The Climate in DC

From the Los Angeles Times:

In the early days of the Bush presidency, Vice President Dick Cheney came under attack for drafting a national energy policy in secret. Now, as the Bush presidency winds down, Cheney is again coming under attack for his behind-the-scenes efforts to play down the threats of global warming in order to thwart regulation of greenhouse gas emissions.

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Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), who chairs the Senate Environment Committee, leveled the attack today, accusing the vice president and other administration officials of “recklessly” seeking to censor testimony about the dangers of global warming and working behind the scenes to block new regulation.

“This cover-up is being directed from the White House and the office of the vice president,” she said.

WASHINGTON, July 8 (Reuters)[…]
At issue is a preliminary finding by the EPA last December that “greenhouse gases may reasonably be anticipated to endanger public welfare,” according to Jason Burnett, the agency’s former associate deputy administrator who appeared at a news conference with Boxer.

Such a finding would be an early step toward government regulation aimed at protecting public health.

Burnett, who resigned on June 9, told Boxer’s committee the White House tried pressuring him to retract an e-mail om which he detailed the finding. Burnett said he refused.

Boxer said that unless EPA documents were released, it was likely that within the next two weeks her committee would try to subpoena the material. She did not know whether Republicans on the panel would block the effort.


She has been trying since last October to obtain related documents to show that planned congressional testimony on global warming by Dr. Julie Gerberding, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, was censored by the Bush administration.

Boxer said Gerberding’s testimony would have detailed the direct impact of rising global temperatures on human health, including mortality and the spread of disease.


Burnett told the congressional committee the administration’s Council on Environmental Quality “and the office of the vice president were seeking deletions to the CDC testimony.” He refused to say who in Vice President Richard Cheney’s office was involved.


Last year, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the Clean Air Act gives EPA the authority to regulate carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.

Last October, White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said Gerberding’s draft testimony to Congress “did not comport” with science contained in an International Panel on Climate Change report and that “a number of agencies had some concerns with the draft.”

On Tuesday, Boxer said that Gerberding’s planned testimony, which has since been detailed in media reports, and the IPCC report “matched identically.”

Does all this have the ring of deja vu? From the Los Angeles Times, June 21, 2008:

“I don’t think we’ve had a situation like this since Richard Nixon was president,” Rep. Henry A. Waxman said yesterday after the Bush administration invoked executive privilege to refuse to turn over subpoenaed documents in an investigation of the Environmental Protection Agency’s decision to deny California permission to implement its own vehicle emission standards.


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6 responses to “The Climate in DC

  1. jeb

    I don’t know which statement is more jaw-dropping, Boxer saying she does not know if Rethugs on the panel will try to the subpeoneas (earth to Barb, they’re lap dogs, that’s what they do). Or Dana Perino explaing science to us.

    Dick will plant his drill right through the constitution, public health and into wherever he wants. He must make as much money as he is entitled too. If you have a problem with that, his reply is “So?”.

  2. jeb,
    inhofe has already been making noises. i despise that moron.
    it’s always fun when dana ‘splains science and history and stuff.
    deadeye dick will answer you with so, and somehow, halliburton will figure out a way to charge the country millions for him doing so.

  3. nightowl724

    This from the Rapture Party. I’m pretty sure that Dead-Eye Dead-Heart Dick has figured out a way he CAN take it with him. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure he has been completely dead for quite some time now. He’s just waiting and hoping for the time when the rest of us go, so he can own every last thing on earth!

    nonnie, I love how you doctored “Columbia Classic.” Would that be “Sieg Heil” Cheney’s waving in the poster? Thanks for the link back to “The Dana Song.” It’s just as funny the second time around! πŸ™‚

  4. nightowl,
    i don’t think deadeye is waiting. i get the feeling that he already owns everything and knows exactly when we are all going to be evicted.
    isn’t it funny how it looks like a sieg heil salute when cheney’s face is on the poster, but not when it’s spencer tracy’s face? i guess deadeye just exudes nastiness, so your mind goes to the worst connotation.

  5. face on the poster looks like devil.

  6. hello dejan stamenkovic! πŸ˜€
    welcome to the raisin. that is the face of the devil!
    i clicked on your name and went to your website. i have no idea what it says there, but it was very nice to look at. πŸ™‚