The so-called Russian expert not rushin’ to help

From Time:

Russia’s invasion of Georgia spread into a multi-front war Monday as Moscow’s troops attacked in the west of the country and took the town of Gori in its center, effectively splitting the nation in two. The incursion of Russian troops beyond the secessionist province of South Ossetia represents a direct challenge by Russia to the U.S., the European Union and NATO, and threatens to draw a new line of confrontation between the former cold war adversaries. It is also a test case for the limits of post-Iraq U.S. Power.

But if the stakes are high, you wouldn’t know it from Washington’s early reaction. The administration of George W. Bush has been slow to respond, with the President making cautious statements of condemnation over the weekend at the Olympic games in Beijing, and Condoleezza Rice remaining on vacation and oddly absent from public view.

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The Administration struggled to shape a response to the crisis from the beginning. A senior State department official tells TIME that on Aug. 7 he personally warned the Georgian foreign minister “not to get into a military tangle” with the Russians.


After the Russians invaded Aug. 8, President Bush spoke with Russian leader Vladimir Putin at the Olympic games in Beijing. Bush made a cautious statement urging a return to positions held before the recent fighting erupted, but made no clear statement on the consequences of a Russian escalation. Although Secretary of State Rice remained on vacation, the State Department says, she has made some 90 phone calls in the last three days to Russian, Georgian, European and American officials in apparent pursuit of a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

Ooh, I hope she didn’t go to any trouble or ruin her manicure when she was dialing the phone!

But even members of Republican John McCain’s campaign were quietly critical of her diplomacy-by-telephone approach to the conflict.


The invasion sent the foreign policy teams of both John McCain and Barack Obama into feverish activity. Both candidates made supportive calls to Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili and received one-on-one telephone briefings from Rice.


Rice showed no signs of emerging from vacation, but dispatched an envoy to the region.

What neither Bush nor either of the campaigns are likely to say is that the outcome of conflict in Georgia may redefine perceptions of American and European power around the world. If Russia attacks Tblisi and topples the Georgian government — and there is nothing but diplomatic warnings from the West standing in its way — it will mark a return to the military compulsion Moscow practiced in the Soviet era and will be a very visible blow to the West’s ability to control other countries’ behavior.


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24 responses to “The so-called Russian expert not rushin’ to help

  1. nightowl724


    Today, instead of your poster on both your home page and this one is a graphic message that says, “Upgrade to Pro today! Bandwidth exceeded. PhotoBucket.”

    I’ve never seen that before.

  2. dummidumbwit

    Try tempting them with possible stationing of the European missile shield on their eastern frontier, contingent on good behavior and toning it down. If not, move heavy units of the French, British American and German and Asst Nato Allies
    Armies to the Polish or Turkish Frontier, they are no good at air land warfare, they’ll lose and it won’t come to that anyway, just move the troops. Germany and France have enough firepower to send the message without us for a while, trained troops, high quality. But try talking to Putin 1st for God’s sake, he’s not insane, just bored. Have you ever seen a Leopard II Tank, it’s real bad news.China in 10 years is a problem Russia is a nuisance as yet. After a crash missile defense program it’s do able now, or in 16 months when we are out of Iraq.

  3. nightowl,
    i saw that my homepage at dk has the message from pb. i tried to upgrade it a couple of hours ago, and the damned site won’t accept my payment for some reason. i am able to see the movie poster here. if nobody else can, i will upload it to wordpress and repost it. let me know.

  4. hey dummi!! 😀
    nice to see you here again! i agree with you. this is a time for diplomacy. it’s also a time to remember that we have allies in nato and the eu, and it’s time to talk to them as well.

  5. nightowl724

    nonnie, does this little problem mean you are getting “too busy for your britches” as in too many hits? Look at your stats and how quickly you went from 50K to 60K! Congrats!

  6. nightowl,
    i honestly don’t understand how the whole thing works. all i know is that it is going to cost me 40 bucks for the year for photobucket to work all the time. for now, i have uploaded this poster into wordpress, so there is no danger of pb targeting it for special rendition.
    i was surprised at the stats for a couple of days in the last week. it was the raisin’s best couple of days ever! 😀

  7. Friend of the court

    hay nonnie, no need to be concerned about Condi’s nails. I’m sure that the Dept. of State has contractors to dial the phone for her.

  8. fotc! 😆
    how could i forget? let’s see, phone dialing….i guess that would be a job for Bechtel, right? 😉

  9. jlms qkw - jenn

    nonnie, this is really brilliant. billboard material.

  10. nightowl724

    I can see the poster now and it’s effin grand! I’d have had a hard time deciding whether to feature her lovely red spikes or her Gestapo boots.

  11. thanks, jenn! 🙂
    this was a fun one to make. i even researched to see what expensive department stores there are in australia, where condi was vacationing. i couldn’t find any pics of bags from either store, so i made one for david jones using the logo. of course, i had to throw in a ferragamo bag, so i had to make one of those, too.

  12. nightowl,
    i wish i knew how this bandwidth crap worked. i could see the posters for the last 8 diaries, but not the ones before those. i uploaded this to wordpress to make sure everyone could see it. i hope photobucket replies tomorrow, and i can get all this straightened out. it’s no biggie, but it’s annoying.
    i found a pic of a woman sitting and kicking up her leg, and i thought i could make it fit in the poster. i liked the shoes, so i kept them. i think they give the black pants and mr. bean’s jacket that pop of color that is so fashionable now.

  13. nightowl724

    Boss, da stats, da stats!

    You go, girl!

  14. jeb

    Condi’s on vacation? Really, who knew?

  15. dummidumbwit

    I don’t feel that we are doing a good enough job exposing Ronald Reagan as a politician like anyone else. The Republicans hold him up like an Icon, and he was really just a response to FDR whom we need to hold up instead. All McCain’s positions on Diplomacy are based on Reagan’s handling of the USSR and Iran, but Russia is still there as is Iran as well as a much larger China? We need to figure out better ways of dealing with the “Morning in America” thing, it’s an attack on FDR and Obama and Hillary and Jimmy Carter and everything we value.

  16. nightowl,
    the photobucket business is all straightened out, so things should be back to normal around here now.

  17. jeb,
    the way to distinguish that condi is on vacation is by counting the number of shopping bags. when she is supposedly working, there are usually one or two less. that is, unless you count the ups bags from her online purchases. 😉

  18. dummi,
    whether we like it or not, attacking reagan won’t accomplish anything. as it is now, he is still some kind of icon for a lot of idiots out there. those on the left already realize that the reagan myth is just that–a myth and a fraud. we don’t need to convince them since they already know. as for the rest, you don’t want to alienate them right before an election.
    you are absolutely correct that the dems are too timid in praising fdr and others who did so much good for the country. hopefully, we can take back the country and then start to chip away at the reagan fairy tale that the rethugs have turned into a marketing tool. reagan’s policies are what has turned this country into a place where we now have a caste system, where corporations rule, where people have to beg to get health care, and where we are now back to the cold war as far as russian/american relations go.

  19. dummidumbwit

    Possibly, I almost think it’s what McCain is propped up with, No Reagan Myth No McCain? Obama has done excellently so far, but the attacks on Jimmy Carter hurt. They are ridiculous, but so much of politics is emotive, an untruth can win if it resonates in emotive spheres. It makes me nervous but I should just assume they know what they are doing in Chicago, they’ve gotten this far. But Carter is part of their swift boat 08 and we need to do something? Napoleon said he wanted “Luck” in his generals, Jimmy Carter is one of the finest examples of a Human Being I can think of, but he had bad “Luck” and I fear attacks from that angle. I’m Paranoid to an extent?

  20. bingo, dummi (who is no dummy!! 😉 )
    the rethugs are trying to sell capt. underpants as reagan II. we need to stop them in their tracks and push him as chimpy II. every ad needs to feature the hugging and kissing. make them siamese twins. the chimpy maladministration was apparently taken by surprise by the russia/georgia situation. capt underpants touts his being on the armed services committee, and one of his top advisers is buddy-buddy with the georgian president, yet capt u didn’t do a damned thing about the situation. why not? why not ring any alarm bells other than trying to restart the cold war?
    i have to get my tin-foil hat out again, because i am really wondering about the timing of all of this. with all the talk of russian aggression, the georgians actually made the first move. was that designed to give capt u a leg up in the election? there has been so much subterfuge since chimpy took office that i have no idea what to believe anymore.

  21. jeb

    Nonnie, that probably is a bit tin-foil hatty in this situation. The Russians and Georgians have been snarling at each other for years now. A few months ago the Russians were overflying Ossetia and provoking the Georgians. The reality is Putin (he who’s eyes you can look into and see the soul) wants the empire back. He will never go all the way back to the Soviet days but he believes in a greater Russia; hence Georgia, Chechnya, probably the Baltics and others down the road if he has his way.

    The real point you made here – and you make so many times that you sound like a broken record – is that our wonderful, strong, tough, Preznit was caught napping once again. We know he doesn’t read the newspapers but shouldn’t his NSC be cracking one occassionally?

  22. i made a real point? really? i have to call my mom!!!
    i still don’t trust any of them. why did it all blow up now? the olympics? attack while the world is looking in the other direction? it’s so convenient that randy scheunemann has the ear of both capt u and saakashvili and that georgia playing the victim is beneficial to both of them.
    this is what 8 years of chimpy does. i no longer trust any politician as far as i can throw them.

  23. i am proud of you, dummi! 😀 hope you don’t mind that i tidied up your comment a bit so there weren’t all those letters breaking the border.