Pop Corny

Raisin’ kids is a hard job, so Raisin wants to wish all the great dads out there….


I know that most of you don’t know this, but, many years ago, Mighty Mikk0mouse and his family starred in a sitcom on the other side of the pond, quite like a sitcom that played here in the states. I thought a picture of them would be fitting for Father’s Day.
Original DVD cover.



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16 responses to “Pop Corny

  1. nightowl724

    Awww… Too cute!

  2. thanks, nightowl. the holiday stuff is the most fun to work on.

  3. jeb

    I just had fun with my Mom. She called and left a message wishing me a happy birthday. I told my oldest son and he laughed and said “Grandma had a senior moment.” Her defense was that she was just a month early for once. I told her that maybe she was 11 months late.

    Meanwhile my kids made lunch for me today (hotdogs) and I have three handmade cards.

  4. jeb,
    i thought you had daughters. i didn’t know that you had a son, too. at least your mom remembered to call you. grandmas are always a source of entertainment for the kids, especially when they make a mistake.
    it’s sweet that the kids made you lunch and cards. i remember when my son was little, and he would make me breakfast for special occasions. they were usually the most nauseating culinary monstrosities every created, but i always ate them and tried to make my grimace look somewhat like a smile as i gushed over how delicious the meal was.

  5. nightowl724

    jeb, nonnie, pass me a tissue…

  6. nightowl,
    i keep reminding you, and you always forget–boo-hoo boehner has all the tissues!

  7. nightowl724

    Well, crap! Now I have to wipe my eyes and nose with my sleeve…

  8. oh, don’t be silly. use jeb’s sleeve! 😉

  9. jeb

    Actually I only have one daughter (daddy’s girl) who reminds me how unfair it is that she has three brothers.

    Um, I’m wearing short sleeves so please don’t.

  10. well, i had that totally wrong. i thought, for some reason, that you only had 2 daughters. wow! 3 boys. you must have your hands full. i am sure your daughter takes full advantage of being the only girl. and that’s exactly as it should be. 😉

  11. jeb

    Yep, the boys claim she gets special treatment from me. I remind them that she just doesn’t act like a knucklehead.

  12. i called my father for mother’s day

    he and my mother were having coffee in mcdonalds — they dont want to drive too much since gas is over $4.50 in florida and they can walk to mcdonalds

    how sad is that……

    i hope i cheered them up

  13. jeb,
    i assure you that she probably does act like a knucklehead, but she is most likely expert at being the little angel as soon as daddy walks into the room. girls don’t behave any better than boys do, we are just sneakier! 😉

  14. ummm, dcAp,
    are you a little confused, hon? why did you call your father for mother’s day, especially on father’s day? 😆
    where in floriduhhhh do your parents live? i’m in south floriduhhhh and gas is about $4.10 or $4.20 a gallon (at least it was a couple of days ago).
    i am glad that you stopped by, dcAp, because the post that is going up tonight was inspired by your post, and i include a hat tip to you and a link to your commentary. i guess this means that you are my muse. 8)

  15. jeb

    Of course she acts like a knucklehead. She is just better and making it up to Daddy (hugs, etc) whereas the two older boys (teens) just want to see if they can finally get me on the ground (they can’t). The oldest (almost 17) is actually bigger and stronger than I am. I’m just smarter and wilier.

  16. smart and wily beats young and flailing every time.