Conventional Wisdom, Part III

From Business Week:

Obama Gets His Attack Dog
It can’t be easy hitting the Democratic convention podium after the pair of Clintons and the attendant drama over whether they would, or wouldn’t, be effusive enough in their backing for Barack Obama. No one worried about that when Joe Biden’s turn came to speak. Instead, the drama surrounding the new vice presidential nominee’s speech centered on a simpler question: just how aggressively would he go on the attack against McCain?

Biden clearly signalled where he was headed from the start. Paying the ritual tribute to his Mom that accompanies all such speeches, he added a combative touch to the usual expressions of love and thanks. He told a story of how she taught him that failure in life is inevitable, but giving up is unforgivable. “When I got knocked down by guys bigger than me, she sent me back out and demanded that I bloody their nose so I could walk down that street the next day.”

And with that, the Senator from Delaware launched into a full-throated attack on rival John McCain and his record on the economy. And like the Clintons before him, he emphasized the effort to link McCain with the current administration’s record. “John thinks that during the Bush years ‘We’ve made great progress economically,'” said Biden, showing much of the anger and passion that Obama has lacked. “I think it’s been abysmal.”


After a quick tour of the economy, he then went after the Republican nominee on foreign policy.


“I’ve been on the ground in Georgia, Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan, and I can tell you in no uncertain terms: this Administration’s policy has been an abysmal failure. American cannot afford four more years of this,” Biden said.


Get out the Kleenex. The nose bloodying has begun.

Kleenex? Oh, dammit! We have to wrestle this guy again for them?

More words of wisdom from Biden’s speech:

These times require more than a good soldier — they require a wise leader.

As we gather here tonight, our country is less secure and more isolated than at any time in recent history. The Bush-McCain foreign policy has dug us into a very deep hole, with very few friends to help us climb out.

My favorite is the jab at Deadeye Dick, when Biden explains how things will be different when he is Vice President:

No longer will the eight most dreaded words in the English language be, “The vice president’s office is on the phone.”

Tip of the hat to the lovely and talented NonnyO, who has great taste in names but who is not so great in spelling them! 😉


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34 responses to “Conventional Wisdom, Part III

  1. Hurry up and attack Gov. Palin…. I can’t wait..


    Meanie Hater

  2. i don’t attack, trm. i merely point out facts you don’t want to hear.

    oh, and 😀

  3. nightowl724

    Personally, Buffoon (aka Meanie Hater aka TRM), I can’t wait to hear you defend Palin. 🙂

    nons, I’m lovin’ your original artwork here! And, it suits CU so well because, after all, he is full of bull.

  4. nightowl,
    i can’t wait to see how the rethugs are going to sell her as someone who is ready to be president if capt underpants is unable to continue. it would be one thing if she had been mayor of a huge city or the governor of a big state. as it is, she was the mayor of a town whose population never reached 9,000, and the entire population of alaska is less than the population of detroit.

  5. nightowl724

    But, nonnie:

    Doocy: Palin knows about foreign policy because Alaska is ‘right next door to Russia’

    I loved a comment I read about her over at HuffPost to the effect that before becoming governor of AK less than two years ago, she was mayor of a town of 6,100 people. The writer said that is about equal to the responsibility of being student body president at a typical university.

    “Ready on day one!” Hahahahahahahahahaha!

  6. i heard that and then read it. hilarious! steve doocy is to journalism what william hung is to music. i loved this comment over at think progress as to doocy’s analysis:

    stateofthedivision Says:
    And George W. Bush is a repository of intelligence because the White House is near the Library of Congress?

  7. nightowl724

    OMG, that’s such a funny line!

  8. jlms qkw - jenn

    joe biden rocks!

    save me from the republicans!

    i took the kids to the obama hq here in salt lake city today. they obtained stickers. they want to go back and have their picture taken with the obama cutout.

  9. jeb

    OK, finally got my barf bag out and watched this:

    She’s got a long way to go and a short time to figure this out and they’re going to throw her in there against Biden? It almost seems unfair.

  10. jeb

    Nightowl, that’s too funny about Duncy.

    I guess he might have held a newspaper once so that probably makes him a journalist?

    I once lived across the street from an Italian restaurant so that makes me a pasta chef?

    C’mon, join in. We could do this all day!

  11. jeb

    Nonnie, Cerberus Biden. I love it!

  12. i live not too far from a hospital. excuse me while i do some brain surgery!

    i live near a shoe store. i guess that makes me secretary of state!

    i live near not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 gas stations. call me energy czar!

    this is fun!

  13. jenn,
    i love joe biden, and i can’t wait to see him make mincemeat of sister sarah in the debate. some of the tv morons were speculating that he might be seen as beating up on a girl, but joe is charming enough to take her apart, never have the smile leave his face, and make people think he’s the best thing since sliced bread.

  14. jeb

    Is this the female version of the Dan Quayle pick?

  15. jeb

    Nonnie, I flipped on the convention coverage and nearly fell out of my socks when I saw Susan Eisenhower addressing the Dems. Did you catch that?

  16. jlms qkw - jenn

    jeb: it’s worse, she’s probably a dominionist and def. a handout to the religious conservative whackos. or is that wackos?

  17. nightowl724

    The neighbors have horses, so that makes me a championship equestrian and a seasoned cowboy. Am so! Yee-haw!

    I once paid a ticket at my rural police station / court house, and behold! Now I’m a crack detective. Or, a judge. I’m not sure which. Yuh-huh!

    The post office is right down the street. I guess that qualifies me to be Postmaster General, so it does. Next, please!

    When my hair dresser styles my do, I watch in the mirror. Next week, I’m opening a beauty shop. Haircut, perm, manicure, and wax, anyone?

    I was reading JAMA in the waiting room the other day. I’m going to hang out my shingle next to the “Open” sign at the salon. Wait ’til my kids hear!

    I went to college in the 80s. My professorship tenure is way overdue. Where will I find the time to do it all?

    I studied nonnie’s poster tonight and discovered… I’m a butcher! And, that ain’t chopped liver!

    I’m ALL dem tings. Yeah, yeah. Dat’s da ticket!

  18. nightowl724

    i live near a shoe store. i guess that makes me secretary of state!

    LOL! nonnie, has anyone ever told you that you are one sick puppy?

  19. jeb,
    i read that susan eisenhower left the rethug party, but i didn’t know she spoke at the convention. i will have to see if youtube has the video up. they have a lot of convention vids.

  20. jenn,
    she is so right-wing that she didn’t even support chimpy. she voted for pat buchanan!

  21. sick puppy? yayyy!! i’m a veterinarian!!!

  22. jeb

    Nonnie, I found the best places to watch the speeches is the Democratic National convention website. Click here, go to the bottom and click on number 18. You’ll find her speech there.

  23. nightowl724

    jeb, I played your game and so did nonnie. Don’t we even get a cookie? Even one half of a ha-ha? I, for one, am taking my snark and going home! 😦

  24. jeb

    Nightowl, I’m afraid that if I gave out cookies, that would make me a Girl Scout.

  25. nightowl724

    jeb, now you’ve got me crying crocodile tears. Oh, wait. I don’t even know how to swim…

  26. jeb,
    i had to watch it on youtube. i tried to download that silverlight thing on another site the other day, and it doesn’t work. the offspring might have rigged my computer so that i can’t download it. he doesn’t trust me. 😐

    pffftbbb, now that i said that, i just tried again, and it worked this time. oops, no it didn’t.

    anyway, did you watch tammy duckworth? she’s awesome.

    now, what’s this about no cookies?!

  27. the entire population of alaska is less than the population of detroit.

    Considering that the population of Detroit has been falling for 50 years and is now less than 1,000,000, I wonder how long that comparison will hold up.

    As for suggestions on what to do for Palin, I’m going to hold off. My reaction to her shows is yet more evidence that the same part of my brain that controls anger controls lust; she turns me into an outraged lech. 😉

  28. jeb

    Nonnie, I watched the Tammie Duckworth speech now. It boggles my mind that the Rethug attack machine can keep people like her out of Congress, attack a Max Cleland or make John Kerry look like some kind of shirker. They have a lock on patriotism with the worst bunch of layabouts, chickenhawks and shirkers in modern history. Astounding.

    Her speech was great.

  29. jeb

    Neon Vincent, I read where there is a popular bumper sticker in Alaska that reads “Coldest State, Hottest Governor.” Since she doesn’t believe in global warming, she may well be on her way to truly being the hottest governor.

  30. i did my Palin movie….. and fixed the link above

    you make me smile

  31. oh my! 😯 neon vincent dear, i want you to listen carefully. sit down, close your eyes, and picture sister sarah spelling potato with an e at the end.

  32. jeb,
    i wish some of them would point out that they belittle the military whenever it suits them. have max cleland and tammy and others up front and center.

  33. dcAp,
    thank you for fixing the link. now everyone can click on your name and read your excellent posts.

    p.s. you make me smile, too! 🙂