Family Values

From the Washington Post:

Lucky for Rep. Vito Fossella (R-N.Y.), he has New York nightclub impresario John Englebert on his side.


In a press release titled “Viva Vito!” — actually, it had eight exclamation points after Viva Vito — and written in perfect Staten Island lexicon, Englebert said: “Bill Clinton and Governor Patterson [SIC] are perfect examples of how ones [SIC] governmental duties should not be judged by there [SIC] personal mistakes.” He called Vito a “great congressman and driving force” and said “tons of Staten Islanders feel the same way.”

Original DVD cover.

The press release said the nightclub icon has sent a letter to Fossella. “He hopes that Vitos decission [double SIC] to stay on is felt from the people that elected him not the politicians in Washington that have never even seen Staten Island.”

From the New York Daily News:

Vito Fossella built a career as a staunch “family values” pol, polishing his image in his predominantly Catholic district with a string of anti-gay votes.

He even shuns his gay sister, Victoria Fossella, refusing to go to family events if she and her partner attend, a source close to the family said.

His double life is now exposed with the news he has a 3-year-old love child with a divorced Air Force colonel, and critics are calling him a hypocrite.


As congressman, Fossella voted to prohibit any funding for joint adoptions by gay couples.

He has voted for the Marriage Protection Amendment, a federal prohibition on gay marriage.

He also demanded housing funds be held back from San Francisco unless it repealed its domestic partnership law.

From the Washington Post:

Some GOP political insiders say Fossella, whose blood alcohol content was more than twice the legal limit when he was arrested at 12:15 a.m. May 1, stands little chance of running for reelection in what has quickly become a hotly contested seat for embattled Republicans. Democrats agree.


The Staten Island congressman was stopped for running a red light and charged with driving while intoxicated in Alexandria, about three miles from the home of a woman who, according to the New York Daily News, picked him up from the police station seven hours after his arrest. Fossella faces up to five days in jail if convicted.

According to the criminal complaint filed with the arrest warrant, the congressman was so drunk he couldn’t accurately recite the alphabet from the letters “D” through “T.”

According to the complaint, he said, “D, E, F, H, G, H, I, J, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T.” He also “stumbled” when asked to stand on one leg and was “swaying” when asked to walk heel-to-toe, the report said. Fossella’s blood alcohol level was 0.17, more than twice Virginia’s 0.08 legal limit, according to court papers.

Fossella, who has three children with his wife, Mary Pat, changed his story about why he left a Logan Circle area bar, the Logan Tavern, and drove across the river to the Virginia suburbs, according to the complaint.

The complaint, a copy of which was obtained by On the Hill, says that Fossella told police he was on his way to pick up his sick daughter at her home in Alexandria and take her to the hospital. But the next day at a news conference, Fossella said he was driving to Alexandria to see friends.

Wait, kids, there’s more!

From the New York Daily News:

Democratic and GOP congressional officials are scrutinizing Rep. Vito Fossella’s mysterious and pricey January 2003 trip to France, the Daily News has learned.

He was the sole lawmaker authorized to go – and his mistress is suspected of joining him.

The Staten Island Republican visited La Hague, France, supposedly on a “fact-finding” mission.


Now the question is whether Fossella was less interested in nuclear power than in fueling a relationship with retired Air Force Col. Laura Fay: Last week he admitted fathering Fay’s 3-year-old daughter.

In early 2003, she was a top Air Force legislative liaison officer who often traveled with congressional delegations.

House leaders are also eying Fossella’s other overseas jaunts, since Fay is known to have traveled with him on official business more than once.

Fossella could be ordered to repay taxpayers for his whopping travel expenses if they conclude he mingled pleasure with business, sources said.

Team Fossella has refused to answer questions about the France trip, despite discrepancies in his official records.

He filed two forms with the House clerk: One said he was in France on Jan. 16 and 17, listing the trip as privately financed travel costing $388.48.

The second form listed the trip as from Jan. 14 to 18 and authorized by the Energy and Commerce Committee, with a cost to taxpayers of about $6,900.

He got his jollies, Fossella,
He got his jollies, Fossella,
He got his jollies, Fossellaaaaaaaaaa
And then got a DUI!
And then got a DUI!
And then got a DUI!
He got his jollies, Fossellaaaaaaaaaa
And then got a DUI!


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12 responses to “Family Values

  1. nightowl724

    Is anybody out there keeping score on Repig peccadilloes? My abacus doesn’t go that high!

    I’m loving the concept, nonnie, and the ticket in Vito’s paw, and – most especially – the alphabet blocks!

  2. Got a Grip

    You gotta love these “family values” guys. I wonder what his wife had to say about that 3 year old love child?

    As the Redbook magazine that my mother used to read always asked in a running column, “Can this marriage be saved?” Inquiring minds want to know….

  3. jlms qkw - jenn

    trolls can never spell.

    poor vito – two families that didn’t know about each other, lolol.

    wife and mistress. couldn’t happen to a better repub.

  4. nightowl,
    i don’t think there is a scoreboard (no pun intended) big enough to keep track of them all.

  5. gotta,
    mrs. fossella is none too pleased with her fella. i read that she took off without him.
    to tell the truth, i don’t care about the affair (except the part that taxpayers may have paid for a lot of it). it’s the drunk driving that i find really disturbing. it’s not like he’s a kid who made a mistake. he’s a grown man, and he needs to go to jail. of course, being a rethug, he will spend a couple of weeks in rehab, cry for the cameras, and then get a lobbying job for a few mil a year.

  6. jenn,
    i think congress is where the lifetime network goes for all of its made-for-tv movie ideas. 😉

  7. Got a Grip

    Yeah, I don’t really care about the sex, either. It’s the hypocrisy that burns. I really don’t care who or what they have sex with as long as it’s consensual. I just wish they’d quit pretending they’re pure as the driven snow and stop punishing other people for the very same “sins” they commit themselves.

    But you’re right, the drunk driving is the worst. He should be in jail, but it won’t happen. I can’t wait to see what kind of lobbying he’ll be doing once he’s gone. Maybe he can lobby Congress on behalf of Cindy Lou’s brewery distributorships. There’s ironic symmetry in that….

    I owe you an email, nons. Tomorrow is catch-up day, so keep your eyes peeled….

  8. gotta,
    isn’t it interesting that he’s yet another rethug with a gay relative? sometimes i think that they are overcompensating for embarrassment they might have undergone because they had a gay family member. it’s easier to remove yourself from the situation than to be brave and tell the bigots that gay people are just people and deserve as much respect as everyone else.

  9. toispnils

    Hello my friends 🙂

  10. hello, toispnils! 😀
    welcome to the raisin!

  11. JE


  12. je,
    the man is 43 years old. when does the learning curve kick in? why is it that when a rethug is in his 40’s, they are still having “youthful indescretions”? that’s what henry hyde was going through when he had his extra-marital affair, so i supposed vito is going through the same thing. are they youthful, because these morons are going through their second childhoods and middle-age crises at the same time?
    i honestly don’t give a damn who he chooses to screw. that’s between he and his wife. just don’t tout yourself as the family values guy from the family values party.