ummmm, errrr, ahhhh…Geez, I know I had a title…..

From The Carpetbagger Report:

You’d think, at this point in the presidential race, that McCain campaign surrogates would be prepped on how to answer some of the easy, obvious questions, such as, “Are there any differences between Bush and McCain on economic policy?”

This came up in May, when Rep. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), the second highest-ranking Republican in the House, was asked to name a difference, and he couldn’t come up with one. It came up again in June, when Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) couldn’t think of any differences either.

[…] CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked campaign surrogate and South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford (R), a man rumored to be a VP possibility for John McCain, “Are there any significant economic differences between what the Bush administration has put forward, over these many years, as opposed to, now, what John McCain supports?”

It a painful display, Sanford hemmed and hawed for quite a while. “Yes. I mean, for instance, take, you know — take, for instance, the issue of — I’m drawing a blank, and I hate it when I do that, particularly on television,” he said, before adding, “But take, for instance, the contrast on NAFTA.”

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When Blitzer noted that Bush and McCain have identical policies on trade, Sanford said he was making a point about an area of disagreement between McCain and Barack Obama. (In other words, Sanford was making up a different question and then answering it.)

You can watch the clip at the link above.

From ABC Columbia:

In a one on one interview Sanford told ABC Columbia News, he thought Blitzer was referring to Obama and McCain, instead of Bush and McCain. He also admits he might have blown it, but doesn’t think the blunder will hurt his chances of becoming a vice presidential candidate. However, he also added that he’s never expected to get the job anyway.

There’s a clip there of the interview, but I had some time on my hands, so I transcribed it for you.

REPORTER: Good afternoon, Governor.
SANFORD: Ummmm, ahhhhhh, errrrrr, uhhhhhh…..
REPORTER: I understand you thought Wolf Blitzer was asking about the differences between Senator McCain and Senator Obama instead of between Senator McCain and Chim…. errr, President Bush. Is that correct, Governor?
SANFORD: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, errrr, you know, ummmm, for example, ummmmmmm…..
REPORTER: You honestly don’t believe this will hurt your chances of being chosen as Vice President by Senator McCain, Governor?
SANFORD: I personally believe that U.S. Americans are unable to do so because, uh, some people out there in our nation don’t have maps, and, uh, I believe that our education like such as in South Africa and, uh, the Iraq everywhere like, such as and I believe that they should, our education over here in the U.S. should help the U.S., er, should help South Africa and should help the Iraq and the Asian countries, so we will be able to build up our future for our children.

You’re welcome!

In other news (from Greenville Online):

COLUMBIA — Gov. Mark Sanford said this morning the issue of whether to relocate the Confederate battle flag off the Statehouse grounds is a “deeply dividing” one that he does not plan to get involved with despite a push by the NAACP to move the flag.

Sanford told reporters that he knows the flag issue is a meaningful one for the civil rights organization. But he said he has other priorities for his time left as governor.


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5 responses to “ummmm, errrr, ahhhh…Geez, I know I had a title…..

  1. nightowl724

    Ummm… I hate it when I do that, particularly at Hysterical Raisins! Oh, yea, nonnie IS a lot different from nonnie9999. I mean, did I just say that? What I mean is, errr, nonnie is funnier. No wait, I think it has something to do with rising, ahhh, subway fares in London and how that has to do with the terr’ists. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

    nons, I was hoping you would spoof the Sanford interview! A fine and funny job!

  2. ummm, errrrrrrrrr, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, you know, ummmmm, for instance……
    where’s my pencil? i need to draw a blank.

  3. jeb

    You know, A-Gonz still needs a job. Can’t the rethugs hire him to coach them using his masterful performances in the Senate?

    A-Gonz; Just repeat after me, I’m sorry Senator I can’t remember at this time or I don’t have an answer to that specific question right now (translation, I’m the most incompetent and dishonest dumbass you’ve ever seen).

    It worked for him, right?

  4. jeb,
    a-gonz can, at the very least, be the one who teaches them the blank expressions he so artfully used whenever he was asked a question he didn’t want to answer.

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