth that it is all serious so they can keep their ratings up. they need drama to keep people interested, so they invent drama where there is none when they need something to talk and squawk about.