It Strikes Me, Sir, That You Have No Balls!

From The Trail at The Washington Post:

Sen. John McCain took in a New York Yankees game today with his friend and onetime primary rival, Rudolph Giuliani, and it turned out that Hizzoner, and not the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, drew the bulk of the crowd’s attention.

Original DVD cover.

A’s manager Bob Geren and Yankees manager Joe Girardi huddled around home plate with McCain, Giuliani and his wife, Judith, for a few minutes. At one point Geren asked McCain about what it’s like to run for president, to which he replied: “It’s like being in AA [baseball] and all of a sudden you’re playing in Yankee Stadium.”

Giuliani answered a few questions from a pool reporter as McCain signed balls. Asked what he thought of Sen. Barack Obama’s current trip to Afghanistan, Giuliani responded, “I think if you look at Senator McCain’s record on Iraq, I don’t see how you fail to elect him president. I mean, he was right about Iraq when almost everybody else was wrong. It’s turned out that if we had caved, in the way Barack Obama and the Democrats do, we’d now have a defeat.

….blah, blah, blah….

You can read the whole entry there if you want, kids, but the best part for me was a comment left by a reader:

Isn’t Guliani a Muslim?

Posted by: The Real Truth | July 20, 2008 11:34 PM


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7 responses to “It Strikes Me, Sir, That You Have No Balls!

  1. crazyassdan

    McCain In 2008
    Keep the Dream Alive!

  2. nightowl724

    crazyassdan, don’t you mean the nightmare?

    nonnie – LOVE the buttons and hats!

    I think I read that CU ducked out in the sixth inning…

  3. nightowl,
    do you really want to spend your time arguing with someone named crazyassdan?
    😳 where are my manners? welcome to the raisin, crazyassdan! 😀
    back to you, nightowl–capt u and rudy and judy went up to one of the air conditioned boxes during the 6th inning, leaving the sweating riffraff behind.

  4. nightowl724

    Well, I didn’t have anything else to do just then…

    You are probably right about CU, R, and J!

  5. jeb

    9-9-9 9-elevennnnn…

    Oh wait, wrong candidate. Wrong paroday. Damn!

  6. Hey, Nonnie, does it say something about me that I noticed that you were very consistent in your photoshopping? You pasted Mr. Noun-Verb-911’s head on Sinatra’s and Captain Underpants’ on Kelly’s–Italian for Italian, and Irish for Irish!

  7. vincent,
    what does it say about me that i completely missed yours and jeb’s comments here?
    thank you for pointing out the brilliance of replacing an italian with an italian and an irishman with an irishman. oh, how i wish i would have thought of that!! 😉