Roberta’s Big Boy!

From Politico:

Trying to avoid being portrayed as a whiney spoilsport, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) broke with his advisers Tuesday and told Katie Couric of CBS News that news coverage of the presidential campaign has been fair and even “fun to watch.”


As part of an increasing effort by major news organizations to balance their coverage after charges they were coddling Obama, Couric interviewed McCain from Amman, Jordan, where she is anchoring the “CBS Evening News” as part of the remarkable road show following the freshman senator through the Middle East and Europe.

Asked whether he believes he’d had unfair media coverage, McCain replied: “I don’t think so. I think …it is what it is. I’m a big boy. And I’m enjoying every minute of the campaigning. And I’m certainly not complaining. And, in fact, I think it’s fun to watch.”

Original DVD cover.
Oooohhhh!!! What a big boy!

Oh, yeah, there’s also this–from The Huffington Post:

During a CBS interview on Tuesday, John McCain made a stone cold error on a subject about which he claims expert knowledge: the “surge” strategy in Iraq. In an interview with anchor Katie Couric, the Arizona Republican said, inaccurately, that the surge strategy was responsible for the much-touted “Anbar Awakening,” in which Sunni sheiks turned against Al Qaeda, helping in turn to reduce violence in the country.


In fact, as Spencer Ackerman and Ilan Goldenberg have reported, the record firmly establishes the opposite: instead of being caused by the surge, the key signs of the Anbar Awakening occurred not only before that strategy was implemented, but before it was ever conceived.

Yet McCain’s error was not seen by any CBS Evening News viewers. As MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann noted (video below), “CBS curiously, to say the least, left it on the edit room floor. It aired Katie Couric’s question, but in response, it aired part of McCain’s answer to the other question instead.”


The fact remains, however, that the military official cited by McCain, then-Colonel Sean MacFarland, described the Anbar Awakening in September 2006 — four months before the “surge” was even announced — noting that tribal leaders were “stepping forward and cooperating with the Iraqi security forces against Al Qaeda.”

You can read the rest over at HuffPo, kids, but we will concentrate on the really important part–Captain Underpants is a big boy!!! I bet that his mom, Miss Roberta, is very, very proud of him!

Hamburger? Maybe a cheese sandwich would be more fitting! 😆

I tell ya, kids, one day there will be statues erected (if Viagra continues to be covered under most health insurance policies) of Miss Roberta’s big boy!


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40 responses to “Roberta’s Big Boy!

  1. nightowl724

    nonnie, this is so funny and creative! And, I agree that CU is a cheeseburger-hold-the-burger! And Mrs. CU is (are?) his pickles…

  2. nightowl,
    don’t open up that can of worms! we all know that pickles is laura bush. while it might be hilariously funny if it was found out that capt u was surreptitiously boinking pickles, we don’t want to start any rumors here.

    do we?

    oh, mrs. captain underpants would be the artificial sweetener you find at the counter. 😉

  3. nightowl724

    I don’t know…

    It might be easier to spread a rumor about CU than the truth!

  4. it might be easier, nightowl, if laura didn’t look like she had her inner thighs hot glued together years ago. not that i would blame her, having to sleep in the same room as chimpy, if only for appearances’ sake (when she isn’t staying at the mayflower hotel).

  5. jlms qkw - jenn

    It might be easier to spread a rumor about CU than the truth!

    true dat!

  6. jlms qkw - jenn


    true dat!

    true nightmare material there.
    you rock!

  7. jenn!!!!! 😀
    maybe that’s why i can’t sleep at night. i’ve been looking at pics of capt underpants for too long every day!

  8. jlms qkw - jenn

    you need to read something else before you go to sleep.

    i’m off to bubble bath.

    is there a group of edwards-haters who post that stupid-8ss diary every 4 hours?

  9. jenn,
    i saw that yesterday. i just ignore them. if everyone else would ignore them, they will go away.

  10. did he call Katie the c-word?

  11. dcAp,
    the c-word is always implied. you can see it in his beady little eyes.

  12. First, thanks for link credit on the Bob’s Big Boy photo! I’m sure that I stole it from the web, but was not as forthcoming to cite the source as you were!

    Great site, I’m a huge fan of witty sarcasm, and seems you do a great job at not only that but the art work to give it the 1-2 punch of visual sarcasm. I can learn from a master.

    And now that you mention it, very beady…

  13. Oh, feel free to fix spelling 😉

    I added your site to the blog roll as well!


  14. hi sandy!
    welcome to the raisin! 😀 i just spent a little time at your blog…i mean flog 🙂 and i found it very interesting. i am so clueless when it comes to cars. can i bring you all my questions? thank you for adding the raisin to your blogroll (flogroll?). it is very much appreciated. i hope you visit and comment often!
    p.s. i fixed the spelling! 😉

  15. I think we can work something out, I’m pretty clueless about politics, but really happy to learn via ‘sarcasm’ 😉

    And please any questions give me a shot I’m happy to help.


  16. it’s a deal, sandy! i saw that you are no stranger to sarcasm, by the way. i loved this:

    A few side notes while bragging about your EMPG and Acutal EMPG (AEMPG), the following does not apply when calculating the (A)EMPG

    * Animals (Dogs, Cats, etc)
    * Non-licensed drivers
    * Children
    * Licensed Drivers that are passed out due to drinking or other chemicals
    * Joyriding with Licensed Drive (AEMPG = 0 always)
    * Stolen Vehicles (AEMPG = 0 always)
    * Dead Bodies in non-commercial vehicle (i.e. Stiff in the trunk)

  17. Some say that sarcasm is a sickness, and I would have to agree but it is a valuable tool that keeps the wheels rollin’.

    The interesting thing about the FLog was that it was an experiment to see if I could make my $9.95 Yahoo hosting fees with addsense. But I have really found it useful to be a sarcastic avenue 😉

    If I had more time and energy I would start another FLog making fun of all the Hollywood crap I see on TV. It has almost as much material as the Political Comedy we are now watching!


  18. hi again sandy! 😀
    i love sarcasm. i always have, ever since i was a little kid. i am not sure i could carry on a conversation without it.
    from what i can see, your experiment was a success. if you ever do start a flog about tv, let me know. i am a tv junkie, but i hate most of the stuff i watch! 😆

  19. It’s a lot of fun for sure, and I used to be a TV junkie, well movies, but no time for much of that these days.

    BTW I hope to see some good solid sarcasim about the story –

    “Paris Hilton issues tart rebuttal to McCain ad”
    (was on yahoo news)

    It seems to scream for something, operative word ‘tart’…

  20. I almost forgot, I hope you know about the ‘Onion’ would be a stretch if you didn’t but just want to make sure.


  21. hi sandy!
    i have been on top of the paris story! have no fear, i will continue to follow these very important news events. 😉
    i have a car question for you, sandy, if you wouldn’t mind. my son is thinking of buying a 1973 chevy malibu. it only has 46000 miles on it (driven by the proverbial old lady). the grandson is selling it and asking $5,000. would you buy it, and how much would your top offer be? my son is going to have a mechanic look it over.

  22. p.s. i don’t go there often, but i love the onion!

  23. I would take a look at Ebay or Classic Autotrader for prices of the same car. Might be a tick high if not in really sharp condition, but might be right on. It is of the newer body for Chevelle/Malibu which is not as desirable as the pre 73’s. Also depends on how bad your son’s really wants the car as to what you will end up paying ;-). It is a pretty simple car to work on so if it does break it will not be a total nightmare.

  24. thanks, sandy! you rock! 😀

  25. Hey, not sure the best way to shoot you a message, but I found this amusing, not sure how I got off on a car tangent, but might be fun material

  26. The name of the product that is…

  27. hi sandy!
    i think my son has decided against the car. the mechanic said it needed $900 worth of repairs, and that was without one important test that had to be run on the engine. thanks for your advice. 🙂
    you know, it didn’t dawn on me until you supplied that link that i have seen that brand before. they make ellio’s pizza, which i used to buy. thanks for the link. i have it bookmarked, and it just might come in handy one of these days!
    always feel free to comment in any of the threads, sandy. don’t be shy. we’re all family here! 😀

  28. I know you favor the movie posters 🙂 but the McCain Baby Cakes seemed funny enough. Some of the Institutional foods and McCain wanting to become the leading french fry supplier. All funny after reading things here!

    Glad you did the mechanic thing, a few bucks can do wonders to tell the real state of the car. Can also be used as a bargaining tool if you don’t care about the stuff that is broken 😉

  29. sandy,
    i use food quite often. in fact, i love using food in parodies. comic books, magazines, tv shows, even cars! did you see the diary about edsels? let me find it for you. here it is!
    never hesitate to suggest any ideas you think of. i might not use them right away, but i love to bookmark stuff to use later on when they fit perfectly.
    if you’d like, i will email you, and then you will have my email addy.

  30. I just caught this last post, sorry for the late reply, the Edsel stuff if another genius piece of work! I think some of the old Ford duffers might have moved into politics. And definitely shoot me your email. I have been so busy at work I have not even had a chance to enjoy as much of the entire presidential parody as I planned to. I have had to resort to printing out a daily email of the Onion and putting on a clipboard over the urinal in the men’s bathroom… I would tell you how I know but it might be a bit distasteful 😉


  31. OOps it should have read –

    “How I know it’s popular”….

  32. sandy,
    no worries. just stop by whenever you get a chance. we will be here! you will get better information from the onion that you would from most of the 24/7 news stations and most of the newspapers. isn’t it sad that the only media we can trust are comedians? 😯 i just thought that up, and i blew my own mind!!

  33. Nonnie – very clever as usual! And I will agree. I can’t watch the news. My favorite thing used to be to see how many news reports would use the line “Trouble in the Middle East”. Like what, for the last 1000 years LOL. Just bad all around. I’ll stick to cartoons and movies. I keep thinkin’ you need something with the Smokey and Bandit DVD for something 😉

    As always keep up the very enjoyable work.


  34. oooh, smokey and the bandit! i have to keep that in mind for the future. sometimes i get a total brain fart when i am trying to think of a movie. i usually go with a key word and hope for the best. i love when someone reminds me of a movie that wouldn’t ordinarily come to mind.
    i watch the news (but never the local news), and i wind up getting angry more often than getting informed.
    the offspring has started looking at new cars. any suggestions, sandy? what’s economical, reliable, and comfy? he looked at a dodge charger yesterday. i don’t know why he insists on looking at cars that are not very good on gas. 🙄

  35. What kind of car for your son, that is a trick question ;-). I can already see it like this –

    Mom – Honda Civic
    Son – Dodge Charger
    Mom – Toyota Corolla
    Son – Chevy Camaro

    Some late model used cars that are sporty but might be reasonable on the mileage side –

    Acura RSX /Honda’s
    BMW’s 3 Series
    Mustang v6
    Chevy HHR thingy

    BTW I like the look of the Charger, but for a new car lots of interesting things floating about, Mustangs are a good buy as I’m thinking they have been out for a while the Charger is still really new. Just depends on his tastes, even late model Leased cars are flooding the lots like BMW’s, Audi, Honda, Nissan, etc. I’ll bet due to the crappy economy their should be some good deals from the automakers. Better hurry before the Trillion dollar bail out as that might just turn the economy around and blow a good opportunity ;-).

    Just don’t get your hopes up that he will want anything you do, ahh I remember getting my first car 😉


  36. sandy,
    this isn’t his first car. however, almost all the others have been hand-me-downs. this will be the first one that he has actually shopped for though.
    he is usually good about money, but i think he has lost his mind! thank you for the suggestions. i have passed them on. if you think of any other cars that might fit the bill, please let me know. thanks again, sandy! 😀

  37. Hey got your post, I shot an email, not sure if you got it. But definitely want to say Hi!. Glad you son got the car!

    Hope thing are well!


  38. I know how it is, you know the owner/operator of one of the most popular Political websites in the universe 😉

    Well glad hear he got it. I have to start reading again, I don’t know many of the ‘chumps’ that your talking about. I will have to start googling first to find out who they are. You need the section ‘Political Satire For Newbies’…


    • sandy!
      😆 you don’t want to look at the stats lately and see how untrue that is!

      i hope you can find time to read and catch up. there’s so much comedy to mine, even without the tension of an election.