Bandar and the Brits

From Newsweek:

A scathing British court ruling could create more legal problems for Prince Bandar, head of Saudi Arabia’s National Security Council and the former Saudi ambassador in Washington, over his alleged role in a massive multimillion-dollar bribery scheme involving a major British aerospace firm.


The Justice Department is investigating allegations that U.K.-based British Aerospace Systems (BAE) paid millions of dollars in bribes to Bandar and other Saudi officials—in possible violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Bandar, whose close ties to the Bush family earned him the nickname “Bandar Bush,” has retained former FBI Director Louis Freeh to represent him in connection with the Justice Department probe.


Last week the British High Court ruled that then-Prime Minister Tony Blair’s government may have interfered with the rule of law in December 2006, when it ordered the British government’s Serious Fraud Office to shut down its own bribery investigation, allegedly after Bandar threatened to cut off Saudi cooperation with U.K. terrorism investigations if the inquiry continued.

Original DVD cover.
Oh, kids, there is so much to this story, but I will leave it to you to read the whole thing for yourselves. In the meantime, we’ll sing!

To the tune of Bennie and the Jets
Music by Sir Elton John
Lyrics by Bernie Taupin
Performed by Sir Elton John

Hey kids, this might make you skittish,
Seems there’s somethin’ cookin’,
Between Bandar and the British,
We’re gonna check the news tonight,
So stick around,
You’re gonna hear about corruption,
Look what I have found…


Yeah, Condi and Chimpy kiss up to the Sauds,
Ooh, but the love has spread,
B-B-B-B-Bandar and the Brits
Ooh, it’s a case of blatant fraud,
But Tony Blair was oh so keen,
To shut down any looks,
Into these crooks,
Oh, I hope nobody tells the Queen,
No, ooh, B-B-B-Bandar and the Brits.

Hey kids, I don’t think it’s funny,
How these creeps are blinded,
When it all comes down to money,
Committin’ crimes,
That would end with jail for you and me,
But they take their resources,
And hire guys like Louie Freeh.



Bandar, Bandar and the Brits,
Bandar, Bandar, Bandar, Bandar and the Brits,
Bandar, Bandar, Bandar, Bandar, Bandar and the Brits,
Bandar, Bandar, Bandar, Bandar and the Brits,
Bandar, Bandar, Bandar, Bandar, Bandar, Bandar, Bandar and the Brits…..


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9 responses to “Bandar and the Brits

  1. thanks to occams hatchet over at the big orange for making me aware of this story.

  2. jlms qkw - jenn

    you even changed the lettering on the building! you are a PRO!

  3. thanks, jenn! 😀
    i was wondering if anyone would notice that. nightowl used to pick up on stuff like that, but she hasn’t been around lately. thanks, too, for all the support over at big orange. i think you are the only one who actually comes over.

  4. nightowl724

    Jenn, it’s about time someone around here picked up my slack while I had to be away! Thanks!

    nonnie – love, love, love the song! I’ve sent links to this post from coast to coast.

  5. jeb

    Shocked! I’m just shocked to discover that there are hints of corruption surrounding the Saudi’s. Next thing you know they’ll tell us there is gambling in Casablanca.

  6. nightowl,
    jenn was kind enough to keep me company while everyone else was away! she is also my best promoter over at the big orange. i am so happy that she decided to hang out here with us, and i am now doubly happy, because it seems like almost everyone else is hanging out, too.
    glad you liked the song. i was hoping you would be back to see it (and sing it). truth be told, it was a rush job. i had nothing prepared, and i had only a couple of hours to do the poster and write the song. i think i work better under pressure. 🙂

  7. jeb,
    i was shocked as well. 😯 i learned something else as well. you had better sit down for this. there’s sand in egypt! 😮

  8. nightowl724

    I can’t tell you how impressed (and jealous) I am to hear that you created this in just a few hours!

  9. well, i thought of the song the night before. occams hatchet had a diary about this, and i titled a comment bandar and the brits?, and then i said that i thought it was an elton john song. that gave me the idea, so all that was left was actually writing it. the hard part was finding a decent rendition of it at youtube so i could make sure the words fit the song (you can rarely go by the written lyrics) and finding a movie to use. there was only one verse in the song that gave me agita, but the rest was pretty easy. 😳 i just realized that wordpress refused to honor the space i put between the chorus and the next verse. i had better do something to correct that.