Say It Ain’t Snow!

Tony Snow has been hired by CNN and appeared last night on Larry King’s show. 😯

Original DVD cover.

From The Caucus at The New York Times:

From cable news star to White House press secretary and back again: Tony Snow, who worked at the Fox News Channel for 10 years before serving as the Bush administration’s chief spokesman for 17 months, is moving to CNN to be a political contributor.

CNN announced Mr. Snow’s hire on Monday, concluding months of wooing by the channel’s executives. Mr. Snow joined Fox News as a television and radio host in 1996, where he worked until he was named White House press secretary in April 2006.


CNN declined to say how much Mr. Snow would be paid in his role as a conservative commentator.


Before moving to Fox, Mr. Snow was a regular guest on the CNN political shows “Crossfire” and “Late Edition.” He will continue to serve as the regular guest host for “The Radio Factor with Bill O’Reilly,” a product of the Westwood One radio network.

From Politico:

Despite joining CNN today, Tony Snow said he still has affection for his former colleagues at Fox News, where he worked prior to his stint as President Bush’s press secretary


“Everybody is going to try and create a Fox and CNN narrative out of this,” said Snow, who also mentioned that he “love[s]” Fox News chief Roger Ailes and would “walk over broken glass” for Bill O’Reilly.

Ooooohhhh!!!! Now, that I would watch!

It’s not out of the ordinary to bring up the Fox/CNN rivalry, given that Fox News, from its launch just over a decade ago, has been battling the cable news network. A caustic relationship, [Fox News chief Roger} Ailes has even posed the question of “why does CNN hate America.”


Snow did not want to get into any specific conversations he may have had with Fox executives, but said that he’d received offers from several networks. However, CNN’s offer to be a political analyst during the 2008 campaign was the best one.


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10 responses to “Say It Ain’t Snow!

  1. nightowl724

    He’s baaaaack… Another accessory to mass murder being deified on the tube – just in time for the presidential election.

    Grand work, nonnie, grand work! Far scarier (and funnier, of course) than the original.

  2. i don’t understand what the hell is going on at cnn. do they think tony is going to help their ratings? that sure worked with glenn dreck, didn’t it? idiots!

  3. Got a Grip

    I think they think that hiring Snow is a fantastic idea because he’s smart, quick-witted and sharp-tongued. They think it will boost their ratings with the Faux News crowd. I’m sure it would never occur to them to consider the damage that that evil bastard will do, how he’ll distort the truth and promote the BushCo agenda in ways detrimental to the common good. It’s all about ratings, honey. Ratings, and therefore money, rule.

    nons, have you had a chance to check in at the home front? There are interesting developments there, with further info to come when I get the chance….. 😉

  4. hiya gotta!
    i know cnn hired him for the ratings, but i think they cut off their nose to spite their face. i think that they will actually lose ratings, if anything. they have a lot of viewers who will look upon the hiring as cnn wanting to be faux news, and they will find another source for news. i honestly wonder if any of the morons running the news channels have any clue whatsoever what the public is thinking. they stare at their little charts, but they don’t bother to listen to their viewers. i don’t mind them having a conservative voice, but make it someone with original thinking, not someone who is just going to spew white house talking points. they have enough of them with all the generals who have sold their souls.
    i just checked at the home front. busy with american street stuff and wondering what i am doing for the raisin tonight, but i will be back later.

  5. jlms qkw - jenn

    great font use – they both look like death warmed over.

    i just had to check the raisin this morning, it’s almost like a vitamin now 😉

  6. raisins are good for you, jenn. lots of fiber and lots of iron!

  7. distributorcap

    like when the NY Times hired bill kristol — CNN goes with another accomplice to the worst crimes against america

    since i dont watch CNN i cant boycott them like i have the Times

  8. i think all the so-called news stations need to change the news in their names to propaganda. i don’t even watch anymore. they all give me a stomachache.

  9. CHP

    Watching Tony Snow silence/decimate Jack Cafferty’s every uncontrolled rant, to the endpoint of Jacks quivering insincere “welcome aboard”, was a moment of CNN beauty…..

  10. hello chp,
    can’t say that i saw that occur. i have been avoiding the so-called news on tv. it’s not the news, just controlled propaganda, and it is tiresome.