Monkey Business

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Bush’s former chief political adviser denied meddling in the Justice Department’s prosecution of Alabama’s ex-governor and said Sunday the courts will have to resolve a congressional subpoena for his testimony.

“Congress, the House Judiciary Committee, wants to be able to call presidential aides on its whim up to testify,” Karl Rove said. “It’s going to be tied up in court and settled in court.”

Last week, the committee ordered Rove to appear July 10. Lawmakers want to ask him about the White House’s role in firing nine U.S. attorneys in 2006 and the prosecution of former Gov. Don Siegelman, D-Ala.

Also under congressional subpoena are Bush’s chief of staff, Joshua Bolten, and his former counsel, Harriet Miers. The White House is citing executive privilege, the doctrine intended to protect the confidentiality of presidential communications, in refusing to let them testify.

Original DVD cover.
Look what a time-saver I found! I didn’t have to photoshop Chimpy; he was already in the movie!! 😀

From the Los Angeles Times:

WASHINGTON — Former presidential advisor Karl Rove on Sunday brushed off suggestions that he attempted to influence a Justice Department investigation and prosecution of a popular former Democratic governor of Alabama.

Rove has been linked to the federal bribery case against former Gov. Don Siegelman through the sworn account of an Alabama lawyer who claims to have heard during a 2002 conference call with state Republican Party officials that Rove was attempting to intervene.

Siegelman was sentenced to more than seven years in prison for a 2006 bribery conviction, but he was released in March to pursue an appeal after a court ruled that he had raised “substantial questions” about the corruption case.

Asked Sunday whether he had meddled, Rove told ABC’s “This Week,” “I found out about Don Siegelman’s investigation and indictment by reading about it in the newspaper.”


The Siegelman case has been a focal point of congressional Democrats who are pursuing questions about the Bush administration’s alleged politicization of the Justice Department, including the removal of nine U.S. attorneys in 2006.

The House Judiciary Committee subpoenaed Rove last week to answer questions about those dismissals, as well as about the Siegelman case, after negotiations for a voluntary appearance broke down.

Rove said his legal team had offered ways short of sworn testimony to provide information to the House committee. His lawyer, Robert D. Luskin, has said that Rove could discuss the case on the condition that his comments not be under oath and not be transcribed. Democrats have said that those ground rules are inadequate and would not lead to a straightforward record.


“This is really about a constitutional question of separation of powers,” Rove said Sunday.

Constitutional question? Like you guys believe in the Constitution!!


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14 responses to “Monkey Business

  1. jlms qkw - jenn

    oh you even added harried and bolten! you are so clever!

    ditzy criminals, the whole bunch.

  2. sardonyx

    That’s precisely why they have constitutional questions, nonnie. If they don’t believe in it, of course they have no clue as to what it means.

    Are those Harriet and Josh in the background, the other two no-shows in the subpoena sweeps?

    Inherent contempt, and, if he won’t testify, indefinite detention. Let’s see if Karl can hold out for as long as Judy Miller.

  3. yayyyy for jenn!!!! you noticed harriet and joshie in the background! i knew i could count on you! 😀

  4. sar!! 😀
    i love it when you come to visit!
    these criminals don’t even acknowledge that there is a constitution until they want to use it to cover their own asses. rove keeps saying that he didn’t discuss siegelman with chimpy, so how does executive privilege even apply? does anyone who works at the white house have the right never to answer any questions about anything?
    as jenn pointed out (you were probably still typing at the time), those are indeed harry and joshie hanging out in the background.
    i just hope that congress actually does their job for a change and follows through on this. i am not holding my breath.

  5. sardonyx

    I’m glad you’re not holding your breath; that would be the wrong kind of purple state to be in. I want you *alive*.

    I don’t see the downside of locking up Rove. Nobody likes him, and he’s certainly in contempt of Congress. Let him rot; it’s not like he isn’t rotten already…

  6. sar,
    the problem is that the dems are afraid of doing anything. it doesn’t matter if it is their job to do so. i don’t recall any acts of courage since pelosi took the reins. she is always worried about the next election, and it seems that all she watches is faux news. if they locked rove up, faux news would carry no other story. it doesn’t matter if he is unpopular. the media will turn him into some kind of martyr.
    i wish they would realize that the country is waiting for a little bravery. they need to stand up to chimpy and deadeye dick, put impeachment back on the table, and make sure that all the criminals now roaming the halls of the white house will never be able to hold public office again and pay the price for what they have done to our country.

  7. sardonyx

    The House has been holding on telecom immunity ever since the Senate folded. I’m afraid they might “compromise” next month, but so far they’ve kept it from going forward. It looks to me like Hoyer could crack before Pelosi.

    Still, they need to enforce congressional prerogatives. Bush is a lame duck…and they’re *still* getting pushed around by him and his cohorts in crime. That’s just quackers.

  8. sar,
    chimpy has been a lame duck for quite a while now. even if he wasn’t, the constitution is the constitution, and congress has a duty to protect it. they’ve failed miserably. i don’t know what the full answer is, but part of it is replacing pelosi.

  9. “Everybodys got somethin’ to hide ‘cept for me and my monkey”

    • you’re finding all of my oldie goldies, jerry. thanks so much for all your comments. i honestly couldn’t reply to them all, but i read every one of them, and they kept me entertained. 🙂

  10. HYSTERICAL UPDATE: Why should this date be so notable, so special in the scheme of things? This is the last day (sigh) you would enjoy the freedom of not having heard two words-Sarah Palin-from a guy named Ted that must be like some kind of old testament prophet in his remarks months before anyone got wind of it. How’d he do that?

    • you’re a sneaky one, jerry melton! hiding the answer to final jeopardy over here at the date in question. so this was the day the united states was not an international laughingstock (yeah, there was chimpy, but everyone figured that was some kind of fluke, princess sarah sealed the deal that this country has gone off the deep end). you’re hired as the official raisin historian. the pay stinks, but think of the glory! 😉

  11. It’s an honor and privilege to serve our Raisinmaster. Raisinmistress? Raisinperson! This will help my depressed work status in the building trades and I can sure use some of those intertube $$$. Your own funniest remark in the first year was like that TV commercial where the groundskeeper is finishing up a stadium end zone all spiffy in red and white and the guy walks up and says “Wow, that looks great. Who are the Chefs”.

    • i’m just one of the raisinettes, the photoshopping one. not as erudite as being an historian or the official scientist (neon vincent), but that’s okay! 😉