Spy-on-all Crap

From the Los Angeles Times:

WASHINGTON — A day after warning that potentially critical terrorism intelligence was being lost because Congress had not finished work on a controversial espionage law, the U.S. attorney general and the national intelligence director said Saturday that the government was receiving the information — at least temporarily.

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On Friday evening, Atty. Gen. Michael B. Mukasey and Director of National Intelligence J. Michael McConnell had said in an unusually blunt letter to Congress that the nation “is now more vulnerable to terrorist attack and other foreign threats” because lawmakers had not yet acted on the administration’s proposal for the wiretapping law.

But within hours of sending that letter, administration officials told lawmakers on the House and Senate intelligence committees that they had prevailed upon all of the telecommunications companies to continue cooperating with the government’s requests for information while negotiations with Congress continue.


The episode appeared to be another round in the battle between the White House and congressional Democrats over provisions of the proposed new Protect America Act, which would replace one that has expired.


On Friday evening, administration officials told reporters in a conference call that at least one telecommunications company was refusing to provide information that could help track newly suspected terrorists.

But two hours later, administration officials notified congressional officials that the company had agreed to cooperate, according to the Democratic congressional official. As a result, all of the nation’s telecommunications companies are now providing all of the intelligence requested by the administration, even without the new law.


In his Saturday radio address, Bush called on Congress to quickly pass the wiretapping legislation when it returns Monday from a recess, saying telecommunications companies need the law to help the government monitor foreign terrorists and to protect them from class-action lawsuits.


The comments by Mukasey, McConnell and Bush were criticized by civil rights and privacy advocates, including Caroline Fredrickson, director of the Washington legislative office of the American Civil Liberties Union.

“In an attempt to get sweeping powers to wiretap without warrants, Republicans are playing politics with domestic surveillance legislation,” Fredrickson said.


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11 responses to “Spy-on-all Crap

  1. nightowl724

    The hair! The hair! HAHAHAHA!

    Now, let’s order a pizza! (Did you see my email about ordering pizza in 2010?)

  2. nonnie9999

    mike mcconnell’s hair looks like one of those fuzzy hats with the ear flaps and the flap that goes up in the front.

  3. You’ve outdone yourself again nonnie!

  4. nonnie9999

    thanks, cz!
    tell you the truth, it was a last-minute panic-mode entry. but don’t tell anyone! 🙂

  5. Got a Grip

    I knew there was hidden meaning in the title, but for the life of me it would not come to me. Then I went in to watch “The Wire” and just as Omar was getting mowed down it came to me! I laughed out loud and made my sister look at me funny, but I really couldn’t explain it to her.

    Sometimes I scare myself, I really do…

  6. nonnie9999

    i’m all about the hidden meanings. that’s what makes me edgy! 😆
    would spy-on-all trap have been better? or spy-on-all tap? i considered both, but the explanations for the wiretaps sounded like crap to me, and that’s what i settled on.

  7. nightowl724

    Good choice with the title!

  8. Friend of the court

    All that crap about the telecoms losing billions in class actions, is just that. Bushco assumes that the telecoms would lose? Why? Bushco assumes that the telecoms would pay? Ha! Chimpie doesn’t want anyone to find out how little information has been gained, about terrists, by listening in on the national party line. It would throw a big wet blanket on his “Let’s Scare the Crap Out of America” program.

  9. Got a Grip

    nonnie, it wasn’t you, your title was clever and perfectly fine. It was totally me not aligning the thing properly. It’s like that game (the name of which I can’t remember) where they give you a phrase, but it’s broken down in such a way that they form different words and you have to realign them to make sense. I was totally having a “D’Oh!” moment.

  10. Got a Grip

    fotc, it is of course totally crap. If they weren’t doing something illegal then they have nothing to fear. And if Bush wants to listen in on communications in a valid fashion, he has the perfect mechanism at his disposal – the FISA court. All he needs to do is go apply for a warrant. It’s all so lenient that it would have to be egregiously misdirected for the FISA court to even consider turning it down. With warrant in hand, the telcos can’t refuse to tap. So it’s all bullshit, pure and simple.

  11. nonnie9999

    i know what game you mean, but i don’t remember the name either. 🙄

    the latest nonsense is much ado about nothing. the government could get a warrant without any problem whatsoever. they don’t even have to wait for the warrant. they can get one later on. if chimpy was so concerned, he would allow the bill to pass and worry about the telecoms later on. that he didn’t can only mean that he cares more about the telecons than the ‘merkin people. hence, the crap in the title.