Droppin’ a Doocy

From Think Progress:

Discussing Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s (R) prospects as Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) running mate this morning on Fox and Friends, Brian Kilmeade said Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) “is going to capitalize” in a debate with Palin because “she has no international relations experience, she’s not the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee.” Co-host Steve Doocy then jumped in to try to set the record straight.

DOOCY: But the other thing about her, she does know about international relations because she is right up there in Alaska right next door to Russia

(video at link)

Original DVD cover.

As always, I am here to help out Captain Underpants with new campaign signs.


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12 responses to “Droppin’ a Doocy

  1. A.j.

    love the bumperstickers,
    and doesn’t matter what’s between the legs, voting for McCain and Palin still means years
    of war, years of more debt and an environmental mess!

  2. amen, aj!!!
    welcome to the raisin! 😀
    you are absolutely correct, and the question that dems need to keep asking is whether sister sarah would have been given the veep spot if she was a man with the same resume. the resounding answer is hell no! this was pandering, pure and simple.
    hope you will stop by and comment again, aj!

  3. jlms qkw - jenn

    sarah suwcks. that’s all. back to liveblog monitoring for gustav,

    thanks much nonnie, you rock every single night!

  4. sarah does suwck, but gustav suwcks even more. it’s raining here, and it is supposed to all week. we are getting the early bands from gustav. it looks like a real bastard of a storm. i hope that people evacuate new orleans. i hate to think anyone trying to ride out the storm there. there’s another storm right behind gustav. that one looks more like it’s headed in this direction, but they think it might turn north before it hits here.

  5. jeb

    By golly Nonnie, look at that map… it is right next to Russia. And hey, what’s that big thing on it’s eastern border? I believe it’s Canada, eh? Why I’ll bet she’s even had a Labatts and some donuts, eh?

    So Psycho Kil-mad throws up a setup and Duncy slam dunks it through the hoop. What a team. Really, who writes this $hit?

    Harriet wasn’t available because she’s preparing milk and cookies for her guy down at the ranch when he retires.

  6. jeb,
    first, grrrrrr. i have been without the internets since last night! thunder and lightning from the bands of gustavo.
    anyway, everyone is overlooking the obvious. it occurred to me that there is an excellent reason capt u had for choosing sister sarah. look at the map again. see that body of water? it’s the bering sea. look closer and you will see the bering strait. is it obvious yet? with sister sarah, capt u has finally found his berings again!!

  7. jeb

    Nonnie, I can’t ber it.

    Stay safe and dry.

  8. jeb,
    we aren’t in any danger here. it’s just annoying that the cable and the internets connection keeps going out. if i am absent tonight, you know why. i guess i will just have to try to grin and ber it.

  9. jeb

    I understand that. My internets and cable were out yesterday morning when I got up. I called the cable company and got a recording that said they were maintaining the tubes and that it would be out all day. I suppose maybe it was like a message from the universe telling me to stop spending so much time here and get busy studying. I hate it when the universe nags. It’s unberable.

    Check your email.

  10. jeb,
    the universe can be so rude!
    i read your email earlier. just haven’t had a chance to write back yet. i don’t like to rush these things.
    by the way, i posted the vagina cheney sign over at the big orange, and i got spanked for it. 😆 i was told that i should argue her policies and not her gender. ummmm, that was exactly my point–she was selected only for her gender! she’s a liar like cheney, vindictive like cheney, and has even used the bull$hit executive privilege claim like cheney. the only think that’s different is the genetalia. that’s why she’s not a dick.

  11. jeb

    Nonnie, no rush. I was just giving you a heads up.

    I knew when I saw the vagina bumper sticker someone would pipe up. You’re absolutely right. The further we get away from the shock, the more ridiculous this looks. If Johnny wanted a conservative, he could have found them. If he wanted a female running mate, there are plenty of Rethug women with much better credintials. Kay Bailey Hutchinson jumps to mind. I can’t stand her but no one would question her qualifications and the neo-cons like her. She’s from a region and state that counts. I saw one of the talking heads on CNN postulating that McBush was really disappointed that he couldn’t get his buddy Liarman on the ticket. The neo-cons would have revolted. Maybe this is sharp stick in the eye to the party. We know he can be petulant and vindictive.

    If you’re not pissing people off sometimes, you’re just wasting your time. Besides, there are so many on the Big Orange who await their chance to waive their cudgel of umbrage and absolute certainty that I sickened of the place. It’s like kindergarten over there. I still think your never ending diary should be required reading for all posters there.

  12. if this is capt u’s way of getting back at his own party, what are we to expect when someone in another party or another country gets him mad? right now, he is poking with sticks. what about when he has his finger on the button?
    there are a lot of kneejerk reactions over at the big orange. instead of thinking about what i was saying, people were offended by the word vagina. those same people would probably not have said a word if i called cheney a dick. it doesn’t bother me. nobody was nasty about it. i didn’t even get a tr. 😦 just disapproval. i wasn’t going to answer, but then i did.