Stay the Course?

From Think Progress:

In May, President Bush revealed that he had given up playing golf because of the Iraq war. “I think playing golf during a war just sends the wrong signal,” said Bush. Apparently though, he’s fine with golf as long as it raises money for GOP candidates.

From The D. C. Examiner:

If you’re a high-flying Republican, and you can afford to take next Monday off to fly to Maine, have we got a treat for you.
On that day, former President George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush are hosting a high-dollar fundraiser for John McCain near their home in Kennebunkport.

Original DVD cover.

According to a solicitation sent by the McCain camp, for the low, low price of $5,000, you can play a round of golf at Cape Arundel Golf Course, Bush’s home course.

“Both President Bush and Governor Jeb Bush will be stopping by to greet the foursomes,” the missive promises. “The course is reserved for this private group, and VIPs will be visiting during your round of golf. This event is a great way to end a weekend getaway, and we would be honored if you can attend.”

Back to Think Progress:

It’s unclear what Bush will do while everyone else is ignoring the war and golfing. Perhaps he’ll ride around in golf carts or simply make swinging motions with his arms.

No word on whether Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will attend but she may, considering that golf helps her while she’s “trying to stay in shape.” As ThinkProgress reported, Rice recently told the Golf Channel that despite the fact that Bush has given up golf to honor U.S. troops, she has been “playing and playing a lot” since the war began.


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12 responses to “Stay the Course?

  1. nightowl724

    You are TOO MUCH, nonnie! The Chimp playing golf made me LOL! Pappy’s socks and CU’s shirt… HAHAHAHA! Punny title, too! Kudos!

    Did you see the article yesterday about Bush attending twice as many little league games as cabinet meetings and other “fun” presidential sports stats? The idle rich in the oval office…

    How about the one about McCain attending NOT ONE of the six hearings held by the committee on Afghanistan on which he sits? (Obama only attended one!)

    An email from a friend this morning said, “Panem y circenses: Bread and circuses to keep their minds off of reality.”

  2. nightowl,
    it just goes to show you that the chimp wanted to be preznit so that he can meet sports heroes and have lots of fun. he had deadeye dick and the rest of the posse to make sure that poppy and all his rich friends got richer. once he was in office, he discovered that being preznit is hard work, and he does everything he can to avoid it.

  3. oops, forgot to add. i can’t take credit for poppy’s socks or capt u’s shirt. they were in the original. i just matched them up to the most likely wearer. i originally was looking for a chimp or elephant pic that i could finagle into replacing the gopher in the golf bag. when i saw the pic of the chimp playing golf, i just had to use it. he originally had a number on his shirt, but i replaced it with the button. in case it is too small for you to see, the button has the word IDIOT with a pic of chimpy under it.
    one other thing i didn’t change was the sign in the background. fortuitously, it already said Grand Re-opening of Bushwood C C! bushwood! was this a poster just waiting to be redone, or what?

  4. nightowl724

    Yes, I did notice the socks and shirt in the original, but I credit your cracked mind for matching them to the right people and expressions! I love the pearls on Barbara, too. WTF is Joe doing with his tongue hanging out? I could read the button, but not the sign. “Bushwood Country Club?” hahahahahahahaHA! Bush plays games while America crumbles. And, he sleeps like a baby, too. McBush has the same work ethic, I’m sure…

  5. i had to leave the pearls on babs. she just isn’t babs without the pearls. joe is just laughing. he’s not sticking his tongue out, though i can see how it might look like that. i almost fell off my chair when i realized the name of the country club was bushwood! 😆 it’s like whoever named it was psychic!

  6. jeb

    There is a great Monty Python skit of a television game show called “Summarizing Proust”. Graham Chapman play a contestant is the skit and the host is asking him to tell the audience about who he is and some of his hobbys. This piece reminds me of one exchange in that skit where Chapman’s character replies that he enjoys “Summarizing, golf and masturbation.” The host gets a serious look on his face and says “Oh no, that will cost you some points with judges. They don’t go much for golf round these parts.”

    That is what seeing your rendition of these wankers reminds me of.

  7. 😆 now, that’s funny!
    did you see the parody of a monty python song that i posted here a while back? it was mighty mikk0mouse’s idea, and we wrote it together.

  8. jeb

    Very good Nonnie. However, Michael Palin was a likable character in that skit. Scary Larry just gives me the chills. I put him in the same category as brain eating zombies.

  9. jeb,
    i think michael palin would approve of mocking someone like larry craig. it’s just too much fun not to.

  10. jlms qkw - jenn

    it’s the all-star maroon lineup! thx nonnie!

    poor maine folks, getting invaded like that.

    make sure bipm knows about your poster, okay?

  11. this is from back in july, jenn. you were gallivanting away from home at the time.

  12. jlms qkw - jenn

    i gallivanted for weeks!

    it’s still awesome!