From The Washington Post:

RACINE, Wis., July 31 — In a celebrity-driven culture that has left little space for John McCain, the Republican presidential candidate has decided to go tabloid.

By featuring Paris Hilton and Britney Spears in an attack ad against Barack Obama, the senator from Arizona has risked charges of silliness to draw attention to his frequently overshadowed campaign.

Original DVD cover.

The commercial, which calls Obama “the biggest celebrity in the world,” reflects frustration with the sizable imbalance in media coverage, with the senator from Illinois featured in recent weeks in People, Us Weekly and Rolling Stone and on “Access Hollywood.” Unable to compete on that playing field, McCain operatives have taken to mocking Obama’s global fame.

McCain said at a town hall meeting here that he is “proud” of the ad as stressing “substance and not style,” and his spokeswoman, Nicolle Wallace, defended it.


Obama aides dismiss the latest ad as pointless. “To inject Britney Spears and Paris Hilton into the debate is beneath what America deserves,” spokesman Bill Burton said. “It was a way for them to get attention for yet another inaccurate, misleading negative attack. People are caught up with the gimmick.”

Responding to earlier negative spots by McCain, the Obama camp rolled out a counterattack ad with the line: “John McCain. Same old politics; same failed policies.” That ad drew on widespread media criticism of the recent McCain commercials, which a New York Times editorial called “low road,” a USA Today editorial dubbed “baloney” and Time described as “baseless.”


Even some McCain allies have winced at the Paris/Britney spot. Republican strategist Dan Schnur, a former McCain adviser, said that “most voters won’t see the parallels between a presidential candidate and two party girls. So a legitimate point about inexperience gets lost in the appearance of name-calling.”


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28 responses to “Ad-nausea

  1. jeb

    I’m voting for McCain cuz Brittney and Paris told me too. If you can’t trust their judgement, what can you trust?

  2. jlms qkw - jenn

    oh yeah, jeb? well, i’m voting for mccain because w and britney told me to! so there!

  3. well, i’m voting for britney and paris, because capt underpants thinks so much of them, he even spent the wife’s money paying for a campaign ad for them!

  4. Got a Grip

    well, I’m voting for britney and paris because I’ve recently been informed that they found their underpants! The surge is working!

  5. nightowl724

    Is that so?

    Well, I’m voting for the Fruit of the Loom fruity guys, because if anyone knows undies, it’s them! Besides, they’re sooooo cute! 🙂

    nonnie, where DO you find these off-the-wall videos and movies?

  6. moneymanagement

    please read my observant post

  7. jlms qkw - jenn

    i’m voting for hanes. just ’cause i can.

  8. now i am befuddled. fruit of the loom guys–fruit has lots of fiber and is very good for you. however, hanes just makes me feel good all under. which is the one that makes the new kind that doesn’t ride up? my mind needs to be clear, and i think much better when i don’t have underwear creeping up my ass.

  9. jeb

    Someone better alert Obama! It looks like McBriefs is riding up on the all important undergarment vote.

  10. nightowl724

    Well, Hanes has a new T-shirt that the collar is guaranteed not to roll…

    Maybe we should elect our next prez according to how they look in their gutchies. It’s not any more superficial than what’s in the media now!

    Brrr… NEVER MIND! I just had a vision of Captain Underpants in his “Kiss me. I’m Republican” boxer shorts and matching garters.

  11. all i know is that i will not vote for anyone who will have someone named victoria as his press secretary. i’ve had enough of secrets!

  12. jeb

    Hey Nightowl, since our media managed elections are just beauty contest, it’s only a matter of time before we have the swimsuit contest.

  13. nightowl724

    OMG, Jeb, I hope not! Although, the media did love Clinton in a Speedo and the entire Kennedy family at the beach. Of course, Ronnie showed up in pool attire in a few of his movies and the distaff side of the Republican constituency collectively swooned! And, Mittsie got an even better reaction – sexy posters! There’s an example at one of my old diaries:

    How Nuts Was Mutt Romney in the Wagon?

    I’m sure Rudy would have thoroughly enjoyed a swimsuit competition; he thinks he looks good in spike heels! But, can you imagine Thompson in a thong? Or Chimpy? (Sorry for that…) And, if Hillary showed up on deck with anything other than a pantsuit and turtleneck, there’d be no end to the discussion of her cleavage!

    Actually, I wrote quite a bit about politicians frolicking at the beach in a series I posted last year. Here are two samples:

    Gnarly Snarly Meany Weenie Yellow-Bellied VP Cheney

    Rudy + Bikinis = Poll!

    nonnie, thanks for letting me pimp on your corner! One good thing (I guess) about Victoria and her secrets is that if you look at her catalog, she doesn’t have any! (Wonder bras – see page 7.)

  14. Got a Grip

    Well, if this election is going to hinge on the underwear vote, then Captain Underpants will be forced to choose Romney as his running mate. He, of the magic underwear….. 😉

  15. nightowl724

    Doh! I forgot the three-link rule!

  16. Capt. Underpants using women who don’t wear underpants–the irony is delicious.

    BTW, if all of you are going to tout underwear brands, I have to give a shout out to Jockey.

  17. nightowl724

    Vincent, you mean Britney and Paris don’t wear underpants? He**, I thought they wore chastity belts! 🙂

  18. Got a Grip

    Vincent, I recently read somewhere that both Britney and Paris have not only found their underwear but they’ve both been spotted wearing it.

    Don’t you see?

    They’ve flip-flopped on the who underwear issue! Of course they’re perfect for the MaCain ads!

  19. i’ve made my decision. i am voting for joe boxer.

  20. nightowl724

    Good choice, nonnie! He’s as cute as could be and so enthusiastic!

    Vincent, Jockeys are fine, too, depending on who’s wearing them. So are BVDs. What does “BVD” stand for anyway?

    gotta, I didn’t know that B & P flip-flopped re the all-important panty politics. Let’s go viral with that right away!

  21. Got a Grip

    nightowl, I’m afraid B & P went viral many moons ago, as well as bacterial. There are research facilities working overtime right now trying to come up with various cures for what ails those two…. 😉

  22. nightowl724

    But, gotta, I’m sure millions of prepubescent, pubescent, and postpubescent boys don’t realize that B & P actually wear bloomers nowadays! It could tip the election!

  23. Got a Grip

    Well, if that’s the tip that this election is hanging on, I think we’re all screwed anyway. What a bunch of little pr1cks…..

  24. bvd stands for:

    bradley, voorhees and day–the names of the 3 guys who started the brand


    bovine virus diarrhea–which also somehow fits the subject matter.

  25. nightowl724

    Well, gotta, that’s not the only issue. Last week, the WSJ ran an article claiming BO is too THIN to be president!

    Thanks for the info, nonnie. You’re right. Definition #2 is more appropriate…

  26. jeb

    But won’t anyone stand up for the poor little underoos?

  27. jeb,
    i was going to mention underoos, but i didn’t want to give capt underpants any more ammunition. you know that they will say that obama wears underoos, because he is way too young to be president. i will bring up underalls, though, in case capt u picks rudy as his running mate.

  28. nightowl724

    Underoos! Underalls! Hahahahahaha!