Camp Pain Poser

Hey, kids! Have you seen the new Captain Underpants campaign poster? Go on over to Democratic Underground and take a look. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Didja see it? Captain Underpants all ethereal and majestic looking (not to mention about 30 years younger! 😆 ). Well, I unearthed the poster before it was totally airbrushed…

From the Philadelphia Daily News:

EVERY MORNING now, John McCain gets out of bed on the wrong side of history. No wonder he’s in a foul mood.

It’s not only his frequent references to Czechoslovakia that suggest he’s living in a time warp. (The Czech Republic split from Slovakia in 1993.) It’s also his Vietnam-era insistence that there’s a peace-with-honor ending to be found in the criminally tragic blunder that is the war in Iraq.

Recent events have confirmed that there will be no “victory” in Iraq, not in any reality-based definition of the term. Words like “success” and “winning” have no meaning there. They never did.

Everyone – except John McCain, apparently – now knows this. Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki surely does. After hesitating, Maliki stood by his statements agreeing with Barack Obama that the United States should start packing up to leave. Even the Bush administration started calling “timetables” by another name (“general time horizons”), suggesting the eventual withdrawal of combat troops. An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released Wednesday said 60 percent of Americans want a timetable to get out of Iraq, compared with 30 percent who don’t.


So, the line goes, President Bush was right to order the surge, McCain was right to support it – and Obama is being churlish for not admitting it.

This analysis is factually incorrect, and it threatens to lead to more Iraqs.

In an interview with CBS this week, McCain had yet another “senior moment,” crediting the military surge with the decision of Sunni tribes to turn against al Qaeda, developments that took place several months before the surge started. But McCain’s trouble with the facts, while distressing, isn’t the most important issue here.

Focusing only on the last 18 months in Iraq seeks to airbrush out the first four bloody years of a war that did not have to be fought, $3 trillion that would not have been spent, hundreds of thousands of lives that would not have been lost, two million or more refugees who would not have been exiled – and a U.S. Constitution that did not have to be undermined.

Go read the whole thing, kids. It’s very good, and the title rocks–



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11 responses to “Camp Pain Poser

  1. I am pained to watch him speak.

  2. me, too, dcup! 🙄 it is painful to listen to him and to look at him, and he looks like he is in pain whenever someone asks him a question he doesn’t know the answer to (which is about 75% of the time, it seems).

  3. jeb

    Well, I guess he’ll always have Lieberman…

    Seriously, can we call the home and tell them we’ve found him wandering the grounds again?

  4. 😆 seriously, does he go anywhere without joe mcliebercain or l’il lindseypoo? he’s like a junior high girl who is afraid to go anywhere unless one of her friends goes with her. i bet they giggle on the bus together and have pajama parties at night.

  5. jlms qkw - jenn

    nonnie – home run – out of the park – in san francisco it would be in the bay.

    totally excellent. love the little georges. love the skewered rnc elephant. love the flies (are the repubs acting out lord of the flies?).

    i feel strangely satisfied.

  6. nightowl724

    Funny, the first thing I noticed on this poster was the elephant. To me, it looks like it’s turning on a spit, slowly being cooked. Sort of like McCain and the entire Rethug Party…

    The flies? Well, CU was a flier in the military. Or, are they hornets representing CU’s temper?

    We all remember how Rudykins spoke during his campaign: a noun (usually “I”), a verb, and then “9-11.” McSame has sort of picked up that same habit: a noun (usually “I”), a verb, and then “surge.” Between “surge” and “insurgency,” McSurge is just full of “surgiosity!”

  7. jlms qkw - jenn

    nightowl, don’t forget “did i mention i was a pow?” {in the last 15 seconds}.

  8. thanks, jenn!
    feelingsickinMN over at the big orange asked if i could redo the poster, and i wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. glad that you liked the result.
    i had to cover the stars with something, and i wanted to stick chimpy in there somewhere, so i decided to stick him in the corners. he should be stuck in a corner, as far as i am concerned.
    the first thing i thought of doing was putting flies where the planes were. i was thinking of how flies circle things that are old and stinky.
    i hope feelingsick stops by to see it.

  9. nightowl,
    the most fun about sticking little things in the posters is seeing other people’s interpretations. i put an X where the elephant’s eye should be and turned him upside down to portray the death of the rethug party. however, i love your and jenn’s explanations of it being skewered or turning slowly over a spit. the other day, neon vincent pointed out that in the poster for take me out to the ballgame, i replaced sinatra with rudy and gene kelly with mccain–italian for italian and irish for irish. it was totally coincidental, but what fun that he noticed that!

  10. nightowl724

    You’re right, Jenn! We wouldn’t want to forget that CU was a POW! Why, yesterday he was a WOW POW who knows how to catch bin Laden and win wars to boot!

    We surely do have fun with your posters, nonnie. Thanks for your efforts.

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