Groom Closet

Kids, didja hear the big news? The perpetually tanned governor of Floriduhhhh is getting married! But I don’t think the bride-to-be has to worry about any drilling, on or off shore, if you know what I mean!

Original DVD cover.

From the Telegraph:

Charlie Crist, the governor of Florida, became engaged on Thursday to Carole Rome, a New York socialite.

They had been seeing each other for nine months and speculation was rife about their future, not least because of its implications for his political career.

His marriage removes a major impediment to a possible McCain-Crist Republican ticket – a bachelor hasn’t been chosen as a vice-presidential running mate since 1852.

After a marriage that lasted less than a year before divorce in 1980, Mr Crist, 51, had not been romantically linked to any woman ever since, prompting speculation that he is gay.

Three years ago, he was asked point-blank if the rumours were true and he denied them, later telling a radio show host: “I love women. I mean, they’re wonderful.”

In 2006, a 24-year-old Republican party worker claimed he had had a sexual relationship with Mr Crist and named another man as Mr Crist’s long-term boyfriend. Mr Crist denied both claims.


Even without the rumours about his sexuality, Mr Crist is already reportedly seen as too moderate by some on the right wing of the Republican party.

He has in the past said he supports civil unions for homosexuals, describing himself as a “live and let live kind of guy”.

However, there have also been reports of Mr Crist telling voters that he supports a constitutional amendment to protect traditional marriages and that he opposes adoption by gay couples.

He campaigned frequently with Mr McCain during the Florida primaries and gave the Arizona senator his endorsement.

Critics have accused him of recently shifting his politics to suit those of Mr McCain, notably in an about-turn on expanding oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico., which he now supports.

From the Palm Beach Post:

It’s the fifth engagement for Crist, whose only marriage in 1979 lasted six months. Crist’s father told The Palm Beach Post in 2006 that he had been engaged three times since the divorce, twice to the same woman.

The fifth engagement? Is there some kind of problem that allows you to be a serial fiance but never a husband? Oh, yeah, you’re gay! Just come out of the damned closet, Charlie!

Damn! I saw a video yesterday of the two of them together, and the body language was hilarious! I never saw a grown man look so uncomfortable holding a woman’s hand, especially one he proposed to!


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12 responses to “Groom Closet

  1. jeb

    But how is his stance on the subject of marriage? I mean from a stall perspective?

  2. Does that make her the bearded woman? Or is he the bearded man?

  3. jeb,
    this is going to get more interesting. i just read that the future mrs. crist is jewish. is charlie now promising capt. underpants the jewish vote in floriduhhhh? i thought that’s what joe mcliebercain is for.

  4. dcup,
    it makes her the bearded woman. i can say that with some certainty, because charlie crist is a bald-faced liar, just like the rest of his rethug buddies.

  5. there should some fab dancing under the Chupa!

  6. jeb

    Nonnie, does he need the Jewish vote in Florida? I mean according to the MSM, McBush already has Florida wrapped up. If they say it, it must be true.

    Perhaps they’ve made a deal where Charlie can get an arm trophy to appeal to other repugs and then if he does get on the ticket and they win, McBush will let him hire Jeff Gannon as his press aide.

  7. dcAp,
    you’re right. i heard that mark foley will be invited to the wedding, and i bet he and charlie will get soem mean rug burns….i mean cut a mean rug!
    p.s. dont’cha love to say the word chupa? chutzpah, too. they are fun to say, and you can clear your throat at the same time. 🙂

  8. jeb,
    i think that joe mcliebercain has worn out his welcome in south floriduhhhh. there are not very many people who can still stand him. captain underpants needs a new jew. if he does win floriduhhh, i doubt highly that the jewish vote will be what puts him over the top. i don’t think that obama has a lock on south floriduhhh either. at the moment, i think there is a lot of voter apathy down here. i wouldn’t put any money on how the vote is going to go in november.

  9. nightowl724

    It would be political suicide for McCain to pick Crist for VP. And, even Flori-duh is not THAT duh!

  10. i agree, nightowl. i don’t think crist will do him any favors, especially in light of his engagement. if a british paper has already mentioned the rumors that he is gay, can you imagine what will happen in the natl enquirer, let alone the blogs? 😯

  11. Nonnie,

    An instant classic movie cover and some hilarious commentary.

    I, too, love a Chupa. Got one for dinner tonight from Taco Bell.

    And Florida isn’t a sure thing for Republicans this time around.

  12. hi em!! 😀

    i hope you enjoyed your chupa! 😆 i didn’t know that they served them at taco bell. is the taco bell near you kosher?
    i hope you will stop by tomorrow, em. i just finished a movie poster that i think you might get a kick out of. of course, not as much kick as a taco bell chupa will give you, but a kick nevertheless.
    i think there might be a few surprises in floriduhhh this november, and not the 2000 kind. i don’t know about the panhandle or the west coast, but south floriduhhh is becoming a bit more unpredictable.

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