All Hat, No Cattle

From The New York Times:

WASHINGTON — Declaring that the United States had averted failure in Iraq, President Bush said on Thursday that the senior commander there could “have all the time he needs” before reducing troops further. Mr. Bush ordered shorter tours for troops, but defied calls by Democrats in Congress to withdraw more troops more quickly.

Original DVD cover.

Mr. Bush defended the costs of the war, in lives and money, and said that withdrawing from Iraq would be catastrophic to the national interests. He signaled that an American force nearly as large as at any point in the last five years would remain in Iraq through his presidency, leaving any significant changes in policy to the next president.


Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton said the president “refuses to face reality.”

“It’s time for the president to answer the question being asked of him: in the wake of the failed surge, what is the endgame in Iraq?” Mrs. Clinton said in a statement.

With only nine months now left in his presidency, Mr. Bush has begun making the case for a war that will be fought under another commander-in-chief.


“If we fail there, Al Qaeda would claim a propaganda victory of colossal proportions, and they could gain safe havens in Iraq from which to attack the United States, our friends and our allies,” he said. “Iran would work to fill the vacuum in Iraq, and our failure would embolden its radical leaders and fuel their ambitions to dominate the region.” Mr. Bush’s focus on Iran, while not new, reflected deepening concerns in the administration and the Pentagon about that country’s support for some extremists, which was evident during the indecisive Iraqi operation late last month to wrest control of Basra from Shiite militias.


Mr. Bush sought at some length in his remarks to address criticisms of the war raised by Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill. He said that Iraq was increasingly paying for reconstruction and security with its own revenues, flush now because of the high price of oil.

He also announced that American troops headed to Iraq after Aug. 1 would deploy for only 12 months, instead of 15 months, a hugely unpopular extension he imposed as part of the buildup in Iraq last year. He also said that troops would remain at home at least a year for each year spent in the field, a requirement that many lawmakers wanted to codify in legislation.


With the war now in its sixth year, Mr. Bush appeared to acknowledge the criticism that no end was in sight. He said that as a democratic Iraq strengthens, Iraqi political leaders and security forces would shoulder more of the responsibility of governance and allow additional American troops to return home.

“And while this war is difficult,” he said, “it is not endless.”


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22 responses to “All Hat, No Cattle

  1. Friend of the court

    The bad news is that you have been “stop lost”, the good news is that you only have to stay a year.

  2. nonnie9999

    do you think that chimpy really understands what he is saying? he can contradict himself 3 times in one sentence and not see the irony. 🙄

  3. jeb

    “Ah don’t do irony, or is it nuance? Ah’ll have to ask Condi to explainerfy it to me.”

  4. Friend of the court

    I don’t think, he thinks anything. He reads what ever they hand him. Only, it’s not even really reading, since reading involves the brain. I think that, the words go in the eyes and out the mouth, without ever passing through his mind. It is very telling, that when the neocons needed a front man, they chose such an inarticulate twit. They have not just set the bar low, they have burried it.

  5. nonnie9999

    nuance? we don’t do nuance! heck, we got enough trouble with the old ants! they crawl all over the hotdogs when john mccain comes over for lunch. the buns, they like the buns. we usually have uncle dick come out so he can shoot all those critters in the face (the ants, not mccain, ‘tho i wouldn’t mind shooting him in the face! 😆 )

  6. nonnie9999

    you are probably correct. i think chimpy’s brain got fried a long time ago. all that is left is the part that badly mimics what people tell him.

  7. it’s a bit sad for humorists everywhere that W is going to go away from the thick of things pretty soon.
    may his hollow head rest in peace somewhere in texas.

  8. nonnie9999

    welcome to the raisin, aniche! 😀
    i was just sitting here, chuckling as i read your blog. very funny! 😆
    don’t be too sad. i don’t know if i am included under the description of humorists, but i do know that i am willing to forgo the comedy and am quite willing to let chimpy go early.
    by the way, you are a much nicer person than i am. i wish him no peace whatsover.

  9. jlms qkw - jenn

    w is smart enough and aware. he knows what’s going on.

    incompetence is just a ruse.


  10. nonnie9999

    i don’t know. i think he’s wily, but i don’t think he is smart. he is wily enough to surround himself with people who are smart enough to cover for him when he says and does something stupid. he parrots what he hears from others, but i don’t think he is capable of original thought.

  11. TRM

    Go Bush! Whoop ass!!!!

    No hugs for anyone!!!!

  12. TRM

    Oh…… 🙂 <—————-

  13. jeb

    Sadly Nonnie, you took the cover from John Wayne’s last film (and his best in my opinion) and graced it with this doofus. Ironically, he is doing his swan song (I hope). Still love the performance in The Shootist. It was a good book and I thought it was an appropriate last role for the Duke (OK, I like Westerns, I just don’t think they’re a sound basis for foreign policy).

  14. nonnie9999

    sometimes i think you might be the stephen colbert of the blogosphere. you really think the opposite of what you write, and you only write it to point out the absurdity. here’s a hug! 😀

  15. nonnie9999

    i’m sorry i used a movie that you like. i have been lambasted in the past for ruining a perfectly good movie. i am not a big fan of westerns, and even less of a fan of john wayne. however, i do apologize if i offended your sensibilities. don’t be mad at me! 😥

  16. R F

    You should do a version of GOP Girls Gone Wild for the lulz.

    Another great post, nonnie.

  17. jeb

    No worries Nonnie. I just looked at the original cover with John Wayne’s face and the contrast with the chimpinator…. uuurrrrghhh. Keep doing what you are doing, if you aren’t offending (which I wasn’t) then you probably aren’t doing it right.

  18. nonnie9999

    hey rf!
    i am still giggling over your latest entry! 😆 i can only imagine deadeye dick singing his version of put on a happy face.
    i think i will wait for the actual gop girls gone wild (and then not buy it!) when that hotbed of sin, minneapolis, lets the bars stay open until 4 a.m. for the rethuglican convention! 🙂

  19. nonnie9999

    think of it this way–the better the film and/or the performances, the more stark the point that chimpy is a loser.

  20. jeb

    Oh, do we need visual evidence of that? ;>

  21. nonnie9999

    no, jeb, we don’t need visual evidence, but doesn’t it make you feel a little better to poke chimpy with sticks?

  22. Truly great. You can almost feel the void between the ears.