Ron-ing on Empty

Hey, kids, did you watch the Republican debate the other night? Was it really a debate, or was it a seance? In an hour and a half, Ronald Reagan’s name was mentioned 54 times! Chimpy? Not so much. Well, I thought I would write a song to commemorate the event. Sing along, kids!

To the tune of Da Do Ron Ron, perfomed by The Crystals (written by Ellie Greenwich & Jeff Barry):
No matter what you ask,
Our answers are the same,
We’ll say Ron, Ron, Ron, we’ll say Ron, Ron!
No matter what the subject,
We’ll invoke his name,
We’ll say Ron, Ron, Ron, we’ll say Ron, Ron!

Original DVD cover.

Yeah, our dicks go limp,
Thinking of the chimp,
Cheney is just his pimp,
So we’ll say Ron, Ron, Ron, we’ll say Ron, Ron!

We know what he was thinking, so, g’head, ask us,
We asked Ron, Ron, Ron, we asked Ron, Ron!
We used a Ouija board on the campaign bus,
And asked Ron, Ron, Ron, we asked Ron, Ron!

The wingers, they hate John’s guts,
Mitt’s a plastic putz,
Huck’s a hick ; Ron Paul’s just nuts,
So we’ll say Ron, Ron, Ron, we’ll say Ron, Ron!

We’ll say Ron, Ron, Ron, we’ll say Ron, Ron!
We’ll say Ron, Ron, Ron, we’ll say Ron, Ron!

The GOP is scared,
Their eyes are filled with tears,
As they chant Ron, Ron, Ron, they chant Ron, Ron!
They’d like to turn the clock back,
Almost 30 years,
And re-run Ron Ron, rerun Ron Ron!

Yeah, we’re filled with dread,
Never mind that he’s dead,
Dig him up, run him instead,
We’ll vote for Ron, Ron, vote for Ron, Ron!

We’ll say Ron, Ron, Ron, we’ll say Ron, Ron!
We’ll say Ron, Ron, Ron, we’ll say Ron, Ron!
We’ll say Ron, Ron, Ron, we’ll say Ron, Ron!
We’ll say Ron, Ron, Ron, we’ll say Ron, Ron!
We’ll say Ron, Ron, Ron, we’ll say Ron, Ron!
We’ll say Ron, Ron, Ron, we’ll say Ron, Ron!

Maybe the boys need to read this.


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22 responses to “Ron-ing on Empty

  1. TRM

    Good one! I see even the great Ronoldus Magnus isn’t safe… Leave Ron alone!!!

  2. Got a Grip

    You have to explain to me, TRM, what the hell you wingnuts see in Ronald Reagan. He was a happy idiot, a bad actor and a terrible president. What on earth makes you fools worship him? Please tell me….

  3. nonnie9999

    but, trm, i wrote a song about him! wasn’t that nice of me? 😀
    gotta, do we really want to know what the attraction is? something tells me the explanation would lead to a feeling of profound ickiness.

  4. Got a Grip

    Yes, you’re right, nons. I feel icky enough already, and I doubt that the mass insanity really has a viable explanation. But it does have a special kind of horrible fascination, like seeing a terrible accident and being unable to look away….

  5. This is beautiful. I love it when we get a song too.

  6. nonnie9999

    try to forget about it. maybe we should sing. where are nightowl and fotc and jlynne and dcup ? this song calls for a trio and a few go-go dancers in the background.

  7. nonnie9999

    sing with us! it’s always a treat when you show up, and your timing was perfect this time. put on the sequins! we have singing to do!! 😀

  8. Bill Maher just brought up the same thing. In fact, I think he just said “seance”. lol

    Of course, he also pointed out the difference between “Reaganesque”, and what Reagan actually did while he was in office.

  9. nonnie9999

    hey cz!
    i just watched last week’s real time this afternoon. i don’t get hbo in my room, so i have to watch in the other room.
    did you read the last article i linked to? it spells it out pretty well.
    p.s. i bet bill maher didn’t sing!! 😛

  10. Got a Grip

    I think a little sing-along is a great idea!! I have a fantastic tinfoil hat that would be just perfect with something covered in sequins, and nothing makes me feel like strapping of the tinfoil like memories of those glorious Reagan years.

    All together now!!

  11. nonnie9999

    sorry for now answering sooner. wordpress seemed to have the hiccups or something, and i made good use of the time by teasing my hair.

  12. nightowl724

    Damn! I’m late and I’m all out of breath! I’ve been practicing nonnie’s song for when we all get together. I was working on those hip movements, too – and my tan, of course. Then, I had to find my rat-tail comb to get my beehive just right. I am having a bit of a problem squeezing into my 1963 sequined A-line dress and go-go boots, though…

    LOVE the song and these lines, nonnie:
    And re-run Ron Ron, rerun Ron Ron!
    …i made good use of the time by teasing my hair.

    Does anyone remember… FRESNO ’08! 😉

  13. Sanuk

    I love the songs too.

    Nonnie9’s did a great one to “Hello Motha, Hello Father”… That was awesome – remember that one Nonnie?

  14. TRM

    Gotta, I choose today to take the easy way out…
    We wingnuts, us fools love Reagan because we are foolish wingnuts…


    A better question is this…
    Explain Jimmy Carter… 😦

  15. nonnie — i love your tribute to that lousy actor/lousy president Ronald Reagan —- after all the Ronettes were named after Ronnie, and they did sing “Be My Baby” to Ronnie.

    it is just a ronnie world —

    dig him up!

  16. TRM

    He’s already been dug up, revived and given a bottle of Jack Daniels and a shotgun… he’s sitting here right next to me.. 🙂

  17. Friend of the court

    Sorry I’m late…..
    They do Ron, Ron, Ron, they do Ron, Ron.

    When Ron was the Goveranator of CA, he saved the State much $$$$$’s, by eliminating mental illness. He, simply, converted it to homelessness. What a guy!
    Whenever, I need a real simple answer to a really difficult question, I ask myself, WWRD.

    They do Ron, Ron, Ron, they do Ron, Ron.
    Yes, his brain stood still,
    Yes, he was a total pill,
    Who, can his shoes fill?
    They do Ron, Ron, Ron, they do Ron Ron.

  18. nonnie9999

    you look lovely, and thank goodness you finally got here! these spiked-heel go-go boots are killing my feet!

    hey sanuk! 😀
    what a nice surprise to see you here! thanks so much for remembering hello muddah, hello faddah! i think that is my favorite of all the parodies i have written, perhaps because i grew up wanting to be allan sherman (though a female version and slimmer! 😆 )

    i think you need to take a nap. you’ve been a little cranky lately, and now you are having hallucinations. you know how i worry about you. 😀

    did the ronettes really sing to ronnie? by the way, ronnie (of the ronettes, not reagan) still looks fabulous!

    look at you!! writing more verses and shaking what your mama gave you! don’t forget that old ronnie made us all healthier by declaring that ketchup is a vegetable. before that, i never ate enough vegetables. now get over here and let me put some hairspray on your bouffant. it’s almost curtain time!

  19. Friend of the court

    LOL! “hairspray on your bouffant.” Last week, there was a Sub teacher at our school. We were talking at lunch and it turned out that I had gone to highschool with her mom. I could only find the junior class yearbook and the little pictures made us both look like ‘box heads’, because the sides and tops of our hair were cropped off. It was during that magical transitional time between when the girl’s BR was full of the smell of Aqua-nett rather than grass. Glory days, indeed.

  20. nonnie9999

    i remember my sister poofing up her hair to amazing dimensions. i never went down that road. believe me, i have had my share of bad hair choices over the decades, but that is one fashion faux pas i didn’t commit.

  21. TRM

    I am a recovering 80’s mullet head…

  22. nonnie9999

    mullet? oh, the inanity!!!! 😯