Right, But So, So Wrong

To the tune of You May Be Right written and performed by Billy Joel

I’m the leader of my party,
Really mean and so old-farty,
Vote for me, make sure nothing will change,
The right is stuck with me,
Since they ditched Mike Huckabee,
They ignore the fact that I am quite deranged.

I have strolled along that sweet Green Zone,
(While Apaches and Blackhawks were flown),
And I said that vi-o-lence was on the wane,
But the whole thing was contrived,
So that my career survived,
And I think that only proves that I’m insane.

If you’re not too bright,
Mor-al-ly lazy,
Then I just may be the candidate you’re looking for,
‘Cause I invite,
Bastards like Hagee,
Who has said things much worse than,
Jeremiah Wright.

My wife’s huge fortune came from beer,
Her plane flies me from here to there,
Those campaign laws, they cause me no concern,
‘Cause I think by now, you see,
Rules just don’t apply to me,
And that Cindy Lou can hide her tax returns.

Now think of all the times you’ve seen me,
I’m a case of PTSD,
I really am as crazy as they say,
Who else but a nutso man,
Would sing, “Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran,”
And would not believe that Lindsey Graham’s gay?

Although I’m rich,
The right-wing hates me,
I am not the Ronald Reagan they were looking for,
It’s too late to switch,
It’s too late for Romney,
They got it wrong, but that’s too bad,
Isn’t life a bitch?

Everybody’s right,
I’m bat$hit crazy!
And I don’t think I’m the guy that you’ve been looking for,
I’m not in your hearts,
(‘Cept for maybe Tweety’s),
I am all wrong, but all that’s left,
Standing on the right,
I’m all that’s left standing on the right,
I’m all that’s left standing on the right,
I’m all that’s left standing on the right,
I’m all that’s left standing on the right,
I’m all that’s left standing on the right…

Sorry, kids. Still no photoshop. I did the best I could.


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15 responses to “Right, But So, So Wrong

  1. nightowl724

    As I said the other day, nonnie…


  2. thanks nightowl 😀
    i wrung my hands all day trying to think of what to do. if i don’t have photoshop, then all that is left is song parodies. then i borrowed liberally (of course! 🙂 ) from old diaries so there would be pictures.

  3. Radiowalla

    Hey, Nonnie,
    Happy Mother’s Day, etc.
    Hope all is well with you and yours.

    My daughter sent me this Mother’s Day link which touched me very much:

  4. radiowalla!!!! 😀
    i’ve been thinking about you lately and wondering how you have been.
    everything here is okay, except my photoshop broke, and i am a lost soul. good thing it is mother’s day weekend, so my son will feel guilty if he doesn’t fix it! 😉
    that is a very sweet card, and your daughter is very sweet to have send it to you. i hope you have a wonderful, wonderful mother’s day and that you will come back and visit soon.

  5. Radiowalla

    A broken Photoshop? Oh, no!
    Please guilt-trip your son and get back in business!

    I’ve been OK, trying to muddle through the primary season and maintain some optimism for the future.

    Humor helps so a visit here is always in order.

    Mmwwaaahhhhhhh!!!! back at ‘ya!

  6. yayyyyy!!!! finally back! it took a couple of hours, but he finally fixed it. don’t ask me what was wrong, as i have no idea. 😳

  7. nightowl724

    I missed you!

  8. jeb

    Great parody Nonnie, however that Vanity Fair parody cover almost made me toss my cookies. That is just too disturbing.

    Glad to see you’re back in the saddle.

  9. nice to have kids who know everything!

  10. nightowl,
    thanks. it was only a couple of days, but i was like cindy lou mcunderpants without her percocet! i was jonesin’ for my photoshop!! 😯

  11. jeb,
    if that magazine cover was disturbing, don’t check out the other ones over at american street. they are worse!
    by the way, photobucket deleted this cover, saying that it went against their rules. wtf? i have a private account, and there are 2 other copies of almost identical covers there that were not deleted. i never posted the other 2, so maybe that’s why they never saw it. i don’t understand what is up with them or how their little morality police force works. anyway, i had to upload this image to wordpress in order to use it here and at american street.

  12. hey dcAp! 😀
    i just got back from reading your excellent post about the economy. i suggest everyone click on dcAp’s name and read his post to be armed with lots of talking points for when you speak to your rethug buddies.
    the offspring’s ability to do just about everything computer-related is probably the number 1 reason i haven’t kicked him out yet. 😉

  13. jlms qkw - jenn

    nonnie! i missed this one.

    november. november. tie rope and hang on until november.

  14. this was all i could come up with on my photoshop-less day.

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