Cronies and Phonies

Before you faint from seeing where I found this, note that this was at the bottom:

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From Fox Business:

This week John McCain has stayed busy trying to escape his ties to criminal lobbyist Jack Abramoff and his shady lobbyist colleagues, including Randy Scheunemann and Ralph Reed. The McCain campaign has been trying to gloss over the details of Scheunemann’s swings between lobbying and advising McCain, often on issues of interest to recent clients, and attempting to excuse McCain’s enlistment of Abramoff crony Reed to raise money. But the McCain campaign can’t spin away Scheunemann’s shady ties, or his influence on McCain, and they’re not having any more success trying to escape the fallout over McCain’s refusal to cancel his Monday fundraiser with Reed.

(At the top: Captain Underpants and Rick Davis. In front: Randy Scheunemann, Jack Abramoff, Ralph Reed)

Original DVD cover.

Scheunemann served as McCain’s campaign foreign policy advisor in 2000 and is back in 2008, despite lobbying in the interim. Until May, Scheunemann was lobbying for Georgia – earning more than $800,000 in the process – yet now in August, he’s advising McCain on the conflict between Georgia and Russia. Scheunemann’s other notable lobbying stints include putting his McCain ties to use in 2006 advising Greenberg Traurig, Jack Abramoff’s former firm, as McCain served as chairman of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, charged with investigating Abramoff.

McCain has also enlisted Abramoff crony Ralph Reed to raise money for his campaign. Abramoff directed at least $4.2 million to Reed as he defrauded his clients, yet as chair, McCain never called Reed to testify before the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs during the Abramoff investigation.


According to Public Citizen, McCain Has 76 Current and Former Lobbyist Bundlers. Public Citizen’s WhiteHouseForSale website noted that 76 current and former lobbyists are McCain bundlers.


His campaign manager, Rick Davis, co-founded a lobbying firm whose clients have included Verizon and SBC Telecommunications. His chief political adviser, Charles R. Black Jr., is chairman of one of Washington’s lobbying powerhouses, BKSH and Associates, which has represented AT&T, Alcoa, JPMorgan and U.S. Airways. Senior advisers Steve Schmidt and Mark McKinnon work for firms that have lobbied for Land O’ Lakes, UST Public Affairs, Dell and Fannie Mae.”


Greenberg Traurig Hired Scheunemann for “Advice” on Handling the Senate Abramoff Investigation. The New York Times reported, “When Senator John McCain led a Senate investigation three years ago of Jack Abramoff, the disgraced lobbyist who later pleaded guilty to fraud charges, Mr. Abramoff’s old firm turned to a former McCain campaign adviser for help. The firm, Greenberg Traurig, which had quickly cut its ties to Mr. Abramoff, hired Randy Scheunemann, who had been the McCain campaign’s foreign policy adviser in 2000 — and is again this year — for advice on handling the Senate investigation. ‘After Greenberg Traurig severed ties to Mr. Abramoff, Mr. Scheunemann advised the law firm on how best to cooperate with the Senate investigation,’ said Brian Rogers, a spokesman for the McCain campaign. ‘The record reflects that the law firm cooperated.'” [New York Times, 8/14/08]

Greenberg Traurig Escaped Fallout From Abramoff Scandal.


McCain Didn’t Investigate Republican Colleagues for Their Illegal or Unethical Behavior. John McCain’s Indian Affairs Committee hearings failed to go after federal lawmakers who benefited from Jack Abramoff’s lobbying.


McCain Withheld Controversial Email Implicating AL Gov. Bob Riley During Riley’s Re-Election Campaign. As chair of a committee conducting an investigation on Abramoff, McCain had access to an incriminating email involving Alabama Governor Bob Riley. Rather than including the email — which detailed what Abramoff wanted Riley to do in return for the contributions Abramoff’s tribal clients directed toward his campaign — in his report on the Abramoff scandal, McCain chose to withhold it, thus shielding Riley from becoming implicated in the scandal as he was waging a bitter re-election campaign. [Huffington Post, 2/25/08]

The Hill Noted Reed and Norquist Have Never Been Called to Testify in the Senate Indian Affairs Hearings.

Kids, I would love to copy and paste the entire thing, but, instead, I think you should go over and read it for yourselves. And while you are there, why not click where it says Recommended at the top?


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23 responses to “Cronies and Phonies

  1. Friend of the court

    You can fool a lot of the people, rather often. About every four years, it seems. “My friends, I was a POW……”, sure does make all the little slip ups go away.

  2. fotc,
    especially 29% of the people! you can fool them all of the time!
    i don’t know what happened to this country. has advertising become so powerful that people buy the wrapper instead of the candy bar? nobody seems to care about substance anymore. it’s all about labels and who people are supposed to be, not who they really are.

  3. Friend of the court

    People deliberately remain uninformed. They are satisfied to buy into some “Once upon a time”, pile of happy horse $hit, if it keeps them from having to think. Hell of a way to run a country.

  4. nightowl724

    fotc – HAHAHAHAHA!
    You can fool a lot of the people, rather often. About every four years, it seems.

    nonnie – HAHAHAHAHA! The concept, the title, the poster. Read the original article and rec’d it. Mine was only the third rec. If you also rec’d it, that means we have exactly one other friend at Fox!

  5. fotc,
    i was just saying the same thing over at the big orange in zwoofie’s diary.

  6. nightowl,
    you are assuming that someone at faux news is not assigned to erasing recs as soon as they come in. this was a fun poster to make. i have used our gang movies before, and i just might have to use them again.

  7. nightowl724

    Doh! I forgot how foxy Fox can be!

  8. Friend of the court

    Oh deer, sorry about the potty mouth, nonnie.

  9. jeb

    Everybody – and I mean everybody – involved with whole Abramoff thing should be in prison. That would include Preznit – I don’t know Jack Abramoff – and Dick (destroy the visitor logs) Cheney. All those in Congress who could not perform their oversight duties because they were covered in the slime themselves… JAIL!

    The woeful ignorance of people about history is that they don’t realize that many of the great empires did not end in military defeat, but because of rampant corruption, moral bankruptcy and real bankruptcy. That has been accelerated in the last years by the Rethug greedheads who ran the show and showered daily in $hit including Johnny Mc.

  10. no worries, fotc….
    i have a uncanny ability to hone in immediately on dirty words. it’s no trouble editing them, so don’t feel like you have to watch what you say.

  11. history? americans don’t need history, jeb! they are so happy with fairy tales!

  12. nightowl724

    nonnie, sorry to be critical, but…

    The proper way would have been to say: history? americans don’t need NO STINKIN’ history, jeb!

    And, Americans as a whole HATE “fairy” tales. Please go reread the Defense of Marriage Act.

  13. i was going to say it that way, nightowl, but i am not feeling very (or is that gangsta?) this evening. i am trying to clean up my image so i can try out for the 2012 olympics. 😉

  14. nightowl724



  15. jlms qkw - jenn

    reed is a tool of satan.

    i thought zwoofie’s diary was a drinking event?

    luv the wittle CU. hahahahaha

    Got a Grip had a death in the family, so please keep her in thoughts and prayers.

  16. jenn,
    reed is a little asswipe who needed to use religion to get a little attention.
    gotta wrote to tell me about her uncle. she seems to have to go somewhere every time she finally gets home.

  17. jeb

    Nonnie, why do you insult little asswipes so?

  18. nightowl724

    Hey, jeb and nonnie – Hasn’t anyone told you that you can’t use that kind of language around these here parts?

    That’s a shame about gotta’s uncle…

  19. i hereby apologize to all asswipes everywhere.
    nightowl, ass is acceptable, as is most of its permutations.

  20. nightowl724

    Well, so much for the 2012 Olympics!

  21. damn! 👿 and i lasted so long!

  22. Judy Calvin

    Pass this on to Keith Olbermann Does Mc Insane think we are STUPID…CROOKS and CRONIES these people get away with murder.They gunned down Gus Bolis in FT. Lauderdale. They need to parade all the people who are in jail or on the way to jail…DeLay …Etc. Show America …This is all about POWER AND GREED….Mc Cain and Palin are not so lilly white….The skeltons are stacking up and the grave yard is getting full…What happened to HONESTY…..PS REMEMBER EVERY PICTURE TELLS A STORY…Wake up America we dont need these people in the White House..Also,people judge you by the company you keep…We have had 8 years of crime,lies and coruption…..Are you better off today ?????

  23. hello judy calvin!
    welcome to the raisin! 😀 i am quite sure that keith, and the rest of them, for that matter, know all about it. another abramoff cronie just got indicted, so i am hoping that the media reminds people of capt underpants’s associations and of what you get when you elect rethugs.
    hope you visit and comment again, judy!