Doan and Out

From the Washington Post:

As you know by now, GSA chief Lurita Doan has resigned. She said she did so at the request of the White House, but no one has been able to answer the question: Why now?

After all, both she and the White House stood firm in the face of intense criticism for almost a year, since the Office of Special Counsel urged the president to discipline her “to the fullest extent” for alleged violations of the Hatch Act. She has kept her head low for the most part in recent months.

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From The Washington Independent:

The White House had any number of reasons to demand that General Services Administration Administrator Lurita Doan resign, which she did yesterday evening. Top of the list was probably when the independent Office of Special Counsel found last May that she was in violation of the Hatch Act, the law that’s supposed to keep partisan politics out of the federal bureaucracy.

But it would appear that Doan is finished not merely because of political maneuvering that backfired. While Doan’s violation of the Hatch Act has attracted the most national attention, it is her constant battles with employees at the GSA’s office of inspector general that have most marked her two-year tenure. The fact that she again blasted the people who audit GSA contracts may be the real reason for her dismissal.

Since becoming head of GSA, Doan has been in near-constant struggle with agency Inspector General Brian Miller. Doan has equated Miller with a terrorist for doing his job of auditing government contracts awarded by GSA. When Miller said that Doan was harassing and intimidating office of inspector general employees, Doan turned the tables and said it was Miller committing the harassment.


Vincent Mulloy, counsel to the inspector general at the Corporation for National and Community Service, found the charges against Miller groundless. Last March, Mulloy dismissed the harassment charges as “personnel management” concerns. “The complaint should be considered without merit, and closed, to end the distraction of GSA office of inspector general personnel from their duties,” Mulloy wrote.

In response to the National and Community Services findings, Sen. Charles Grassley, (R-Ia.) wrote a letter dated April 15 to Doan, telling her to consider the harassment matter closed.


Grassley’s words were not heeded. Friday, Doan told Government Executive that her pursuit of Miller would not be dropped.


Doan’s email exchange with Government Executive’s Robert Brodsky looked like a full-blown return to her flamboyant past, when she was publicly unapologetic about possible Hatch Act violations, as well as charges of threatening employees and rewarding no-bid contracts to friends. Doan vowed to Brodsky that she will stay on the harassment issue “like a dog on a bone.”

White House spokeswoman Dana Perino declined to comment at a press conference today about whether Doan’s continued pursuit of Miller was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Employees at the GSA’s Inspector General office described the mood as one of surprise and relief this morning.


Rep. Henry A. Waxman, chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, had called on Doan to resign in June due to the Hatch Act allegations, employee intimidation charges and possibly committing perjury in testimony before the committee.


That Doan managed to stay in office after the independent Office of Special Counsel recommended she step down last May for Hatch Act Violations and employee intimidation was remarkable. It would seem that any further slip might force the White House to dismiss her, something that lawmakers and newspaper editorial boards widely called for and expected.

Here’s a little history on how Lurita got the job at the GSA, from wiki:

Between 1999 and 2006, Doan and her husband, Douglas, a former military intelligence officer and business liaison official at the Department of Homeland Security, donated nearly $226,000 to Republican campaigns and causes.[6]

Doan, a Republican Party member, was cited by Vice President Dick Cheney in a speech at the Small Business Administration in 2003.[10] She met with President George W. Bush as a woman small business owner in 2004.[11] In 2004, she addressed the Republican National Convention.[12]

Being rich and donating to Rethugs seems to be the only qualification needed to get a job from Chimpy:

On April 6, 2006, Doan was nominated by President George W. Bush to head the General Services Administration. She was confirmed by unanimous consent in the U.S. Senate on May 26 and was sworn in as the 18th administrator of GSA on May 31.

From Government Executive , May 23, 2007:

A report from the federal agency that investigates allegations of illegal political activity in the government has concluded that Lurita Doan, the head of the General Services Administration, violated the Hatch Act.

The 21-page report from Scott Bloch, the head of the Office of Special Counsel, has not been made public, but the independent agency sent Doan a copy for her review on Friday, according to sources with knowledge of the investigation who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The facts gathered by OSC investigators “establish that Administrator Doan violated the Hatch Act,” by inducing “her subordinates to engage in the type of political brainstorming session that is prohibited from occurring while the political appointees are on duty or in a federal workplace,” the May 18 report, obtained by Government Executive Wednesday, stated.


The Hatch Act limits political activity in government agencies. OSC’s investigation focused on Doan’s role in a Jan. 26 meeting at GSA headquarters where Scott Jennings, special assistant to the president and a deputy of Karl Rove, showed a 28-slide PowerPoint presentation to more than 30 GSA political appointees that analyzed the results of the 2006 midterm election.

Several of the political appointees who attended the meeting testified that during a question-and-answer period following the presentation, Doan asked how the agency could help Republican candidates. The exact words Doan used differ among the witnesses according to the OSC report, but the investigators said in the report that this did not prevent them from determining her intent.

“One can imagine no greater violation of the Hatch Act than to invoke the machinery of an agency, with all its contracts and buildings, in the service of a partisan campaign to retake Congress and the governors’ mansions,” the report stated.

Doan has said she does not remember making the statement in question.

Ahhh, the Chimpy-employee self-induced amnesia strikes again!


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  1. jlms qkw - jenn

    Being rich and donating to Rethugs

    that’s the definition of loyalty for w

  2. jlms qkw - jenn

    grassley looks old.

  3. hi jenn!
    thanks for pointing me toward this story.
    biographies for chimpy appointees can be written like madlibs. just fill in where they made their money, how much they donated to rethugs, and the position they were given.
    by the way, i didn’t do anything to grassley except fiddle with the color. if he looks old, it’s because he is old.

  4. nightowl724

    Another fine post, nonnie. Heckuva job!

    And, another fine example of our (failed) CEO as our (failed) CEO president! Heckuva job!

  5. this maladminstration is just chock full of heckuvajobists. luckily for them, they have total amnesia as to the harm that they have done. too bad we aren’t as lucky.

  6. Got a Grip

    There used to be a medication, which I think was really glorified aspirin, call Doan’s Pills. It was supposed to cure backaches. This particular Doans seems more likely to give you a backache, a headache or perhaps a stroke.

    Are there no people at all in the BushCo administration that have even a modicum of human decency? Just one?

  7. gotta,
    this doan is a pill. she sounds really nasty and vindictive. i am surprised she wasn’t promoted to a cabinet position.
    as to your question, maybe david kuo qualifies. not sure if he really located his conscience or if he just needed some money, so he wrote a book. maybe it was his brush with mortality that got to him. he had brain tumor. then again, is it possible the tumor was the reason he was able to work for chimpy in the first place?

  8. jlms qkw - jenn

    i clued in, nonnie: grassley and harkin first went to congress in 1974 – they were the “lawmakers” from my childhood who are still in office. grassley is probably 10-15 years older than harkin though. i went to college with grassley’s youngest son, Jay.

  9. actually, grassley is going to be 75 this year, and harkin is only 6 years younger. does it seem that rethugs look older than they really are, and dems seem to look younger? i think it has to do with attitude.
    what was his son like?
    grassley doesn’t seem evil like a lot of the others. he wants to protect whistleblowers, and he seemed to be attempting to keep this doan moron in line. there are a lot of fundies angry at him for daring to ask questions of the megarich televangelists. anyone who goes after the televangelists is okay in my book. 😀

  10. grassley is among the better of a bad bunch — he still support McFlightsuit in too many instances. Lugar also fits into this category.

    as for Doan, i hope she finds it as easy as Alberto G to find a job.

  11. dcAp,
    the sad thing is that doan doesn’t need employment. she has plenty of money. maybe she can hire gonzo. she might need some fertilizer spread on her lawn or maybe someone just to run to the 7-11 for her. we know she isn’t stupid enough to hire him as her lawyer!

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