….Who Needs Enemas?

From ABC News:

The second measure in weeks to pit Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., against two of his strongest supporters is coming down the pipeline.


But if [Sen. John] Warner was one of McCain’s first supporters, his actions recently have put McCain in some difficult situations. And he’s getting help from Indy Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, another staunch McCain supporter.

Original DVD cover.

After all, it was the backing by Warner and Sen. Chuck Hagel, R-Neb., and their public campaign in favor of a major overhaul of the GI Bill — an effort to basically send all post-9/11 vets to college — that really gave the bill some steam. Senators passed it last week with 75 votes. Lieberman was not one of the 58 cosponsors of the bill, but he did vote for it.

McCain, along with the White House and the Pentagon, thinks that GI bill will hurt military retention and, while he voiced his opposition to it, skipped the vote to campaign in California.

But, kids, just because he echoes just about everything Chimpy says, that doesn’t mean a Captain Underpants preznitcy would be a Chimpy third term!

McCain has been a leader in the Republican party in voicing concern about climate change and vocal in recent years in his support along with Lieberman for measures to create nation-wide greenhouse gas standards and let businesses that cannot meet limits trade for carbon credits with businesses that can.

But it is not McCain’s name next to Lieberman’s on the Climate Security Act Senators are set to debate next week. It’s Warner’s.


And McCain […who will…] miss the debate, is for the moment withholding support for the bill despite his past endorsement of a cap and trade system. He wants to make sure it contains more incentives for the development of nuclear energy.

So, When the Senate takes up the Climate Security Act, it will be the second measure in a row to take something McCain has built his career supporting – veterans two weeks and cap and trade legislation next week – and present it in a way that he finds unpalatable.


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14 responses to “….Who Needs Enemas?

  1. Got a Grip

    Poor Captain Underpants. He just can’t get any respect. Of course, it’s his own fault for pandering so freely to anyone with a pulse. Details, details….

    Where did you find that pic of McCain, nons? From the look on his face and the shape of his mouth, it looks like he might have been yelling the “C” word at Cindy Lou. Or maybe he’s choking on a chicken bone or something. Someone should call the paramedics, he doesn’t look at all well….

  2. πŸ˜†
    look at possible related posts!!
    How clean is YOUR colon?
    that pic of capt u is a bit manufactured. i took this one:

    and put it together with another one to make one cohesive crazy-a$$ed capt underpants. i used the title thinking of that old joke, with friends like these, who needs enemas, but looking at some of the pics of capt u, i think he’s the one who really might need them! πŸ˜‰

  3. Got a Grip

    ROTFLMAO!!! I didn’t even see the related posts link. That is hilarious!

    I don’t know if Captain Underpants can handle an enema at his age. It’s so very stressful to try to cram that enema thingie up there when your head is already there. He could poke out an eye or rupture an eardrum or something. I think he should try prunes and hot coffee to see if that will help move his head out of his a$$…. πŸ˜‰

  4. nightowl724

    nonnie, what a title! Hahahahaha! And, those faces on the cover… ain’t they just yukking it up? (Yuk is the key word here.)

    gotta, hahahahaha to your observation about CU’s difficulty with an enema as his a$$ is currently occupied by his head!

    We sure don’t need another idiotic and dangerous laughingstock for prez…

  5. gotta,
    we will know if capt underpants has undergone the procedure if he has vaseline in his eye when we next see him. i am not sure if coffee and prunes are going to be enough to move that chimpy blockage out of his poop chute.

  6. jlms qkw - jenn

    potty humor abounds tonight!


  7. nightowl,
    if faces like those don’t make you poop, i don’t know if an enema will make any difference.

  8. jenn,
    we are all regressing to junior high school. i don’t know how we regressed to being junior high school boys, but i guess that sort of thing happens with time travel. πŸ˜‰

  9. nightowl724

    Hey, look at you, nonnie… 45,000 plus hits! Potty humor put you “over the rim.”

    But, boo-hoo, I wanted to win the prize for being hit number 45,000… I’m soooo jealous of the person who is getting the official Captain Underpants padded toilet seat and tush wipes!

  10. nightowl,
    i have absolutely no idea who the 45,000th visitor was. the stats program doesn’t get as specific as that. besides, everyone who visits the raisin gets tush wipes. check your mailboxes, raisinettes! πŸ˜‰

  11. Alfie

    The “new” GI Bill in theory hurts military retention but in reality I doubt it would pan out. The GI bill program requires couple important things that actually restricts it glamor.
    1. You put money into the program. When I was in the military making about $800/mo. I chose not to pony up the 100 bucks.
    2. You actually have to get into a school. America’s colleges and uni’s are already stuffing people in that leave before graduation . These people are a reality of people left demoralized.
    Not to wave the johnnie flag since I don’t really like him he did propose a better plan.
    All in all I frown upon all the pols that are willing to use the servicemen and women as populist pawns in an election cycle.

  12. one of these days CU is going to implode in public — and guess what will be coming out of his undies…

    i wonder if cindy cleans the brown streaks

  13. alfie,
    while the gi bill might hurt retention by approximately 16%, it has been shown that it would raise recruitment y 16% (which, in actuality would result in a net increase in troops).
    if you want to talk about pols who use those in the service as props and pawns, i think that you would have to put chimpy and cheney in the front of that line.

  14. dcAp,
    don’t be silly. cindy doesn’t do housework. she will, however, hire someone to soak capt u’s undies in the beer that makes her so rich. come to think of it, do we really know what those brown streaks are? perhaps capt u is melting! πŸ˜‰