In a League of Their Own

From The Guardian:

America’s most senior general was “hoodwinked” by top Bush administration officials determined to push through aggressive interrogation techniques of terror suspects held at Guantánamo Bay, leading to the US military abandoning its age-old ban on the cruel and inhumane treatment of prisoners, the Guardian reveals today.

General Richard Myers, chairman of the US joint chiefs of staff from 2001 to 2005, wrongly believed that inmates at Guantánamo and other prisons were protected by the Geneva conventions and from abuse tantamount to torture.

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In his new book, Torture Team, Philippe Sands QC, professor of law at University College London, reveals that:

· Senior Bush administration figures pushed through previously outlawed measures with the aid of inexperienced military officials at Guantánamo.

· Myers believes he was a victim of “intrigue” by top lawyers at the department of justice, the office of vice-president Dick Cheney, and at Donald Rumsfeld’s defence department.

· The Guantánamo lawyers charged with devising interrogation techniques were inspired by the exploits of Jack Bauer in the American TV series 24.

· Myers wrongly believed interrogation techniques had been taken from the army’s field manual.

The lawyers, all political appointees, who pushed through the interrogation techniques were Alberto Gonzales, David Addington and William Haynes. Also involved were Doug Feith, Rumsfeld’s under-secretary for policy, and Jay Bybee and John Yoo, two assistant attorney generals.


The Bush administration has tried to explain away the ill-treatment of detainees at Guantánamo Bay and Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq by blaming junior officials. Sands’ book establishes that pressure for aggressive and cruel treatment of detainees came from the top and was sanctioned by the most senior lawyers.


Larry Wilkerson, a former army officer and chief of staff to Colin Powell, US secretary of state at the time, told the Guardian: “I do know that Rumsfeld had neutralised the chairman [Myers] in many significant ways.

“The secretary did this by cutting [Myers] out of important communications, meetings, deliberations and plans.

“At the end of the day, however, Dick Myers was not a very powerful chairman in the first place, one reason Rumsfeld recommended him for the job”.


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8 responses to “In a League of Their Own

  1. nightowl724

    What a funny poster, but what a sickening story. Again this morning, I was telling myself, “Self, I just can’t BELIEVE we are torturing people! The United States of America! In front of God and everybody!” I pinched myself, but unfortunately, I was indeed already awake…

  2. jlms qkw - jenn

    another hit, right on, nonnie.

    i sincerely hope that the time from now until nov 2008 is the nadir of my feelings about my country. i am pretty sure i can hang on until then, but if it’s this bad a year from now, i’ll go looney. or loonier.

  3. it’s not bad enough that we torture, but the morons got the idea from a f&^king tv show!!!! the next thing we will find out is that petraeus is making all his battle plans based on f troop.

  4. jenn,
    i think we all feel the same. whatever happens when chimpy and deadeye dick leave office, it has to be better than it is now. or at least i hope so.

  5. sardonyx

    nonnie, just the concept made me laugh out loud. Such a perfectly apt description of them. Have I told you lately that you’re a genius?

    You’ve created a league that has thousands of members: the entire Bush administration and their parasitic coterie, plus their media enablers…oopsie! Did I say thousands? I mean *tens* of thousands. Plus their plutocrat owners.

  6. sar!!!!
    i am so glad that you found the poster laugh-worthy. i was actually going to have general myers in front, but i had to highlight the absurdity of them getting their policy from a friggin tv show, so jack bauer was elected to be the frontman.
    i won’t take credit for creating this rogue’s gallery of thugs. that goes to deadeye dick and chimpy. all i did was name their group descriptively.
    p.s. i love when you stop by, sar! it makes me do a happy dance! 😀

  7. distributorcap

    you have out done yourself!

    the sad part is this has to exist

  8. so glad that you like this poster, dcAp. there are a few that make me giggle while i am making them, and this was one of them.