Boehner Rubs His Crystal Balls

From The Hill:

House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) is backing off his bold prediction that Republicans will gain seats this November.

A confident Boehner told reporters in April that once voters heard the Republican message, the GOP would put on a strong showing in the fall.

“I think we are going to gain seats this year. Period,” he said at the time.

Six weeks and three special-election losses later, a spokesman for Boehner attempted to tamp down expectations.

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“This is going to be a better year for Republicans than people think,” Boehner spokesman Michael Steel said on Monday. “We hope to pick up seats — that’s the goal.”

Boehner’s April 3 statement at a Christian Science Monitor-sponsored breakfast raised many eyebrows in GOP circles because House Republicans are defending many open seats and are lagging behind Democrats in campaign cash


Boehner’s prediction in April was one of the only times the Republican leader has gone out on a limb during a tenure that has been marked by seemingly safe, non-controversial decisions, according to critics of the GOP leader.

“Boehner’s leadership has been lacking,” a GOP lobbyist and strategist said.

Boehner last year reportedly called for staffing changes at the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), but none happened after NRCC Chairman Tom Cole (Okla.) refused to make them.

After the party’s devastating loss last week in a Mississippi special election, Boehner did not directly answer the question about whether Cole would stay on at the NRCC. With some of his GOP colleagues calling for quick and decisive action, Boehner lauded a 20-page strategic memo crafted by Rep. Tom Davis (Va.), a former NRCC chairman.

It wasn’t until five days after the Mississippi loss that Boehner provided clarity on whether Cole would be ousted.

“He’s staying,” Boehner said on “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” on Sunday. “And we know the kind of changes that need to be made in order to help our members and help our candidates go out there and do their best in a very difficult environment.”


Some GOP strategists and lobbyists have privately questioned Boehner’s leadership, claiming he has opted repeatedly not to ruffle feathers. Those moves have ultimately undercut his authority and hampered the House GOP, they say.

Since becoming the top Republican in the House, Boehner has rarely broken with President Bush, whose approval ratings have consistently been in the 30s over the last couple of years.

Not surprisingly, House Republicans have recently distanced themselves from Bush on the farm and housing bills. Boehner, consistent with the White House, voted against both high-profile measures.


Like many of his GOP colleagues, Boehner has repeatedly stood by Bush on the Iraq war.

Having been elected minority leader in early 2007, Boehner was generally not blamed for the Democrats’ huge gains in 2006. Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.) did challenge him for the top House GOP slot after the 2006 elections, but Boehner won easily.

If Democrats pick up a slew of seats this fall, however, Boehner will shoulder much of the blame and may not survive another leadership challenge.


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11 responses to “Boehner Rubs His Crystal Balls

  1. Got a Grip

    I wonder if Boo Hoo shed a tear or two while downgrading his prediction. I’ve begun to think he can’t actually talk without bursting into tears.

    As for the title of the diary, nons, that’s an image I’m going to have trouble getting rid of. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little….

  2. gotta,
    i am so sorry for any nausea that follows looking at any images here. maybe boo-hoo will pass you a tissue so you can wipe your lips.

  3. Got a Grip

    Where is that tissue consignment we were going to get for the Raisinettes, anyway? I’m afraid to take one from Boo Hoo, his are likely to have snot or some other unfortunate substance on them (you can never tell what will turn up on them after he’s rubbed his crystal balls)…..

  4. nightowl724

    gotta, you say the funniest things!

    nonnie, you have another winner here! I love how Boner has that wistful, tearful look on his face…

    I wonder what DID happen to that case of tissues we were supposed to get?

  5. gotta and nightowl,
    forgive me, but my memory is going. who were we supposed to get the case of tissues from? (i have been ending so many sentences with prepositions lately 😯 )
    gotta, i will give you some of my tissues. we don’t want to risk you getting any boohoo boner boogers on you.
    i love using boohoo boner in posters. he’s so fu¢king ridiculous that it’s so much fun to poke fun at him.
    nightowl, thanks for recognizing that that is a tear. i had to add it, and i wasn’t quite sure how i should do it and whether i had pulled it off successfully or not.

  6. jlms qkw - jenn

    boo hoo looks very tearful.

    daughter’s tantrum tonight: she had so much snot running down her face, the tissue stuck to it by itself. her brother and i cracked up. this did not help the tantrum. at least husband was here for the whole thing, for a change.

  7. 😆 😆 😆
    something about snot that cracks me up!

  8. snowflake

    Just to let folks know, Boehner has an opponent for his House seat, Nick von Stein, who is going give Boehner a run for his money. Any help anyone can give would be appreciated:

  9. hi snowflake! 😀
    welcome to the raisin.
    i read about nick von stein just the other day. his chances look like a long shot, but there have been a couple of races lately that everyone thought were long shots that turned out just fine for dems.

  10. boner is a such a limp dick

    wouldnt you just love to see the Dem house count to to go from 235 to 290 — unlikely but a 20 seat pick up is not out of the realm of possibility, along with 5-6 senate seats.

    watch pelosi put impeachment back on the table on november 5

    she has to go —- she has been a terribly ineffective speaker

  11. dcAp,
    i think that the dems are going to pick up a lot of seats in the house, and i think there will be some surprising pick-ups in the senate. i would really, really, really love to see dole get kicked to the curb, as well as some others.
    boehner is indeed without a boner, and i am with you completely on pelosi. she definitely has to go, as does harry reid. i doubt that pelosi has the guts to put anything back on the table. every time she opens her mouth, something stupid comes out. i have no idea why the dems ever picked her in the first place.