Historical Raisins

It’s a very special night here at the Raisin. This is the 500th post! Since the name Hysterical Raisins is a play on historical reasons, I thought we would look at Raisin’s and Mighty Mikk0mouse’s ancestors throughout history.

We begin in 1492…

Raphael de Raisin points Christopher Columbus in the right direction on the Santa Maria while Mighty ManuelRatón keeps those in the smaller boat calm

Mighty ManuelRatón

July 2, 1776, Rodney Raisin at the signing of one of the first drafts of the Declaration of Independence

Washington’s crossing the Delaware, December 25, 1776 during the American Revolutionary War, accompanied by Rodney Raisin

Mighty MathiasMouse had the spirit of ’76

Mighty MatthiasMouse circa 1776

Left to right: Allan Pinkerton, President Abraham Lincoln, General Mighty MatthewMouse, October 3, 1862 after the Union victory at Antietam

Reporter Reginald Raisin and Mighty Mikk0Mouse, Sr. at Yalta, February 1945

Randall Radborne Raisin helps President Harry S. Truman celebrate, November 2, 1948

Rudolph Raisin in a lighter moment with Albert Einstein
March 14, 1951

Well, kids, I hope you enjoyed these pictures from the Raisin and Mighty Mikk0mouse family albums. Maybe we can do this again when we hit another milestone. Of course, there would be no milestones without the Raisinettes, and we are eternally grateful to all of you.

Original paintings and photographs:
Santa Maria
Mighty MiguelMouse (Christopher Columbus)
Declaration of Independence
Washington Crossing the Delaware
Spirit of ’76
Harry Truman
Albert Einstein


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10 responses to “Historical Raisins

  1. Patriot Daily

    congrats! 500 posts, wow…how many days did it take?

    and how come the raisin and mouse are not at NN with my fav political activist Gore? 🙂

    great work.

  2. thanks, pd!
    it took, by my count, 520 days. the first post was on february 17th of last year.
    neither the raisin nor mighty mikk0mouse can afford to go to NN. of course, mighty mikk0mouse can fly there for free, but hotels are expensive. 🙂

  3. jeb

    You call this a celebration? That’s not champagne, it’s Fresca. Those aren’t canapes, they’re toquitoes from 7-11. Really, I know that the raisin is on a budget but I think a little splurge for such a momentous occassion would have been in order.

  4. nightowl724

    HAPPY 500TH POSTDAY! I don’t know how you do it, nonnie – great stuff day after day after day. (And, you don’t look a day over 499!)

    Love ya,

  5. oh crap! you mean those damned caterers haven’t shown up yet with the champale and the wine boxes? here, jeb, have a triscuit in the meantime.

  6. thanks nightowl! 😀
    i can’t believe we are at the 500 mark! it seems like the raisin just started yesterday. of course, it wouldn’t be any fun without you guys.

  7. As a young child in the 50s I would watch that mouse save day after day while singing opera. Weird. You know Stalin could make that mouse and raisin disappear from the pictures and no one would say anything. Am looking forward to next 500. Great stuff!

    • saving the day is easy, but singing opera at the same time? now, that’s difficult!

      funny, i didn’t remember that i had dedicated a post for the first 500 diaries. i hope you’ll stop by tomorrow night, and you’ll see why it’s ironic that you picked today to point this diary out. 😉

    I had wet pants after looking at these picturesss!
    ; D
    I love you guysss. (: