Let Them Eat McCake!

Oh, kids!! Cindy Lou is at it again! Remember when she claimed Rachael Ray’s recipe as her own? Well, it seems that they don’t make a pill to cure stealing. Well, kids, I guess that’s the way the mccookie crumbles.
From the New York Daily News:

Cindy McCain’s been caught with her hand in the cookie jar again.

McCain’s recipe for oatmeal-butterscotch cookies, published on the Family Circle Web site earlier in the month, appears to be an almost exact replica of a Hershey’s recipe.

Original image.

But that’s not the worst of it, kids. I think Cindy Lou has gone over the edge! Take a look:

Honestly, I don’t know why she is trying so hard. After all, nobody doesn’t like Cindy Lou!

* * *

Tip of the hat to the lovely and talented Nightowl for alerting me to this important news. πŸ˜‰


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20 responses to “Let Them Eat McCake!

  1. just like saccharine!

    p.s. hi dcup! mmmmwwaaahhhh!!!!

  2. nightowl724

    You’re welcome, nonnie. But, all I did was send you a link. YOU’RE the one who turned it into a hysterical dessert bar! However, you were all out of Raisin McCookies when I arrived.

    Cindy Lou had better start looking for some Fig McNewton recipes to steal, ’cause her old man ain’t getting any younger. He could use some help in the “physic department” since he’s both old AND full of sh*t…

    I’m afraid that Cindy Lou has the same attitude towards lying that I do about dessert. She just can’t resist.

  3. jeb

    Maybe she should follow Hillary’s lead and promise not to stay home baking cookies.

  4. sardonyx

    Oh my! Special Cindy Lou Orange & Poppyseed McCake! Guaranteed to make you flunk your next drug test.

    Is she baking any for Rush? Or just Atty. Gen. Mukasey?

  5. Got a Grip

    jeb, Cindy Lou can’t make any kind of promise like that. She’s too high on Vicadin to say anything. πŸ˜‰

  6. Got a Grip

    Hey, Raisinettes! I’ve missed you guys!

    nonnie, you’ll have an email coming your way soon.

    nightowl, I haven’t forgotten about the song. I’ll work on it this week and it’ll be ready before you know it (or want it…. πŸ˜‰ )

  7. nightowl,
    thank you again. this was so much fun to work on, but just looking at cakes and cookies on the google made my ass bigger! maybe lying is a side effect of percocet, and poor cindy can’t help herself.

  8. jeb,
    i loved that hillary took and stand and refused to be turned into a stepford wife who stays at home and bakes cookies. i wish all the “first ladies” (oh, how i hate, hate, hate that term) would follow suit. i loved it when howard dean’s wife didn’t even campaign with him and just went on with her life instead. i don’t think there is any reason to have a first lady. if a president’s wife (or, hopefully, one day, husband) wants to accompany her spouse to a state dinner or an overseas trip, that’s fine. however, i don’t think she should be any kind of an ambassador for the country. that is, unless eleanor roosevelt is reincarnated.

  9. πŸ˜† sar, did it ever occur to you that cindy does all that baking, because she doesn’t want to have to run out to 7-11 when she gets the munchies?

  10. gotta!!! πŸ˜€
    i wasn’t expecting to hear from you yet. i missed you!

  11. nightowl724

    gotta, I was just thinking about you and your song earlier this evening. No kidding!

    I haven’t forgotten about the dick-tionary, either. I’ve been deep into my newly-arrived copy of WordPress for Dummies off and on for the last few days.

    nonnie, is THAT why I keep gaining weight?

    All of you are a hoot tonight! Thanks for the laughs.

  12. jeb

    Do you think that the McCain campaign needs to form a committee to vett all of Cindy’s future recipie releases?

    There’s and old saying in Texas, you may have it in Raisinland too, fool me once – uh, uh, uh – we won’t get fooled again. (Smash guitar and amp and exit stage right).

  13. i think the tip-off that those recipes were not cindy lou’s was that they had no pharmaceuticals in them. it doesn’t take a committee to figure that out.
    what we really need a committee for is to figure out why anyone gives a damn about who candidates are married to, beyond that which would tell us who might be enriching them so that we know there will be no conflict of interest once a candidate is elected. other than that, why should we care what they wear or bake or how they wear their hair? sometimes i think the media in this country has the mentality of junior high girls, and they dumb down the public so that this crap is acceptable.
    ……not that i won’t exploit it whenever i can! πŸ˜‰

  14. nightowl724

    jeb, vetting recipes! Ha!

    nonnie, I guess that means if Cindy Lou publishes a directions for hash brownies or sugar cookies with little suspicious-looking round sprinkles, they are authentic family recipes!

  15. I thought you guys always wanted to talk about the “issues”. What happened?

  16. nightowl,
    i would worry a bit about the ice cream. there seems to be some suspicious ingredients on cindy lou’s table!

  17. dude,
    who peed in your cheerios? you came here, insulted my efforts in another post yesterday, and now you come here to ask why we aren’t talking about the issues. what issues should we be discussing? why do you feel it is necessary to come here and make nasty little comments? if you have something substantial to say, then say it. if you have a different view that you want to expound on, then you are welcome to do so, as long as it is done in a respectful manner. if you just want to argue for argument’s sake, then i have to wonder why you picked this little blog to do that.

  18. RangerOne

    Good job – that is some seriously funny stuff…

  19. thanks, rangerone! welcome to the raisin. πŸ˜€ hope you will visit often.