Your Appointment Has Been Cancelled!

From the Washington Post:

Speaking of Iraq, the Georgetown Hoya newspaper last week quoted a student saying she was “displeased that university officials have not asked” former Pentagon undersecretary Douglas Feith”to return to teach next year.”

Asked about Feith’s status, Robert Gallucci, dean of Georgetown’s foreign service school, told us that when Feith was hired — something that caused an uproar among the faculty — it was understood he “was on a two-year appointment.”

Original DVD cover.

Word is that keeping Feith on beyond the two-year term again would have infuriated a number of faculty members.

Hmmmm, let’s dig a little bit more….

From The Hoya (Georgetown University’s Newspaper April 18, 2008):

Students from Georgetown Peace Action gathered Wednesday in front of the Mortara Center for International Studies at 36 and N Streets to protest a lecture by School of Foreign Service professor Douglas Feith, due to his alleged support for interrogation techniques that some have deemed to be torture.

About a dozen students carried signs, shouted anti-war chants and spoke to passersby as Feith, who served as under secretary of defense for policy from 2001 to 2005, discussed his new book “War and Decision,” which details the information and conversations leading up to the war.

Protesters from GPA, which was formed five years ago in opposition to the war in Iraq, criticized Georgetown for employing Feith. The organization claims that he has supported policy that allows for torture, asserting that he tried to reinterpret the Geneva Convention’s statements against torture.

From The Georgetown Voice (March 13, 2008):

An institution has got to live by a code. That goes for Georgetown, too, and its Jesuit ideals.


[…]the University has chosen to host a number of former government officials as professors. Among them is Douglas Feith (LAW ’78), who was Undersecretary of Defense for policy from the start of the Bush Administration until August 2005.

Feith, the man responsible for post-war planning in Iraq, takes hits not only from those against the war but also those who prosecuted it, earning him perhaps the most famous epithet of this century thus far, General Tommy Franks’ “the fu¢king stupidest guy on the face of the earth.” But it’s time for him to cover his rear, and to that end, he is publishing a memoir of his time in office this April. The Washington Post, which obtained a draft manuscript, reports that “Although [Feith] acknowledges ‘serious errors’ in intelligence, policy and operational plans surrounding the invasion, [he] blames them on others outside the Pentagon.”


And yet, Douglas Feith is one of our “Distinguished Practitioners in National Security Policy.” Which raises the question: what practices, exactly, distinguished him? During the run-up to his controversial hiring, a majority of SFS faculty opposed bringing him to the school, but SFS Dean Robert Gallucci decided to offer him the job anyway. At the time, Gallucci told me that “[Feith] could defend, as well as explain, those decisions [behind the Iraq War]. Not many faculty on campus would attempt to defend them, myself among them.” And so Feith teaches one class: National Security Policy of the Bush Administration.


It’s too late an hour to see Feith off; we can only hope that the school will not renew his contract.

A tip of the hat to the lovely jenn for informing me of the good news!


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11 responses to “Your Appointment Has Been Cancelled!

  1. Got a Grip

    Tip of the hat to both you and jenn, nons.

    Anyone who would have any faith in Feith is a fool. He and Yoo are bookends in a really bad library. I wouldn’t let men like this teach my grandchildren how to tie their shoes, much less teach college courses on anything to do with the law or government.

    I do question that he’s the fu¢king stupidest guy on the face of the earth, though. I think that title goes to our Idiot in Chief, Commander Codpiece…..

  2. gotta,
    forgive me for editing your comment. i changed the c to ¢ so that mighty mikk0mouse doesn’t get blocked.
    i am not sure if those who work for a fu¢king idiot like chimpy are smarter or dumber than he is. i do question why any of them are in demand by any employer in this country. i think the book deals they get are payback from the rethug party for loyalty to chimpy, but outside of that, i can’t see anyone clamoring to give any of them jobs.
    on a completely different note, i heard on the radio today that plastic baby bottles with the number 7 stamped on the bottom should be ditched immediately. i thought of your grandbaby and made a mental note to let you know about it. so a word to all raisinettes with babies–use glass bottles!
    the story is here.

  3. jlms qkw - jenn

    gotagrip! i had to share the happiest news i’d seen in days! and nonnie got right to work!

    love the elephant, or oliphant as samwise would say. is that the RNC DVD ? 😉

    son & bottles: we had 7 dates that first year. i know i pumped and we left a couple bottles behind in september and december, and the january date too. after that, he might have been into sippy cups. i’m kind of fuzzy though. daughter NEVER took a bottle from us either.

    anyway nonnie, my point was, there is a basic option to glass bottles.

  4. hey jenn! 😀
    i haven’t used the old rnc dvd logo in a while. instead, the jsm (john sidney mccain) studio logo has been quite busy.
    i was waiting for you to get here so i could get your seal of approval. 😉
    i meant to edit to say that there are safe plastic bottles, but everyone should dump the ones with the 7 on the bottom. on the radio, they said to get rid of the other plastic bottles as well if they get old and scratched up. just getting the word out in case some people have not heard about it.

  5. Got a Grip

    Thanks, nons, for editing for me and for the bottle info. I wasn’t thinking of mikk0 reading, but I’ll make sure to clean up my act (or at least creatively make things appear clean). And I’ll call the DIL first thing in the morning and tell her. She’s very conscientious about this stuff, but I know she uses plastic bottles and probably hasn’t heard this, so I’ll get her on it right away. I don’t want anything happening to my little pudgy angel….. 🙂

  6. thanks, gotta! 🙂
    you know i have no problem with cursing, but i am watching myself so that mikk0 can still read over here. in fact, i changed the c to ¢ in the article cited in the diary , just as i changed it in your comment. i still get to curse, but i put it in the poster. the filter can’t read the words in the image!
    i don’t want anything to happen to your pudgy angel or anyone else’s either. i try to remember when i hear or read info like that and post it here.

  7. distributorcap

    feith — blames everyone else. but he is the right one. these people are f__king insane

    (i cant remember how to get the cents sign)

  8. hi dcAp! 🙂
    i think that blaming everyone else for something you did is another trait of a coward. that seems to be the modus operandi of the chimpy white house crowd.

  9. forgot to add….you make the cents sign ¢ by holding alt and then typing 0162. at least, that’s how i do it. i could never understand why they don’t add it to keyboard in place of the backward apostrophe ` or the squiggle ~. honestly, how often do you use ` or ~. okay, i admit i use the ~ sometimes, but i don’t think i have ever used the `. i think keyboards should come with the choice of ` or ¢. sorry, i am a bit cranky. i am breaking in a new mouse, and it is driving me crazy. no more automatic scrolling, i have to click first and then again when i am done. me no likey, but they don’t make the trackball i was using anymore. 😥

  10. nightowl724

    Feith is far more frightening than Arnie! Cool poster!

  11. feith is a wimpy little wuss. what is frightening is that anyone in power would solicit his advice.