Well, that’s not gonna curry favor, Chimpy!

From The Hindu:

NEW DELHI: Right across the political spectrum, parties were one in criticising the remarks attributed to U.S. President George W. Bush who suggested that prosperity in India had led to demand for more food and hence the rise in global food prices and shortages.

Original DVD cover.

Party leaders here asked on Saturday whether Mr. Bush thought the Indians did not have the right to eat better. Why should the U.S. talk about this when India was producing most of the food needed by its people and when it was well known that the U.S. was diverting farm produce like corn to make bio-fuel, they asked.

Speaking to The Hindu from Guwahati, Minister of State for Commerce Jairam Ramesh described the remarks as “totally wrong.”


Pointing out that millions of people India did not get enough food and suffer from malnutrition, CPI(M) general secretary Prakash Karat said it only showed how insensitive the remarks were. “This is adding insult to injury,” Mr. Karat told The Hindu.

He said Mr. Bush was covering up the U.S. policy of subsidising and promoting bio-fuel out of crops like corn — the major reason for the shortages and spurt in food prices.

CPI national secretary and MP D. Raja described the remarks as “ridiculous and smacking of an imperialist mindset.” He said probably Mr. Bush did not know about “a vast majority of our people who do not even get enough food.”


[Bharatiya Janata Party] spokesperson Prakash Javadekar described Mr. Bush’s remarks as “irrelevant” but added this was similar to Ministers blaming global prices for inflation in India, which was not dependent on imported food.


Mr. Javadekar said perhaps Mr. Bush had his eye on his domestic constituents in an election year and a time when the U.S. economy had slowed down. While BJP leader M.A. Naqvi said the remarks were “unwarranted” since the majority of Indians needed more nutrition not less, V.K. Malhotra described them as “laughable.”

Congress spokesperson Shakeel Ahmed said the U.S. was perhaps agitated that India had banned exports of some food items to check domestic inflation and ensure adequate supply.


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16 responses to “Well, that’s not gonna curry favor, Chimpy!

  1. Got a Grip

    Mr. Karat was absolutely right about Chimpy’s remarks adding insult to injury. But no one should be surprised as this is Chimpy’s best thing. It won’t curry favor, and we know that the only flavor that Chimpy comes in is the unappetizing flavor of bull$hit….

  2. gotta,
    this is just par for the course. the latest strategery of the chimpy administration and the rest of the rethugs is to blame someone else. it is never their fault for anything. they don’t lie or misspeak, we misunderstand. it is all our fault.
    i wonder when we bomb bombay.

  3. Got a Grip

    I don’t know when we will bomb Bombay, nons. I don’t know how much, if any, oil lies under India. If they’re lucky they have none, and therefore won’t be on the list for bombing. All other countries who have a cupful or two of crude left untapped should be afraid, very afraid…..

  4. but, gotta, we can enslave their people and get all of our tech support for free. that will be invaluable when deadeye dick has to erase all those hard drives before he leaves office.
    and i haven’t even gotten to the mangoes…… 😉

  5. jlms qkw - jenn

    nonnie, it’s perfect! (again). 11 inanity awards!!!!!! curry favor!!!!!!

    i loved perino’s blathering about mission accomplished mean that the ship completed its mission. that’s the best bull$hit she can come up with after 5 years?

    my daughter was born on mission accomplished day. poor daughter!

    do the republican staffers laugh at themselves and us when they prep these statements?

  6. thanks jenn! 😀
    first, i apologize for editing your comment. i replaced the s in bull$hit with $. mighty mikk0mouse has to contend with a very fussy filter. besides, all of chimpy’s bull$hit is always connected to money somehow, so it is fitting.
    i can’t believe that anyone would hire dana perino to clean toilets, let alone try to answer questions regarding policy. she’s an idiot, pure and simple (very simple). she is painful to listen to. her predecessors were not much smarter, but they stuttered slower than dana does.
    happy belated bday to your daughter. she is sweetness accomplished. 🙂

  7. jlms qkw - jenn

    oh sorry about the “$” – i will try to remember for the next time i am unable to restrain myself.

    she ?sweetness? painted green marker on her lips right before her party today. i sent her to her room and told her to remove it, or she would not attend her party.

  8. Got a Grip

    You are so right, nons. Of course we need to bomb Bombay so we can have full control over tech support. When you listen to the Congressional testimony concerning missing emails and their antiquated approach to documentation of said emails, it’s absolutely clear that they need much better tech support. It makes you wonder how a bunch of incompetents like that can manage to spy on our internet activities so effectively.

    And the mangoes!! We absolutely have to have the mangoes!!!! 🙂

  9. 😆 believe it or not, i long for the days of green lips! i love little kids. enjoy your kids’ childhood. savor every moment, because they grow up way too fast.
    no worries about the s or any other $hit. it is no problem for me to change it. i only said something, because i don’t want to edit anyone’s comments without their knowledge.

  10. gotta,
    we need to bomb bombay, if only because it sounds so cool to sing bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb bombay. just think what the rethugs can do for slogans for that war! we don’t need india as a friend, we have poland!! 😯
    and no worries. i live in south florida. the place stinks of mango trees!

  11. jeb

    Sorry to rain on your parade but there is no Bombay any longer. It is now Mumbai. We could mortar Mumbai but I wouldn’t recommend it since India has one of the largest military forces in the world and they have been practicing for years in there ongoing wars with Pakistan.

  12. To cut down on the demand for food, why doesn’t Bush eat his foot? — it’s in his mouth often enough.

  13. that’s okay, jeb. we could use a little rain here. even if the name of the city is now mumbai (i need to keep up on things), think of the opposing slogans–dems are mum on mumbai!!! besides, when did captain underpants ever rely on facts?

  14. lister,
    i think that is a capital idea! and i think he should wash down that foot with a big bowl of pretzels! 😉

  15. jeb

    Actually Nonnie, Mumbai would be a great venue for The Deciderer to give a speech. Then you could do a parody of “Sleepless in Seattle” called “Mumbling in Mumbai.”

  16. 😆
    if chimpy gave a speech there, the people would undoubtedly be sleepless in mumbai. just think of how they would be standing around the watercooler, remarking that americans complain that we don’t understand their english! 😯