Yuppies and Buppies and Guppies! Oh My!

WASHINGTON (AP) — HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson, his tenure tarnished by allegations of political favoritism and a criminal investigation, announced his resignation Monday amid the wreckage of the national housing crisis. He leaves behind a trail of unanswered questions about whether he tilted the Department of Housing and Urban Development toward Republican contractors and cronies.

Original DVD cover.

In announcing that his last day at HUD will be April 18, Jackson said only, “There comes a time when one must attend more diligently to personal and family matters.”

What is it with these Rethuglican families that so many people have to quit their jobs in order to spend so much time with them?

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton said that while Jackson’s resignation is “appropriate, it does nothing to address the Bush administration’s wait-and-don’t-see posture to our nation’s housing crisis.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said HUD will be called on to work with Congress on assisting refinancing for borrowers faced with imminent foreclosure.

The ethical allegations against Jackson “meant that the Bush administration’s ineffective housing policies were being burdened by an even more ineffective HUD Secretary,” Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., said after Jackson’s announcement.

President Bush called Jackson “a strong leader and a good man.” Ties between the two men go back to the 1980s when they lived in the same Dallas neighborhood. It was Jackson’s personal ties to Bush that brought him to Washington, where he displayed a forceful personal style at HUD for seven years, first as the agency’s No. 2 official and since 2004 in the top slot.


Asked about the problems with subprime mortgages last June, Jackson insisted that many such borrowers were not unsophisticated, low-income people but what he called “Yuppies, Buppies and Guppies” — well-educated, young, black and gay upwardly mobile achievers — with expensive cars who bought $400,000 homes with little or no money down.


The FBI has been examining the ties between Jackson and a friend who was paid $392,000 by Jackson’s department as a construction manager in New Orleans. Jackson’s friend got the job after Jackson asked a staff member to pass along his name to the Housing Authority of New Orleans.

In another instance of alleged favoritism that came to light in February, the Philadelphia housing authority alleges that Jackson retaliated against the agency because it refused to award a vacant lot worth $2 million to soul-music producer-turned-community developer Kenny Gamble for redevelopment of a public housing complex.

Jackson’s problems began in 2006, when he told a group of commercial real estate executives that he had revoked a contract because the applicant who thanked him said he did not like President Bush. Jackson later told investigators “I lied” when he made the remark about taking back the contract.


In [an HUD Inspector General] probe, some of Jackson’s own aides contradicted his account of one incident in which investigators found the HUD secretary had blocked a contract for several months to one heavily Democratic donor. Jackson blamed his aides for the delay in the award.

Heckuva job, Alphonso!!


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5 responses to “Yuppies and Buppies and Guppies! Oh My!

  1. TRM

    First I am acknowledging that corruption exist…
    Not defending any of these ALLEGATIONS but who among us wouldn’s steer work to our friends if given the chance? Yeah I know its tax dollars blah blah… just food for thought…

    Reagrding the so called “housing crisis”, will any here admit that 98% of mortgages are still paid on time and doing just fine?

    Is there no accountability to be held to those who entered upon an agreement to buy a home for x amount of dollars and then failed to honor that debt? It’s not their fault?

    The marxist Hillary and Obama talk such a good game of “I’ll fix this”, “I’ll fix that”,,, but how? More taxes?? tax the rich? When you penalize the rich who do you think it gets passed down to?

    I watched Obama with Matthews last night and heard him talk about fixing all of these “woes”, but he gave no details of how he would do it….. larger government? Isn’t an already inflated, and meddling government what got us here in the first place???

    sigh….. still don’t get it do you…..

    today I am giving the hugs, for with this type of thinking the raisins truly need one….

  2. nonnie9999

    if you are in a private company, and you want to steer some business your buddy’s way, that’s one thing. when it comes to the government, it is not privately owned (yet), and business should go to the most qualified at the lowest cost. public servants are supposed to serve all the public, not their personal acquaintances.
    2% does not sound like a lot, but it will still have a huge impact on the economy. construction jobs have decreased like crazy. why should people buy new homes when they can buy foreclosures a lot cheaper? if a lot of people no longer have houses, a lot will rent. that means that rentals will be more desirable, and rents will go up for everyone. those houses that are sitting vacant will bring down the value of all the homes in the neighborhoods, so those 98% who are still paying their mortgages are going to get a lot less bang for their buck.
    sigh….you still don’t get it, do you, trm? it’s okay, i will still accept your hug. 🙂

  3. TRM

    I think we both get it, we just are fundamentally (as usual) wired differently…

    In essence we talking about socialism vs capitalism

    socially I’m a teeny tiny itzy bitzy more liberal

    I made Kos account today!!! ya proud?
    I will probably be booted within a week
    it never fails…

  4. nonnie9999

    omg! are you trm over at dkos? i am hardly there anymore, but now i will have to show up just to see if you are getting into trouble. this should be fun.

  5. What a diference a year makes. 2% insolvency seems like a hundred years ago.

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