Offshore Shilling

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

On the surface, President Bush’s decision Monday to lift the presidential moratorium on offshore drilling – a policy initiated by his father and extended by Bill Clinton – appeared only to embolden Democrats in their efforts to preserve the 27-year-old federal ban.

Congress has renewed its ban on drilling on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts every year since 1981, and top Democrats said Monday they will do so again this year, despite the pressure from Bush. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called Bush’s action a hoax that “will neither reduce gas prices nor increase energy independence.”

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But environmentalists still have deep concerns: Bush’s decision knocks out one of the two layers of federal protection against new offshore exploration. They also worry about a growing willingness among Democrats to support new drilling in certain areas to address rising gas prices.

Republicans have been stepping up efforts to kill the congressional moratorium, and California Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer said she’s nervous that, at some point, one of the GOP measures might prevail.


A House Appropriations subcommittee defeated an effort to eliminate the drilling ban last month on a 9-6 party line vote, but Republicans plan more such votes for this summer and fall. Environmentalists say the votes could be close.

“The risk (to the moratorium) is elevated beyond belief,” said Richard Charter, who’s lobbying the issue for the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund.

The White House and GOP leaders in Congress have long sought to end the ban, but now see a major opening as polls show that gas prices of more than $4 a gallon are shifting public attitudes about drilling.


Bush’s use of his bully pulpit also reinforced the campaign message of Republican presidential candidate John McCain, who wants to lift the moratorium and allow coastal states to choose whether to allow drilling. McCain praised Bush’s announcement as a very important signal.

Democrats point to a U.S. Energy Information Administration assessment that lifting the ban on offshore drilling would not yield any new oil before 2012, and would likely have an insignificant impact on oil prices.

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama issued a statement saying, “If offshore drilling would provide short-term relief at the pump or a long-term strategy for energy independence, it would be worthy of our consideration, regardless of the risks. But most experts, even within the Bush administration, concede it would do neither.”


Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, a Republican, has endorsed lifting the moratorium if states could decide whether to allow drilling. But California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger opposes the effort, and released a statement Monday supporting the ban.


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12 responses to “Offshore Shilling

  1. nightowl724

    Listen, nonnie – you gotta warn me if you’re gonna do sumpin like show Dubya and DeadEye in shorts! I mean, I’ll hafta take some sodium bicarb beforehand or sumpin…

    And, I would add a nice big oil slick behind the Chevron ship. (I’m afraid to ask what those black blobs are near the bottom right corner.)

    Seriously – you crack me up! Thanks for the laughs!

  2. nightowl724

    PS Love the title!

  3. jlms qkw - jenn

    oh nonnie! it’s so good to see you again! i HATE not having internet in my dwelling place.

    off shore shilling for sure – those exxon and shell dudes need even more leases they won’t use.

    are we almost at 180 days?

  4. jlms qkw - jenn

    lieberry! it’s almost an insult to berries πŸ˜‰

    i hope my children will learn to respect the office of the president. my daughter is somewhat oblivious in her personality, but my son is fully aware of what i think of w and the gang.

  5. nightowl,
    the blobs near the bottom right corner are birds covered with oil standing in an oil slick. you see, i didn’t forget the oil slick; i just put it in another place. by the way, can you see the name on the chevron tanker? it’s hard working on some of these. i was worried that people would not be able to recognize that those were birds or that the writing on the ship is too small. sometimes it’s hard to figure what can be seen on monitors other than my own. i know that stuff looks completely different on this monitor than on my old one (which isn’t very old at all).
    i am glad that you like the title. i posted it originally with the title A Day at the Beach. when i posted a comment over at dkos with a small version of the pic, i suddenly thought of offshore drilling for the subject line and thought i should come here and change it.

  6. jenn!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€
    how i miss you!!!! it was pretty lonely around here. gotta was sick and now she left for austin and won’t be back for a while. dcAp is off in europe somewhere. nightowl’s computer was broken. fotc is mia. thankfully, jeb has been around to keep me company, and he has been quite diligent.
    i thought that you were going to get satellite or something in the dwelling. why are you where you are anyway? hubby’s work?
    mwahhhh, mwahhhh, mwahhhhh!!! visit whenever you can!!!

  7. nightowl724

    My monitor is old (and small) and my eyes are even older! I can’t see the birds or name on the tanker. I still can’t recognize those blobs as birds. They look more like oil-covered dolphins. Too bad Bush’s knobby and Cheney’s chubby knees are so clear. My NEXT monitor will be MUCH bigger and sharper.

  8. the name on the tanker (and i didn’t add it, it was already there) is condoleezza rice. chevron’s biggest tanker was named for her, but the name was changed in 2001 to Altair Voyager, the name of a star. ooh! i just found a big pic of it (doh! i had to work with a crappy little pic last night! 😦 ):
    here’s the pic of the poor oily bird (not the one that gets the worm) that i used. i actually used the little guy twice:

  9. jeb

    That is one slick parody Nonnie. You really drilled down to the essence of the issue. I need to go and shower now.

  10. nightowl724

    The Condoleeza Rice? How embarrassing for her – and, how apropos! I wonder why they changed it?

    Thanks for the link to the picture of those poor birds…

  11. and yet, jeb, not quite as slick and slimy and greasy and oily as the stars of the parody! πŸ˜‰

  12. nightowl,
    i had heard before that it is bad luck to change the name of a ship or a boat. it seems that chevron has had quite the run of good luck since their buddies have been in office. i am sure it is just coincidental.