Duel: Speeches at 10 Paces (if they won’t get those fancy $520 shoes all dusty, Captain Underpants)

From CBS News:

(SPRINGFIELD, MO.) – Forget negative ads and attacks on the stump, Barack Obama went back in time and challenged John McCain to an old fashioned duel.

Original DVD cover.

“I was just reading that Wild Bill Hickok. He had the first duel in the town square here in Springfield,” Obama told the crowd of around 1,000. Referencing his extended family tree, Obama said that legend has it that he is related to Hickok.

“So we’re going to research that cause I’m ready to duel John McCain on taxes. Right now, right here. I am a quick draw.”


During the town hall, Obama veered of (sic) his prepared remarks to comment on everything from campaign ads to lobbyists.

“You’ve seen the ads. They just replace the name each election cycle. But it’s the same ad over and over again.”

“Now listen, not every lobbyist is bad, I mean some of them, they’re just trying to present their point of view,” he said

Perhaps K Street was smiling. Obama went on to say that the problems with lobbyists arise when they give big contributions to lawmakers, creating too much influence



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16 responses to “Duel: Speeches at 10 Paces (if they won’t get those fancy $520 shoes all dusty, Captain Underpants)

  1. nightowl724

    Ha-ha! McCain couldn’t win a duel with Obama if they gave him a 2-second head start! Besides, he might get blood on his Ferragamo loafers – which is even worse than dust…

    I see you “Wild-Wested” your sig tonight, nons!

  2. Got a Grip

    I like the “Wild-Wested” sig line! Very spiffy.

    As to Captain Underpants’ loafers, I suspect that they’re protected from the blood by all the applesauce on them. Someone will have to pay for this injustice. It’s gonna leave a mark…. 😉

  3. jlms qkw - jenn

    guess mccain wouldn’t fit in the outfit, heh.

  4. nightowl,
    i had the font out, so i figured, what the hell. go nuts!

  5. gotta!!!! 😀
    how are you? you were missed ’round these parts, ma’am (i talking western, did ya notice?).
    wasn’t the applesauce carpet (or more likely linoleum) bombing the most hilarious thing?! 😆

  6. jenn,
    capt underpants would ride in on one of those sticks with the horsey’s head on it. it would be diamond-studded though. 😉

  7. Got a Grip

    I been a-missin’ you, too, little lady. I been ridin’ the range in Texas. Now I’m back and thought I’d mosey on over to these here parts an’ see how things is goin’ back here at the ranch. *hic* *hic*

  8. and we’re mighty glad you did. park yer horse and set a while.

  9. nightowl724

    What’s with the applesauce? I missed or forgot that story.

  10. 😆 remember when capt u was in the supermarket shadowing that lady with the kids and the shopping cart and the stockboy dropped a bunch of jars of applesauce? it was hilarious!

  11. nightowl724

    Oh, yeah, yeah! That WAS hysterical!

  12. i wonder if the stockboy is a democrat! 😆

  13. jeb

    As a connoisseur of the genre, I have a problem with this. Yeah, Obama can pull off the Gary Cooper, but McCain is the crotchety ol’ coot. No one duels the crotchety ol’ coot! Now fearless leader would be great in the role of town bufoon and drunk. Deadeye would definitely be the heartless cold bastard leader of the gang but I can’t think of a decent bad guy for Obama to duel ala High Noon.

  14. hmmmm….i’ve got it! every western has horses in it, and capt underpants would make a perfect horse’s ass! how’s that work for you, jeb? 🙂

  15. jeb

    Well, I believe he could pull it off but he’ll need a home. How about the deciderer pretending to be a rancher? Oh, right, I forgot. He’s already doing that.

  16. right out of central…..i mean, far right casting!