Meat the Pwess

NEW YORK (AP) — No one doubts she’s hard-driving. But she has never learned to drive, Barbara Walters reveals in her new memoir, “Audition.”


And she allots six pages from the book’s 612 for a startling confession: Her “long and rocky affair” in the 1970s with politician who was married and — further upping the ante — an African American. This covert romance between U.S. Senator Edward Brooke and Walters, then co-host of NBC’s “Today” show, made headlines (and raised eyebrows) when it was leaked last week.


Original cover.
Well, you know what, kids? Not such a big secret after all.

From New York Magazine:

According to Pulitzer Prize–winning photojournalist and former White House photographer David Hume Kennerly, the Walters-Brooke romance was so well known in September 1975, when Walters was 46 and Brooke was a decade older, that Washington Post gossip-ista Maxine Cheshire put it in her popular “VIP” column.

From Think Progress:

This morning, Geraldo Rivera appeared on Fox and Friends and commented on Barbara Walters’s newly-disclosed affair with former senator Edward Brooke. Gretchen Carlson made a point of noting that Brooke is African-American. “Once you go black, you don’t go back,” Geraldo said. The Fox and Friends hosts laughed, and one added, “I don’t know if that’s a song…”

I watched the video a couple of times, and I am not sure if Geraldo was the one who said that. It sounded to me like one of the other idiots, and Geraldo just giggled like a schoolgirl in agreement that he, too, is insecure about the size of his own peepee. Go over and listen, and decide for yourselves, kids. You can also check out more tasteless remarks from the always classless Geraldo here.

Now, kids, I understand the nature of “the news” today, and I honestly don’t blame them for covering this story. I do, however, wonder about how they are covering it. The talking heads are honing in on the fact that he was married and an African-American. Not once have I read, seen, or heard any of them wring their little hands and talk about the fact that she was supposed to be a journalist, and part of her job (I am assuming) was to cover what the Senate was doing, Senator Brooke included. Lawyers are not supposed to date their clients. Doctors are not supposed to date their patients (with the exception of ob/gyns who have special dispensation from Chimpy to make love to women all over the country). Judges are supposed to recuse themselves from cases when there is even a whiff of a conflict of interest (Supreme Court excluded, of course). My point is (yes, I actually have one!) that, if other professions are duty-bound to either refrain from having or disclose relationships they are having in the course of their business, then why shouldn’t journalists be held to the same standard? It’s not just Barbara Walters, of course. It seems that all of the talking heads on all the news stations are buddy-buddy with the powers that be in governement and business. Are we supposed to believe that their coverage is not skewed to favor those people they like (hello, Captain Underpants and your magic barbecue grill) and diss those they don’t?

I’m not going to bloviate for paragraph after paragraph. Instead, I am interested in what you kids think about the subject.


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6 responses to “Meat the Pwess

  1. jlms qkw - jenn

    journalism v politicians.

    pols are winning.

  2. and all of the rest of us are losing.

  3. jeb

    The clip at this link is worth watching for the bit at the end. I was trying to find the entire clip of Gilda and Madeline but couldn’t. It is still one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

  4. thank you, jeb! 😀
    i remember watching that special on tv. you know that i love gilda!

  5. jeb

    Madeline was priceless too. She may have had one of the best deapan deliveries ever. Two big losses to comedy and two decent people who went too early.

  6. very true, jeb. a little bit of laughter left the planet when they went away.