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The Year of the Raisin

Forgive me for feeling a bit nostaglic, but it’s our anniversary! Hysterical Raisins started with Chimpy in Charge a year ago today. Well, it actually started with another name (don’t ask me, I forgot what it was), but it was changed to Hysterical Raisins shortly thereafter. Mikk0 and I collaborated on a spoof of an IMDb page, and we somehow wound up with a blog!
I thought I would look through the past 343 posts and pick out some of the posters that had special meaning to me, that didn’t get a lot of attention, or that represented important or just plain ridiculous events over the past year. I was going to try to fit them into one image, but I wound up with two. I hope you will forgive me.

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Well, he did take up space in college!

From The New York Times:

The order by President Bush for the Navy to launch an antimissile interceptor to destroy a disabled satellite before it falls from orbit carries opportunity, but also potential embarrassment, for the administration and advocates of its missile defense program.

Oh boy!! The Commanderer told the Navy to shoot down the evil space thing! This is gonna be so cool!!

Original DVD cover.
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