Sometimes I wish the writers’ strike was still going on

From The Caucus at The New York Times:

Senator John McCain chased after the youth vote in two cameo appearances on Saturday Night Live by joking about his age – he is 71 – and sparing viewers the sound of him crooning a medley of Barbra Streisand songs, as he did when he hosted the comedy show in 2002.

“Good evening, my fellow Americans,’’ Mr. McCain said in a political ad parody on this Saturday’s show. “I ask you: what should we be looking for in our next president? Certainly, someone who is very, very, very old.”

Original DVD cover.

Mr. McCain proudly said he had sought not a single earmark for his home state of Arizona, including highways. “When I entered the Senate in 1987, Arizona had 47,000 miles of paved roadway,’’ Mr. McCain said. “Today it’s less than 900.’’

He said he had opposed federal water projects — “that’s why thanks to me, 15 per cent of Arizona citizens must get their drinking water from cactus’’ – and post offices, too.

“I’m proud of the fact that because of my work, when residents of Flagstaff want to mail a letter, or to pick up a package, they have to drive to New Mexico,’’ Mr. McCain said.


Finally, the man who will be the oldest president in history if he is elected this November concluded with an appeal for votes: “I have the courage, the wisdom, the experience and most importantly, the oldness necessary.’’

During his second cameo, on the show’s “Weekend Update’’ segment, Mr. McCain told the Democrats not to pick a presidential nominee too soon.


Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton made a cameo appearance on Saturday Night Live in February and Senator Barack Obama was briefly on the show last November.


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10 responses to “Sometimes I wish the writers’ strike was still going on

  1. Got a Grip

    I watched the video of McCain on SNL, and I’d like to tell him not to give up his day job but we know he sucks at his day job and doesn’t deserve that promotion he’s begging for. Watching him flipflop like a landed fish would be amusing in a trainwreck kind of way if there was absolutely no chance that we’d be saddled with the crazy old coot as commander of the most dangerous killing machine on earth. So maybe SNL could make him a regular so I could totally ignore him like I do the rest of the show.

  2. jlms qkw - jenn

    Got a Grip that is funny!

    nonnie, you are awesome! his shoulders look sore in that pic.

    every detail perfect!

  3. gotta,
    that’s the first time i have watched snl in a very, very long time. the only reason i did is that steve carell was on, and i love him.
    to tell the truth, i think that it is degrading the office of the president for any candidate to show up on snl or even the talk shows. of course, nobody could possibly degrade the office more than chimpy, but i still think that it is tacky. just my humble opinion. that said, capt underpants has no sense of timing. he’s a lousy comedian. i think part of it is that he honestly doesn’t understand that people are laughing at him and not with him.

  4. jenn,
    those are his real shoulders. what a pain in the ass it was to try to fix his shoulders and arms onto billy crystal’s body! funny how some stuff looks so difficult and is pretty easy, and something that looks so easy can be such a pain. as soon as i saw the original dvd cover, i thought of the capt u thumbs up pic and had to use his arms instead of just sticking his face where billy crystal’s was.

  5. Got a Grip

    Thanks Jenn, I have my moments. I can’t keep pace with nonnie, she’s the master of speedy, funny replies.

    nons, I agree that having candidates on these shows is degrading. I’m looking for someone competent to get our country out of the clusterf^ck it’s in, not someone who is going to keep those fawning reporters in stitches at the weekly press conference.

    And I know what you mean about some things in photoshop being deceptively easy while others are not. The things you think will be difficult are often the easiest to pull off, while something that looks like it ought to be a cinch ends up being a days-long nightmare. I have this problem every time I do something with O’Lielly. His head is so humongous that it looks bizarre when you use a pic of him, even when it’s a straight up pic and not a compilation. When you try to paste it on someone else it becomes the Hindenburg. Where’s a pin when you need one?

  6. ummm, errr, ahhhhh….dammit, another myth disspelled!
    gotta, if you want a real nightmare, try sticking abu gonzales’s head on anyone else’s body! gonzo has a freakishly large head. i think it is really a pumpkin. i hear that he is having trouble finding a job. maybe he can stick a candle in his mouth and smile on halloween in one of the malls.

  7. Got a Grip

    Abu does have a freakishly large head. It’s really round and he has no neck to work with. I suppose that’s why he’s so tiny – all of the bones that should have given his legs, etc., ended up on his head. I bet his skull’s so thick there’s no room for a brain inside. That would explain so much…..

  8. a lot of the rethugs have no-neck syndrome. capt underpants is out of proportion. his head seems to rest directly on his shoulders in a lot of pics. chimpy not only has bowlegs, but bow arms as well. ashcroft is kinda hard to work with, because he not only is missing a neck, but most of his chin, too. the other problem with trying to work with rethug images is that it is very hard to find pics of them smiling. they always look angry. 👿

  9. jlms qkw - jenn

    wow, gals, the things i can learn on the net!

  10. yeah, stick with us, kid, you’ll learn something!