From the Anchorage Daily News:

Federal prosecutors offered a glimpse of previously unseen evidence against U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens in new court filings Thursday, including allegations that Stevens used insider help to turn a secret $5,000 investment in a Florida condo development into more than $100,000 in quick profits.

The government also dismissed assertions by Stevens that his conduct was shielded by the constitution as a member of Congress, citing nine examples of Stevens’ “errands” and requests involving Veco that had nothing to do with protected lawmaking.

Original DVD cover.

The new filings go substantially further than the indictment handed up against Stevens last month charging him with seven counts of failing to disclose gifts from 1999 through 2006. Most of the alleged gifts were from the former Alaska-based oil field service company Veco and its politically active chairman, Bill Allen. Allen and Veco vice president Rick Smith have pleaded guilty to bribing elected officials and are working with government prosecutors and are expected to testify at Stevens’ trial, tentatively scheduled to start with jury selection Sept. 22.


The allegations concerning the Florida condo emerged in another document filed electronically by prosecutors Wednesday night, hours after the court clerk closed for the day. That document also alleges that Stevens sought jobs from Veco for a son and a grandchild and a new Jeep Cherokee for his daughter Lily in 2005.


While much of the government’s case had emerged in newspaper reports long before the Washington grand jury handed up the indictment, the allegations concerning Florida condo and Jeep Cherokee have never been aired.

From The Seattle Times:

The Florida transaction began in February 2001, when prosecutors said Stevens and an unidentified friend entered into a deal that resulted in a massive profit for the senator.

Stevens was required to put down 10 percent of the $360,000 sales price. Stevens invested $5,000, prosecutors alleged, and received a $31,000 interest-free loan from the friend to make up the difference. The friend was a partner in the development company, prosecutors wrote.

Within months, Stevens sold the condo for $515,000. He later repaid the $31,000 loan, prosecutors wrote, but never disclosed it on his Senate financial-disclosure statements, as required.

From The Washington Post:

Prosecutors also outline another vehicle purchase that doesn’t add up. In 1999, Stevens traded in a 35-year-old Mustang worth $20,000 for a 1999 Land Rover Discovery worth $44,000, a deal negotiated by Allen. The vehicle went to Stevens’s daughter Lily, then 18.

New information reveals that Stevens went to Allen six years later for help with another deal: In 2005, a VECO employee sold Stevens’s daughter a new $35,000 Jeep Grand Cherokee for $13,000 in cash and her old car, which was worth about $9,000.

Back to The Anchorage Daily News:

In March 2006, after the government had begun tapping Allen’s phones, Stevens asked a lobbyist to ask Allen for a job in Phoenix for one of his three sons. The son was unnamed, but Walter Stevens, a multimedia management specialist, lived in Phoenix, at least in the 1990s.

In a recorded conversation, the unidentified lobbyist told Allen, “I saw (Sen. Stevens) at lunch and he asked if you — I’m not sure why he mentioned it to me — but he asked me to, I think, find out if you had any business contacts in Phoenix with respect to his son who is down there, who finds himself without a job at this point.” The lobbyist said Stevens mentioned Allen by name.

Allen ordered company officials to find a job for the son in Alaska in the summer of 2006, the government said. “Stevens’ son accepted the position with Veco and also received a personal loan from Allen.”

Stevens also asked Allen to hire one of his grandsons, which Veco did, the government said. Veco paid the room, board and tuition for the grandson to attend a technical school.


In another filing Thursday, this one in response to Stevens’ assertion of his immunity as a congressman, the government said Stevens’ activities went well beyond his legislative role and should not be protected. One example prosecutors cited was Stevens pushing for state legislation on a proposed natural gas pipeline sought for years by Veco.

Stevens used his official position to try to get the state Legislature to approve construction of a gas line during the 2006 legislative session, the new filing says — a session already shown to be tainted by corruption.

Between January and June 2006, the FBI secretly recorded telephone calls between Allen, Stevens, his legislative staff and his son, then-state Senate President Ben Stevens. They discussed the gas line, then-Gov. Frank Murkowski’s negotiations with oil producers and legislation, the filing says. In one call, Stevens promised Allen he would “whittle down” the federal permitting and reviews, the document says.

There’s plenty more at the links above, kids, but in a nutshell, I think the sign in the movie poster more or less says it all! Your ass is grass, Uncle Ted!


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