It’s Exhausting

From the Los Angeles Times:

WASHINGTON — Escalating a fight with Democrats on Capitol Hill, the White House on Friday invoked executive privilege in refusing to turn over documents to a congressional committee investigating the Environmental Protection Agency’s decision to deny California permission to implement its own vehicle emission standards.

The Bush administration asserted executive privilege hours before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee was to vote on whether to bring contempt-of-Congress proceedings against EPA Administrator Stephen L. Johnson and Susan Dudley, administrator of regulatory affairs in the White House Office of Management and Budget, for refusing to turn over subpoenaed documents.

Original DVD cover.

Committee Chairman Henry A. Waxman (D-Beverly Hills) put off a vote on the contempt resolutions while he considers his options.

“I don’t think we’ve had a situation like this since Richard Nixon was president,” he said, appearing determined to press ahead, even if it leads to a court fight. “We don’t know whether this privilege that’s being asserted is valid or not.”


House and Senate committees have been investigating what role the White House played in EPA decisions preventing California and other states from enacting tougher emissions rules than the federal government and in the EPA’s approval of new ozone pollution standards.

The administration’s claim of executive privilege is the latest twist in the escalating legal and political battle over California’s efforts to implement its own law combating global warming. Critics of the EPA decision contend that it was based on politics, not science or the law.


In asserting executive privilege in the EPA inquiry, the administration made public a copy of a letter sent to the president by Atty. Gen. Michael B. Mukasey saying that releasing internal documents “could inhibit the candor of future deliberations among the president’s staff.”


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16 responses to “It’s Exhausting

  1. nightowl724

    Funny title and I love the poster, nonnie!

    Executive privilege? Again?

    Aw, hell, why not? Congress will let it slide. Again.

  2. again? don’t you mean still?

  3. nightowl724

    Really, I suppose I mean so?

  4. jeb

    Accountability? We don’t need no stinkin’ accountability! (unless of course a Democrat becomes president in which case we will demand that they account for everything including – and up to – how many Christmas cards they send).

  5. nightowl724

    jeb, funny, sad, and unfortunately true!

    Did you catch this article?

    End The Media’s Pro-McCain Bias! Now!!

    Think about what you know or learned (through the mainstream media’s coverage of this year’s election) about Barack Obama. You may have heard of: his birth, his parents, where his parents lived, what nationality and race his parents are, where his grandmother lives, what race she is, where he went to elementary school, what Chicago radicals were doing while he was in elementary school half a planet away, where he went to college, what he did while in college, what he did after college, how he paid off his student loan, his career as a politician, which way he voted on things in the Illinois statehouse, what church he joined, what his preacher said back then, where he was married, where his kids were baptized, what his preacher said recently, what a visiting preacher said at his church even more recently, his stance on the war, his stance on race, his stance on Hillary Clinton, his stance on just about everything else, and the fact that he’s a terrible bowler (but a pretty decent basketball player).

    Now, what has the media informed us about John McCain this campaign season? His stance on the war. His stance on a gas-tax holiday. His stance on talking to foreign leaders. His stance on Iran (bomb it). How he’s not like George Bush, dammit… even though the two agree on just about every policy you can name.

    That’s it.

    So, you want Tim Russert’s job, journalists and pseudo-journalists? Here are the questions you need to ask John McCain now, in order to prove you’re worthy of filling his shoes.

    Then, he lists seven critical questions that should be asked of McCain. It’s a worthy read, IMHO.

  6. jeb

    Well Nonnie, those seven questions have about as much chance as being asked as George Carlin’s seven dirty words have of being said over the public air wave (gratutious tribute to one of my favorite comedians when I was younger).

    I’m convinced that John McBush just needs a hug. If someone would just give him a hug and acknowledge his existence, he might take his corrupt backside off of the stage. Keating Five, gosh that is so 80’s!

  7. nightowl724

    RIP George Carlin. Sigh…

    jeb, even I won’t give CU any hugs!

  8. jeb,
    cu stands for capt. underpants. that’s my pet name for old john mccain. it’s from a diary i did over at american street.

  9. forgot to add that george carlin was one of my favorites, too. i haven’t watched the news too much today, but i am shocked at how little coverage his death is getting. in fact, i have not heard a word yet in my channel surfing. i finally saw it mentioned in a crawl at the bottom of the screen on cnn. tim russert gets a week of non-stop mourning and coverage of the mourning, and carlin gets nuthin? even if you were not a fan, he was an important cultural figure who started a lot of dialogue on many subjects in this country. i guess he wasn’t pretty enough. 😦

  10. jlms qkw - jenn

    oh nonnie9999 i missed you! and your dvd mockups.

    executive privilege for all! as long as you’re white, wealthy, and republican.

  11. jeb

    Oh right, Capt Underpants. I’m as bad at connecting the dots as the MSM is on rethugs and corruption. Oh well.

    Hey, Keith had his interview last October with George Carlin as his number one story tonight.

  12. jenn!!!!
    are you home from vacation? i have missed you, too (and i am about to put gotta’s pic on a milk carton!). welcome back, wandering raisinette!! πŸ˜€

  13. jeb,
    msm? what does that stand for? πŸ™„ just kidding! πŸ˜›
    i figured olbermann would have a segment devoted to carlin, but i was talking about the rest of the shows. i always considered carlin a cultural icon, whether you liked him or hated him. however, they gave more coverage to owen wilson’s suicide attempt and heath ledger’s death and brittney spear’s lack of panties than they did to carlin. i guess it just goes to show you just how uncool the msm is.

  14. never thought i would say this, but good for larry king. he devoted the full hour to george carlin. watching the rerun now.

  15. nightowl724

    Plenty of good coverage on Carlin over at HuffPost: