Now what are we gonna do with this case of Pope Tarts?

WASHINGTON (CNN) — A smiling Pope Benedict XVI arrived in the United States on Tuesday afternoon to start the six-day, two-city journey that will take him from the White House to the halls of the United Nations.

The papal plane, Shepherd 1, touched down at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland to cheers from a crowd of invited guests gathered for the event.

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The pontiff was greeted by President Bush, first lady Laura Bush and their daughter Jenna, each of whom shook his hand.

It was believed to be the first time an American president has greeted a world dignitary on arrival at Andrews.


One of the stated goals of the pope’s visit is to energize the U.S. Catholic community: the largest in the world, with an estimated 70 million members.


The centerpiece of the Washington leg of the U.S. visit will be Thursday’s Mass at Nationals Park, a new baseball stadium where 46,000 people will gather to watch the pope.

From U. S. News & World Report:

Pope Benedict XVI doesn’t just visit the White House on Wednesday. It’s his 81st birthday too, and President Bush and first lady Laura Bush have made a few changes to the traditional arrival ceremony to mark his special day. The first lady’s chief of staff, Anita McBride, gave us the skinny today. “It is his birthday tomorrow, so we hope to appropriately reflect that on the lawn with the 9,000 people that will be assembled. There will be details like the yellow tulips that have been put into the flower boxes which is the color of the papal flag against the white house, yellow and white. Just a lot of little details and things that we paid attention to, like a hymn that will be added to the official ceremony as well as a concluding song that is appropriate and patriotic and spiritual at the same time: “Battle Hymn of the Republic” and the Lord’s Prayer will have been added to the program.” And, she hints, the kitchen might have a little birthday cake ready for the pope.

Oh, and even though he can’t attend, the Wednesday White House dinner for the pope will feature some native Bavarian food like German dumplings.

I know I wouldn’t be able to digest dumplings either if I had to look at the smirking chimp.

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9 responses to “Now what are we gonna do with this case of Pope Tarts?

  1. Did you happen to catch the pope almost walking into a window (thinking it was a sliding door)?

  2. hi malcolm! 😀
    no, i hadn’t seen it until i just went over to blog and watched it there. 😆 why didn’t the idiots who were walking with him say something to him (if it is considered a no-no to take his arm and guide him)? i have to laugh, because, many moons ago, i was walking with my sister in a hotel that she worked at, and i walked right into a glass door. lemme tell ya, it is quite painful! luckily, the glass didn’t break. i, however, was slightly dented and saw quite a few stars.

  3. hey, kids, take a few minutes and click over to distributor cap’s blog and read a very poignant post about passover and the Holocaust. you will be glad you did.

  4. nightowl724

    Oh, nonnie! POPE TARTS?! You are really something else, kiddo! I don’t know WHAT you are, but I definitely like it…

  5. nightowl,
    i was a bit hesitant in posting the pope tarts. i didn’t want to offend anyone. oh, wait–yeah, i do! seriously, i did hesitate for a moment, but i don’t think it’s really offensive. if you’re gonna be pope, you gotta have a sense of humor!

  6. nightowl724

    I didn’t think it was offensive at all, just hysterical.

  7. a lot of people get very touchy when it comes to their spiritual leaders. they might think having the pope on a box of pop tarts is unseemly.

  8. nightowl724

    I was raised a Catholic and, personally, I think it’s far more unseemly seeing the Pope with Bush than seeing him on a box of pop tarts.

    After all… What’s his name? Hagee? Called the Catholic Church a WHORE and McCain is proud – proud, I say – to have his endorsement!

  9. that’s true, nightowl. now that i think about it, putting the pope on a box of pop tarts was downright respectful of me!! 😉