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From Politico:

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said in an interview Wednesday that he was uncertain how many houses he and his wife, Cindy, own.

“I think — I’ll have my staff get to you,” McCain told Politico in Las Cruces, N.M. “It’s condominiums where — I’ll have them get to you.”

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The correct answer is at least four, located in Arizona, California and Virginia, according to his staff. Newsweek estimated this summer that the couple owns at least seven properties.

And a Politico analysis later in the day found McCain’s family owns at least eight properties, according to property and tax records, as well as interviews.

In recent weeks, Democrats have stepped up their effort to caricature McCain as living an outlandishly rich lifestyle — a bit of payback to the GOP for portraying Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) as an elitist, and for turning the spotlight in 2004 on the five homes owned by Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.) and his wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry.


Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) told Politico’s Ben Smith that it was McCain “who wears $500 shoes, has six houses and comes from one of the richest families in his state.”


McCain’s comments came four days after he initially told Pastor Rick Warren during a faith forum on Sunday his threshold for considering someone rich is $5 million — a careless comment he quickly corrected.

In the interview, McCain did not offer an alternate number, but had a new answer ready.
“I define rich in other ways besides income,” he said. “Some people are wealthy and rich in their lives and their children and their ability to educate them. Others are poor if they’re billionaires.”

McCain, by anyone’s measure, is well-off, if you account for his wife’s fortune. Cindy McCain inherited control of her father’s beer distributorship, the largest in Arizona, and has an estimated worth of more than $100 million.

If you would like to see where poor little Cindy Lou grew up, there’s a picture here.

Now, kids, I know that a lot of people think the important point of this story is that Captain Underpants and Cindy Lou are out-of-touch elitists who have no idea how the great unwashed are struggling in this economy. They are wrong. The most important thing to take away from this is that Captain Underpants doesn’t know how to count!! That also explains this, from ABC News:

In a presidential race marked by references to preparedness in the face of the 3 a.m. call, the revelation that presumptive Republican nominee Sen. John McCain has taken the sleeping pill Ambien during his travels raises concerns that the rare side effects of the medication could impair his judgment.

See, kids? He has to take Ambien, because he can’t count sheep!!


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9 responses to “Home, Sweet Home & Home & Home & Home & Home & Home & Home

  1. dream on, handsomesmitty!
    it’s not that he is stinking rich. we all know that he ditched his first wife so he could marry a very wealthy woman. it’s the appearance of a doddering old fool who can’t answer a simple question without asking his staff or having joe mcliebercain whispering in his ear. by the way, he doesn’t know what kind of car he drives either.

  2. jeb

    Maybe he would know how many homes he owned if they all had sub-prime mortgages and he didn’t have a huge cushion ala Cindy Lou.

    Really, it doesn’t matter if a wealthy man runs for president – a person without money can’t reach that pinnacle today – it’s whether or not they understand what people are going through. JFK and FDR were both born to wealth but they understood the plight of people trying to make ends meet and to feed their families. The Bush’s were born to wealth and they are completely clueless (and apathetic) to the realities of life for the average American. McCain appears to be in the latter camp, not the former. That is the point.

  3. it’s like doctors. some are absolutely oblivious to their patients’ suffering until they themselves get very ill. then there are those who are as healthy as can be but still understand what their patients are going through and try to make their lives better.

  4. usuajg0

    What is your point? McCain is irrelevant. Considering the Bush admin. has attained a 26% approval rating, given a 50/50 split between the parties population, given the 26% remaining supporters are Republicans, then 24% of Republicans have no regard for Bush or their own party. There is no way McCain can win. Keep banging the anti-McCain drum if you want but I think you’re wasting your time. Like it or not, our next pres. will be a democrat but washington will still be the same self-consumed, out of touch bureaucracy. Then we’ll see if Barrack can satisfy all the disenfranchised. Actually, eveyone will be so giddy after he’s elected he won’t have to solve a problem, just renmae it. We’re such suckers.

  5. nightowl724

    Are you kidding, handsomesmitty? How can a man who can’t keep track of how many houses he owns, what kind of car he drives, the difference between Sunni and Shi’a, that Czechoslovakia hasn’t existed for years, and that Iraq and Pakistan don’t share a border be trusted to lead the United States of America? Doesn’t that worry you? It does me…

    nonnie, great job yet again!

  6. usuajgo,
    my point is to take the events of the day and have fun with them so i don’t go completely nuts. i don’t have a crystal ball, and i don’t wear rose-colored glasses. i hope that capt underpants loses, but i have no assurances that he will as long as there is a chance that the voting machines will be fiddled with again. if obama wins, i don’t expect flowers to bloom and birds to sing. things change slowly in dc, but at least there will be some change.

  7. obama cant guarantee change or things getting better — who knows

    with mccain — it is a guarantee this country continues its slide to the cesspool

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